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Ladies & Gentlemen,

What follows is a small sampling of what some of our devoted (and in some cases new!) Exclusive Magazine readers think about our all-encompassing entertainment Magazine and everything contained within it:

Sally Ceiga

"Best new discovery!"

Michele Dunn

"This is the best magazine I have ever read. I am always anxious for the next issue because it is a real page turner."

Christine Wilbik

"I love everything about it. The reviews, gossip, and hot picks are the best on the web!"

Que Banh

"Kickass interviews, smoking entertainment news, fresh reviews makes this place a great stop for the media junkie!"

Mary Franklin

"There's nothing better in the morning than a cup of java and a visit to Exclusive Magazine!"

Stephanie Holcomb

"I love the way you are so exact in what you say, your wording is eloquent and right on target!"

Denise Melone

"Because of your sweeps, you're my #1 site for all my video needs."

Sharon McCloud

"This magazine has it all the best articles and all the entertainment news you could want."

Wendy Allen

"I love reading your reviews, most are on the money."

Mary Capps

"This is a great way to keep up with the entertainment industry!"

Sal Chekelfski

"Exclusive Magazine has to be your one-stop encounter for all things entertainment! It's reviews, contests, gossip, and interviews are all first class and a joy to read on a daily basis."

Rob Nease

"What's not to like about Exclusive? It's awesome!

Marie Noguerole

"I love reading and I love entering contests for stuff that I really want. This site offers prizes that are the coolest ... not like so many others that just offer swag and junk. Thanks for going all out ... guess that's why your Exclusive."

Wesley Meyer

"Let me give you a heads up. This is one site that is truly exclusive, yet available to all."

FC Ritter

"This place rocks!!!! Since I won, I visit this place everyday. Thank you."

Don Isaksen

"Wonderful magazine with great contests, BRAVO!"

Pam Cassel

"One of the best sites on the web!"

Heather Hamilton

"You bring smiles and delight into my not so plentiful life"

Sarah Burai

"The online version rocks, love the layout, and the balance of black & white is easy on the eyes."

Stephanie Holcomb

"I love the way you are so exact in what you say, your wording is eloquent and right on target!"

Gary Costanzo

"I enjoy your wonderful articles on what is hot right now."

Patsy Sams

"I enjoy the stories about groups from the past. You had a great write up on Air Supply which I really enjoyed."

Doug Ellen

"Pages load nice and quick. To me, that's important."

Brooke McClelland

"You inform me of so many new musicians and movies!"

Rachel Prieto

"Very unique website with everything you need!"

Ken Robinson

"EM cuts deep and sweetly."

Cathy Wilcox

"My old eyes really appreciate the big, bold fonts you use. Also appreciate the clean, uncluttered look. Many web sites almost make me tired with all the different fonts, colors, animation, etc. I get so tired trying to find what I am looking for that many times, I just give up and look elsewhere. Thanks!"

Colten Edwards

"The contests you host make me find out new stuff about stars!"

Dave Lesinski

"Thank you for giving away all these great prizes. One of these days I am bound to win one!"

John Gill

"Enjoyed my visit, nicely done."

Dave Lesinski

"It's a great site. I love the interviews and giveaways."

Belinda Moore

"Always an interesting read."

Sally Wess

"Truly a fun magazine. I love it!"

Sharon Haas

"Best on the web!"

Marilyn Wons

"You rock!"

Do you have something nice to say about Exclusive Magazine? Just email us back at, say something genuinely nice and we'll more then likely print it for all to see!