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Exclusive Magazine Banner

Title - 'Tell It To My Heart: Deluxe Edition'
Artist - Taylor Dayne

Following reissues of her second and third albums, we now get a Deluxe Edition of the debut album (yeah, I know, I don't get it either, but it does mean her entire Arista album catalog is now available via Cherry Pop) that brought Taylor Dayne into the pop spotlight. And wow, what a way to break into the charts, when you've got the incredible voice she had, along with the most perfect song of the time for her, the hi-energy electro-dance of 'Tell It To My Heart.'

Born Leslie Wunderman (nope, I had no idea either!), after that hit single had bounced it's way around the world, hitting the #1 slot in sooooo many countries, she then went on to have a string of hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Inclusive of her #1 Billboard hit 'Love Will Lead You Back,' overall, Dayne has had eighteen individual hit songs reach the top ten in Billboard magazine.

Originally released on Arista Records in early 1988, 'Tell It To My Heart' IMMEDIATELY established Dayne as a major international chart star, reaching the Top 30 on both sides of the Atlantic, going gold in the UK and double platinum Stateside. And so it's just perfect that this digitally remastered direct from the original Arista master tapes Deluxe Edition of Tell It To My Heart begins with the very same single.

Probably her best, and signature song, that's backed by 'In The Darkness,' a cut that leads perfectly into another of her four (4) Top Ten singles, 'Don't Rush Me.' Another power pop track from Dayne, the video for it (which still sticks in my mind) has her on a stage with her band, speaking to a "mystery man" (supposedly) in front of her! Great stuff, especially given the man-perm mullets that were going on back then! Next up is another of her Top Ten singles, the Whitneyesque 'I'll Always Love You' and then the last of the Top Ten singles, the feisty 'Prove Your Love.'

The pop funk of 'Do You Want It Right Now' is next, and is followed by the ballad 'Carry Your Heart,' which in turn is backed by - to my mind - an underrated pop jam, 'Want Ads.' It may not be the longest track on the album, coming in at just under 3 minutes, but it's passion is undeniable. The drum intro to the Motown sway of 'Where Does That Boy Hang Out' is next, and the original album is rounded out by the ballad, a duet with Billy T. Scott, 'Upon The Journey's End.'

Funnily enough, two (2) covers were issued for the album. The original was very colorful, with Dayne resembling her appearance in the 'Tell It to My Heart' music video, with big hair and a tight black dress. The subsequent cover (which first appeared on the cover art for the single 'Don't Rush Me') was more subdued, and presented Dayne in much more modest hair and make-up; seated against a wall in a brown leather jacket and white tank top. The reason I mention this is because this new Tell It To My Heart:: Deluxe Edition has personal input from Dayne herself, along with other key personnel. Which has stretched to featuring fully reversible outer artwork utilizing BOTH versions of the original album sleeve!

The first disc of two continues onwards with en masse of incredible bonus tracks. First up is 'Willpower,' a cut from the One Moment in Time: 1988 Summer Olympics Album. Not known to have ever appeared anywhere else, save for that aforementioned album, it is definitely a rare treat to have it on this Deluxe Edition collection. Next is 'Prove Your Love (Hot Single Mix),' which is backed by both 'I'll Always Love You (Single Mix),' 'Don't Rush Me (Remix),' and both 'Tell It To My Heart (Percappella)' and 'Prove Your Love (Edited Remix).'

This incredible expanded album continues onwards with a quite lovely 'I'll Always Love You (Extended Mix),' which is truly worth its weight in musical gold, coming in at just over six minutes, and then the side runs out with another 'Don't Rush Me (Rushappella), a pulsating 'Tell It To My Heart (Instrumental)' (where you just BEG for Dayne's vocals to kick in at any time), and then, finally, yet another 'Don't Rush Me (Bonus Beats).'

The second CD begins with 'Tell It To My Heart (Club Mix)' (6:45) and flows quite brilliantly into both 'Prove Your Love (Extended Remix)' (7:25) and 'Don't Rush Me (Extended Version)' (7:16). Another crack at the hit whip comes with 'Tell It To My Heart (House Of Hearts Mix)' (8.56) which is very sought after amongst TD fans, trust me. This one has a cold ending, something I wasn't expecting, and is a version from the 'Prove Your Love' European CD Single, which is nice also. Another 'Prove Your Love (House Mix)' (7:27) is backed by 'Don't Rush Me (Continental Clubhouse Mix)' (8:40), and then 'Tell It To My Heart (Dub Mix)' (5:47) and 'Prove Your Love (Prove Your Dub/Beats)' (8:38).

As we continue ever onwards, and with her voice ringing constantly in my ears, 'Don't Rush Me (Dub Version)' (6:07) is a longer Dub Version from the US promo CD, and then comes a real treat for all TD fans, a long sought after 'Tell It To My Heart (Dub Of Hearts Mix)' (6:51). Remixed by Richie Jones and Ric Wake) it is one of the true stand out highlights amongst all these extended versions and remixes that, pretty quickly, it has to be admitted, all start to come together as one long megamix! 'Don't Rush Me (Continental Dubhouse Mix)' (5:37), which is also the very first time it's been on CD internationally, wraps the double album up neatly.