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6 Degrees Entertainment

Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman
(Kensuke Takahashi, Akane Sakanoue, Yoshihiko Hosoda, Ukyo Matsumoto, et al / Blu-ray / NR / (2016) 2020 / Mill Creek Entertainment)

Overview: When realty TV host Carlos Kurozaki breaks into a mysterious underground pyramid for a television event, he removes a special gem -- and unwittingly releases a diabolical monster called Zaigorg!

Blu-ray Verdict: Once TV host Carlos Kurozaki has broken into the mysterious underground pyramid, removed the special gem, and subsequently unleashed the diabolical monster named Zaigorg, the evil creature wants Kurozaki's gem back, of course!

So it spawns an army of giant kaijus to get it and then it's up to the famous superheroes Ultraman X, Ultraman Tiga, and the one and only original Ultraman to stop the worldwide monster war!

To set the scene a little more, following Daichi’s return from monster observation in Australia, he and Asuna are called to investigate a mysterious pyramid in the Baranji Ruins.

Meeting up with archaeologist Tsukasa Tamaki and her son Yuuto, the group discover the temple was built in honor of the legendary Ultraman Tiga.

However when fame-hungry celebrity Carlos Kurosaki removes a mysterious stone from the temple, it awakens the aforementioned powerful monster Zaigorg.

With even Ultraman X unable to stand up against Zaigorg, Xio faces its greatest challenge yet as the monster begins a worldwide rampage.<> Only through joining the lights and fulfilling the temple’s ancient prophecy will they be able to succeed, uniting X not only with Tiga but also the legendary hero of light himself – Ultraman.

Although 'Here He Comes! Our Ultraman' serves as a “final” adventure for the Ultraman X crew and resolves the main plot thread left over from the series, in terms of story it can’t help but feel a little anticlimactic coming off the back of the series finale.

Regardless, and as could be expected, the film's plot serves as a flimsy excuse to have some dudes in monster suits stupidly fight some dudes in robot suits throughout a scaled-down city set!

What follows is, of course, a nonstop batch of battles powered by martial arts, magic trading cards and spark-flying set pieces!

The dialogue is ridiculously earnest, pairing goofball yucks with cheesy platitudes about loving one another. Factor in Alien Fanton — a wise-cracking, cheap-looking dude who looks like he's from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters — and you'll be convinced you're watching a lost after-school special from the mid '90s! This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

'Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman' [Blu-ray] is out April 21st, 2020 via Mill Creek Entertainment.