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Summer Qing   ('Looper') Summer Qing ('Looper')

'The Sounds of Summer'

Internationally renowned actress Summer Qing is a native of Beijing (China), and graduated from Beijing Film Academy's performing division. She made an attention-grabbing film debut as the female lead in Chen Kaige's 1990 Cannes Film Festival-competing 'Life on a String,' about a pair of blind musicians in a rural village.

Soon after, she played the lead in the film of another acclaimed director, Lin Zifeng's 'Kuang', and was nominated for Best Actress at one of China's top film awards, the Hundred Flowers Awards. The popular television series, "Close to Forbidden City", then shot her to fame across the country as a sweet-natured ingénue.

In 1996, she starred in the Chinese historical epic, The Emperor's Shadow, which is a fictionalized account of China's first emperor and his relationship with a court musician. And after a long break, in 2007, she was featured in the Hong Kong action movie 'Flash Point,' which was a box-office hit across Asia.

Most memorably, she played the pivotal part of Soong Ching-ling, wife of Sun Yat-sen and an honored historical figure known to every Chinese person, in the hugely successful 2009 film 'The Founding of a Republic.'

And in 2011, Qing starred in the big Hollywood movie 'LOOPER'. Director Rian Johnson acclaimed her as the perfect figure for Chinese women. Working alongside Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt in her first Hollywood production, Qing took some time out to discuss her role with us here at Exclusive Magazine.

Chatting recently the lady herself Summer Qing, I first wondered, being that her non-speaking role as Old Joe's Wife is still made very pivotal to the plot, what she was told about her role coming into the filming of it? "Before I went into the filming, the director (Rian) and I briefly discussed about the role, Old Joe’s wife. He told me that this is a very "strong" character to the story. She is the whole reason why Old Joe travels back in time seeking for justice and revenge. Also, he said this character represents the perfect image of a Chinese woman."

Yes, indeed, Director Rian Johnson did acclaim you as the "perfect figure for Chinese women" - a huge compliment, but how do you yourself take it? "Flattered. I am not perfect, just the roles I played in the films. However, by now I’ve played many perfect women type characters, I’d like to try playing some “bad-girl” role, maybe a female villain for a change!"

Were there ever any lines for you to speak that might now come out as Deleted Scenes on the DVD? "Actually, in the version released in China, I have a few lines. I would love for the American audience to hear my voice on the DVD."

'Looper' is your first big budget Hollywood movie - how did you come to audition for it? "There wasn’t an ‘audition’ whatsoever. What we had was a videoconference online. Rian and I talked about the film and characters. We had a good time. Next thing I knew, I was told to come to the States to shoot the film."

Playing alongside a big Hollywood movie star like Bruce Willis, were you nervous at any time during filming - did you know who he was going in? "Of course I knew who he was! Actually he was one of the main reasons why I wanted and loved so much to participate in Looper. I am a big fan of Bruce Willis."

"I was nervous and excited at the same time before meeting Bruce on set. When we actually met, he didn’t say a word. He held me in his arms tightly for a minute. It felt like we have known each other for a long time. It felt like we were actually a couple, a romantic and loving couple ready to take on another journey. I have nothing but great things to say about Bruce. I hope we will work together soon again."

Your on screen chemistry with Bruce was wonderful to watch - did you two sit down beforehand and talk about how you would interact silently as a couple? "The director gave us some great instructions. The rest was left to Bruce and me to “act and react” in character. Honestly, Bruce and I didn’t need much verbal discussion about how to act together. When we were both in character, we simply let go."

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, we like to ask everyone we interview this question - we here at Exclusive Magazine love Penguins ... do you also, perhaps? "Yes! But I’ve only seen penguins in 'Happy Feet.' I hope I can see them for real sometime in the future!"

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

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