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Ghost Canyon

Return of Ultraman-The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
(Jiro Dan, Nobuo Tsukamoto, Jun Negami, Shin Kishida, Rumi Sakakibara , et al / 6-Disc Blu-ray + Digital / NR / (1971) 2020 / Mill Creek Entertainment)

Overview: The crustal movement and the abnormal climate had occurred repeatedly on a global scale and dormant monsters started to awaken from sleep.

A young man named Hideki G, who was chasing his dream to be a race car driver, lost his life in saving a boy and a puppy that failed to escape in the midst of Monster Takkong's rampage.

However, the new Ultraman, who had come from Nebula M78 to defend Earth, was deeply touched by G's brave action and resurrected him by uniting as one.

After that, G is determined to fight any enemy that threatens the freedom and happiness of humanity and joined MAT, the Monster Attack Team.

While he struggles with his identity gap between Ultraman and Hideki G, he grows through fighting against the monsters and aliens.

Blu-ray Verdict: Created by Eiji Tsuburaya in the 60's and brought over to the states in the 70's' 'Ultraman' is a show that's like a PG-rated prehistoric version of 'The X Files' ... with Godzilla monsters!

Oh, and a GIANT super hero who saves the day every episode, and all the craziness cranked to 11!

To be more precise, in the then not too distant future of the early 90's, an international police group called The Science Patrol investigates strange phenomena like aliens and cryptids.

Now known as Ultraman Jack, this fourth installment of Ultra Series, and first of what's known as the Second Ultra Series (consisting of this series, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, and Ultraman Leo), Ultraman returns to earth after four years of hiatus from the last episode of the Ultra Seven.

Hideki G (Jiro Dan) is a young man aspiring to be a race car driver. One day when kaijyu Takkong goes on a rampage, he saves the life of a boy, and a dog while losing his.

Ultraman - a visitor, as aforementioned, who came to protect earth from M78 nebula was watching. Impressed with his courage, he decides to merge with him. Now reborn, Hideki joins MAT, and battles the menace of attacking kaijyu.

The series starts out good with hordes of good looking kaijyu on every episode, but from around episode 10 the quality of kaijyu design starts to go down hill.

The appearance got more juvenile looking as the episodes progressed, and by the time it gets to the last episode, alien from planet Batt looks like nothing more than a Smoky the Bear in a tiger costume!

This, I understand is due to the low ratings the series suffered when it first aired, and marketing showed that children wanted to see combination of alien, and kaijyu in each episode.

They also wanted Ultraman to get boost in power. This resulted in more kaijyu that's geared for younger audience, and Ultraman getting the Ultra Bracelet from Ultra Seven that changes into multitude of weapons.

The best of the kaijyu design Twin Tail, I believe is based on the sketch of the walking vegetation that appeared on Day of the Triffids.

This is the first series where the relation of all Ultra heroes are brothers is revealed, with Ultraman Jack being the fourth in the brotherhood. Ultraman Jack appears in ten other Ultra series/movies as a guest, and costar. Most recent being "Ultraman Saga" (2012).

'Kaettekita Urutoraman (as it was known in China) is an excellent television series. The monster fights are very entertaining, especially in episodes 37 (Ultraman Death in Twilight) and 38 (When the Ultra Star Shines), in which New Ultraman is badly beaten by Knuckle-Seijin and Black King, after his two best friends are killed by Knuckle.

Notable in these episodes are the appearances of Ultraman and Ultra Seven, along with their respective hosts Hayata and Dan (Susumu Kurobe and Koji Moritsugu).

In closing, copies of this series have been so rare to find, let alone watch outside of Japan, but now that Mill Creek Entertainment have brought this wondrous box-set out (alongside other Ultraman and Ultra Q series') well, my long lost inner '60s child has come back home and is very content; thank you, Mill Creek. Thank you. This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.