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Ghost Canyon

Sony Legacy Black Friday Record Store Day 2017 Sony Legacy Black Friday Record Store Day 2017

Black Friday Record Store Day 2017 is in the books, and EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE wants to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who went out to the stores on Friday, November 24th to support and celebrate them.

We hope you found something you loved to take home with you, whether that was something released exclusively for Black Friday Record Store Day or something fantastic from what they regularly stock.

Yes, every day should be Record Store Day, so we encourage you to make stopping by your favorite record store AND stopping by this website a regular thing - because we'll be telling you about awesome things going on at record stores all year long!

With new Sony Legacy Recordings vinyl collectibles now in the stores, such as Janis Joplin, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and a brilliant 4LP Box-Set from Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, today we review the releases kindly sent to us; whilst highlighting the others, of course.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Live At Luther College (12″ Colored Vinyl – 4LP Box Set) - On February 6th, 1996, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds played an intimate set at Iowa’s Luther College, wowing fans with acoustic arrangements of Dave Matthews Band songs.

The two hour-plus set included songs that would appear on that year’s Crash, along with fan favorites “Granny” and “Deed Is Done” otherwise unreleased at the time of the 1999 debut of the Live At Luther College CD.

Now, this beloved live set makes its debut on vinyl in a 4LP box set. This exclusive numbered edition for Record Store Day Black Friday is pressed on red, yellow and blue splatter vinyl.

Side A:
1. "One Sweet World"
2. "#41"
3. "Tripping Billies"

Side B:
1. "Jimi Thing"
2. "Satellite"
3. "Crash Into Me"

Side C:
1. "Deed Is Done"
2. "Lover Lay Down"
3. "What Would You Say"

Side D:
1. "Minarets"
2. "Cry Freedom"
3. "Dancing Nancies"

Side E:
1. "Typical Situation"
2. "Stream"

Side F:
1. "Warehouse"
2. "Christmas Song"

Side G:
1. "Seek Up"
2. "Say Goodbye"
3. "Ants Marching"

Side H:
1. "Little Thing"
2. "Halloween"
3. "Granny"
4. "Two Step"

On February 6th, 1996, Dave Mathews took the stage with buddy Tim Reynolds to record an amazing live album which brings out their individual musical talents. Listening closely, you can hear that Tim Reynolds uses his guitar as if it were an extension of his body to create sounds that replace the normal drum beats, bass lines, saxophone notes, and fiddle riffs that are normally present on each of Dave Mathews beautifully created songs.

Dave's voice soars to each end of the octave range while with his hands he lays down the rhythm guitar, which for most musicians is a near impossible task. And as if the sounds of the dueling guitars or the pitch of Dave's voice do not completely enrapture the audience, the words to each of the songs hold a special meaning, not just words that go together and rhyme.

For me personally, the second track "#41" is one of the most beautiful ballads I've ever heard. Spilling over with emotion. Following the lyrics of the song is a four to five minute instrumental where the talent of the two musicians is highly notable.

Indeed, throughout this incredible 4LP album, the artists continue to cover a variety of songs from Dave's previous CDs, and play them better than they were originally recorded; in my humble opinion.

Rare tracks like "Christmas Song" and "Lie in Our Graves" grace the album and the solo by Tim at the end of "Tripping Billies" amazes me every single time I listen to the album (I have it on 2CD when it was finally released after 3 years of sitting on some record executives shelf).

In fact, this album is at its strongest when it showcases Dave and Tim's abilities to approach old songs from entirely different angles. Listen to this version of "Jimi Thing" and you will never listen to the more familiar electric version the same way again. It's brilliant.

In closing, this release, especially now here as a Limited Edition 4LP RSD 2017 version (of which it was never before released on vinyl), and with only 3000 copies pressed as a "Record Store Day first", is as pure as musical art can every get.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Run Stop & Drop!! (The Needle) (12″ Vinyl Longplay) - Recorded live in August 2017 at historic Preservation Hall in New Orleans, 'Run Stop & Drop!! (The Needle)' finds Preservation Hall Jazz Band dazzling an intimate crowd with live performances of five songs they’d debuted on 2017’s acclaimed studio album, So It Is (released via Sony Legacy Recordings, April 21, 2017).

This 12″ vinyl RSD 2017 release showcases what makes PHJB one of the most vital live acts working today. A dixieland jazz band founded in New Orleans by tuba player Allan Jaffe in the early 1960s, the band derives its name from Preservation Hall in the French Quarter. In 2005, the Hall's doors were closed due to Hurricane Katrina, but the band continued to tour.

This five-track EP (limited to just 2000, and coming complete with a colorful jacket and custom inner sleeve for Black Friday 2017) is musically deliriously fantastic and one that truly shows us exactly what the band can do - studio wise or luckily for us here and now, live. All tracks taken from their brand new album, this is incredible musicianship dipped in a whole lot of fun!

Side A:
1. "So It Is"
2, "Santiago"
3. "La Malanga"

Side B:
1. "Convergence"
2. "Mad"

Lending traditional Dixieland jazz with modern post bop, combining twisting, turning bits of experimental jazz in and amongst smooth lines of funk, this 12" Vinyl EP is a rhythm lovers album from start to finish.

Indeed, and furthermore, you'll find that traditional N'awlins Dixieland instrumentation combined with the Brass Band sound of Rebirth and Dirty Dozen embedded within each track. Which means that each and every track is a winner and is a must-have for any serious jazz music lover.

The tunes are super-catchy, especially my personal favorite of the five (although their entire album is outstanding, and one of my own Top 5's of 2017), the stunning "Convergence", and to use a quote from back in the day, this live EP is just off the charts, feel-good awesome!

The other Limited Edition Sony Legacy Recordings vinyl exclusives for Record Store Day's annual Black Friday Event are:

Janis Joplin – Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits (12″ Colored Vinyl Longplay) - In 1967, audiences at the Monterey Pop Festival experienced the powerful voice and stage presence of Janis Joplin, many for the very first time. Her work with Big Brother & The Holding Company and as a solo artist was a defining force in the changing soundscape of rock music in the 1960s.

Her passionate vocals on “Piece of My Heart,” “Cry Baby” and the posthumous chart-topper “Me and Bobby McGee” inspired generations of female singers to pour their hearts out.

Being released for the first time on vinyl in 27 years, Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits (originally released in 1973), will be repressed on green smoke colored vinyl in the U.S. and pink & blue splatter clear vinyl for European countries for Record Store Day Black Friday 2017.

FYI ... Prodigy - 'Keep It Thoro' (12" Vinyl Long Play Picture Disc) has been moved to Record Store Day April 2018.

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