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Ghost Canyon

Title - Sharp Objects (Music From The HBO Limited Series)
Artist - Various

For those not in the know, Entertainment One has just released this wondrous double vinyl LP Sharp Objects (Music from the HBO Limited Series) soundtrack and musical companion to the groundbreaking summer mini-series as part of Record Store Day 2019.

The crime drama starring Amy Adams as Camille Preaker, a troubled reporter returning home to an equally troubled assignment fast became a smash hit limited series and benefited greatly from the vision of director Jean-Marc Vallée and the Emmy Award-winning music supervision of Susan Jacobs (all drawn from the original Gillian Flynn novel of the same name).

Side A:
1. Franz Waxman - 'Dance and Angela'
2. Mark Batson - 'Cupcake Kitty Curls' (ft. The Rooster Incorporated)
3. Jeffrey Brodsky - 'Glance Backwards (Dance and Angela Jean-Phi Gonclaves Remix)'
4. Jean-Phi Goncalves - 'Dance and Angela (Trip-Hop Version)'
5. Hurray For The Riff Raff - 'Small Town Heroes'

Side B:
1. Snoop Dogg - 'I Love My Momma'
2. Alison Krauss & Robert Plant - 'Through The Morning, Through The Night'
3. Emily Wells - 'Mama's Gonna Give You Love'

Side C:
1. Engelbert Humperdinck - 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'
2. Alexandra Streliski - 'Concerto in D Minor (After Alessandro Marcello), BWV 974: II. Adagio'
3. Willie Dixon - 'The Little Red Rooster'

Side D:
1. Hurray for the Riff Raff - 'Pa’lante'
2. The Acid - 'Tumbling Lights'
3. Sylvan Esso - 'Come Down'

This Record Store Day 2019 2LP edition of the soundtrack makes its vinyl debut today and I have to say that hearing the soundtrack on such a musical format is as beautiful as one could ever hope it would be.

But wait for things can only get better for this delightful 2LP vinyl set is not only super limited to just 1500 copies, but is also created as an exclusive green swirl edition!

As for the album itself, well, the stand out point to note is that with the show having quite a few Led Zeppelin syncs within it, and with the band being notoriously selective about licensing its songs, it’s very noteworthy that Jimmy Page and company are even featured - although, funnily enough, not actually here on the soundtrack.

Containing 14 tracks @ 49 minutes in total (whereas the show itself featured more than 100 songs), this captivating album opens with Franz Waxman's 'Dance and Angela' (which plays over the opening credits).

It's a haunting piece of free flowing '30s dancefloor gentle twirling of dance partners, but weirdly, as I've since come to learn, it also serves as the only semblance between the HBO series and this musical accompaniment.

Next up we have the low-fi R&B rap 'Cupcake Kitty Curls' (ft. The Rooster Incorporated) from Mark Batson which is followed in turn by both Jeffrey Brodsky's highly evocative EDM-lite 'Glance Backwards (Dance and Angela Jean-Phi Gonclaves Remix)' and the Twin Peaksesque 'Dance and Angela (Trip-Hop Version)' from Jean-Phi Goncalves.

Hurray For The Riff Raff bring Side A to a close with their lo-fi acoustic country cut 'Small Town Heroes' and Side B begins with the heartfelt 'I Love My Momma' from a Gangsta-less Snoop Dogg.

The breathtakingly beautiful Alison Krauss & Robert Plant track (of the Gene Clark classic) 'Through The Morning, Through The Night' is next and Emily Wells's brilliant, stirring 'Mama's Gonna Give You Love' wraps up this side neatly.

Side C on the second vinyl opens with Engelbert Humperdinck's classic 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' and that's backed by the haunting piano work of Alexandra Streliski's Bach 'Concerto in D Minor (After Alessandro Marcello), BWV 974: II. Adagio' and then the great Willie Dixon with 'The Little Red Rooster' brings this side to a close.

Side D opens with Hurray for the Riff Raff's survivor anthem 'Pa’lante' (which is actually the show's end credits track), and then the album rounds out with the scarred mental state-buzz of 'Tumbling Lights' (from The Acid) and then the gossamer-vocalized 'Come Down' from Sylvan Esso.

Sadly though, this collection does not include any of the many old French classics that Amy Adams' character's dad plays time and again on his old-fashioned stereo. Hence no 'Les Moulins de Mon Coeur' by Michel LeGrand being the stand out loss here, but that's just my own personal grievance.

Digital Download Purchase Link

Amazon 'Sharp Objects' RSD 2019 2LP Vinyl Purchase Link