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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Henosis'
Artist - Joep Beving

For those not in the know, Joep Beving is a Dutch composer and a pianist.

Beving studied Public Administration before going on to then work in the advertising business, where he was mainly responsible for the music of numerous commercials.

He also composed soundtracks for the short films Hortum (2010) and Het cadeau (2015) and in 2015 Beving released his first album, Solipsism; with modern classical atmospheric piano pieces.

He himself describes his compositions as "accessible music for complex emotions" which seems highly accurate once you listen to his work, in truth.

In 2017 his second album, Prehension, appeared in a similar style to his debut album with Conatus coming along next in 2018.

On April 5th, 2019 Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company, will release Henosis, Beving’s closing chapter in a trilogy of albums; marking the end of an intensely personal four-year spiritual and philosophical exploration.

“This is my journey, and my search for understanding,” says Beving, and I believe that the answers are much more on the inside.”

“So this journey, in a way, is also an internal one. My hope is to give people a space to be in for a couple of minutes or hours where they feel things just seem to be right; like a recognition that they’re understood or that they can just be.”

CD 1:
1. 'Unus mundus' (4:18)
2. 'Into The Dark Blue' (3:39)
3. 'Whales' (2:12)
4. 'Sirius' (1:35)
5. 'Shepherd' (7:22)
6. 'Orvonton' (5:02)
7. 'Sol And Luna' (5:52)
8. 'Klangfall' (6:15)
9. 'Philemon' (3:01)
10. 'Noumenon' (5:37)
11. 'Saudade da Gaia' (3:59)
12. 'Apophis' (7:05)

CD 2:
1. 'Aeon' (5:48)
2. 'Implikigo' (2:25)
3. 'Venus' (3:55)
4. 'Anima' (2:38)
5. 'Adrift In Aether' (4:04)
6. 'The One As Two' (5:15)
7. 'Henosis' (6:45)
8. 'Anamnesis' (3:37)
9. 'Nebula' (9:43)
10. 'Morpheus’ Dream' (2:15)

On Henosis, the acclaimed Dutch composer/pianist who rose to eminence in 2015 thanks to millions of streams of the aforementioned contemplative, atmospheric album, Solipsism, continues his minimalist and at times romantic style of writing, but this time explores new territories.

The first disc begins with the delicate workings found within the opening track of wonderment 'Unus mundus' before seeping gently into the quietly pensive, yet forward thinking first single from the album, 'Into The Dark Blue.'

Moving through the album it's truly hard to just pick out the so-called "best bits" as each track is seamlessly woven into the next in such an exquisite manner that this 2CD set is, for all intents and purposes, one large spectacular opus.

As noted above, the new album sets itself in motion from where his sophomore album, Prehension, left us; the warm intimate sound of the Schimmel piano Beving inherited from his grandmother resonating throughout.

Tracks such as the haunting 'Sirius,' the open bare ambiance of the quiet stunning 'Shepherd,' and the playful, yet pensive 'Klangfall' all bring a sense of understanding to the work, before the second disc is brought forth.

The stern 'Aeon' is backed by the delicate low hum of 'Implikigo' which in turn is followed by the inner ache of 'Venus.' Continuing onward and tracks such as the dulcet 'The One As Two,' the passion of the near ten minute 'Nebula' and then the thoughtful album closer 'Morpheus’ Dream' all showcase why Beving is now one of the most streamed pianists in the world.

With the help of producer Gijs van Klooster and through collaborations with Cappella Amsterdam, Echo Collective and Maarten Vos, Beving opens up new musical worlds using orchestral and electronic sounds alongside the familiar piano.

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Joep Beving @ Facebook