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MTU Hypnosis for ALL your Day-To-Day Needs! MTU Hypnosis for ALL your Day-To-Day Needs!


Nicol Merline is president of MTU HYPNOSIS - established in 2000.

Nicol Merline - M.A., CHt.Bd. Certified Hypnotherapist, Comp. Medical Hypnotherapy, Mental Training Coach, Stress Mgmt. Consultant, and Quantum Touch Practitioner.

She enjoys assisting numerous individuals, physicians, support groups, organizations, clubs and corporations by way of hypnosis sessions and seminars - having presented at the University of Michigan Hospital, the Charach Cancer Center at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital and North Oakland Hospital.

Relief from a variety of health concerns using hypnotherapy - have been well documented. This is also why many medical practitioners regularly refer their patients to MTU Hypnosis for help in facilitating health and recovery for a variety of issues.

MTU Hypnosis received Healthy Life Centerís Hall of Fame award due to the predominance of clients who quit smoking. Nicol has been a featured guest on radio and in a variety of local newspapers.

Nicol conducted a year-long weight loss study - using the leading-edge hypnotic technique known as Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy. Nicol continues to implement this weight loss option with exciting and noteworthy results.

Professional and amateur athletes alike also use MTU Hypnosis protocols and hypnotherapy to improve competitive edge and to optimize athletic performance in a wide variety of sports.

Hypnotherapy is an effective vehicle for change and change becomes much easier when it involves the subconscious mind. Removing habits, melting fears and phobias remains the general focus of hypnotherapy.

This translates into many beneficial changes for the individual - performance, confidence, well-being, and expanded options.

As a professional hypnotherapist and mental training coach, it is a great pleasure to assist individuals in overcoming their most pressing difficulties through the efficient use of their own powerful minds. N. Merline.

Call now for your FREE SCREENING!

Screenings (45 min.) are required of all prospective clients and at NO COST

This is done to determine the likelihood of success using the MTU Hypnotic process.

To optimize results, sessions are customized and tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Hypnosis Services:

Hypnosis: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Habits, Phobias, Self-Empowerment, Self Esteem, Sports, Confidence.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis: A powerful hypnotechnique used to simulate the effect of gastric band surgery.

Stress Management Consultant: Public Speaking, Panic Attacks, Confidence, Memory, Associated Medical Issues.

Trained: Mental Training Coach: Advanced Hypnosis, Focus, Concentration, Self-Sabotage, Confidence, Overcoming Fear, Sports Improvement.

Complimentary Medical Hypnosis: Headaches, IBS, Hypertension, Potentiating Medicines, Hypnobirthing, Pain Management.

NOTICE: Due to concerns regarding possible transmission of Covid-19 virus and/or other issues that may prevent clients from coming to our office to seek help, MTU Hypnosis also continues to offer online hypnosis sessions & services to alleviate any such issues.

Call now to make your appointment: (248) 568 0831

Please, if you are feeling overly stressed, facing daily anxiety attacks, but you think there is nowhere and no one to turn to, we beg you to please give Nicol @ MTU Hypnosis a call ... TODAY!

(248) 568 0831

Again, I myself used MTU Hypnosis for my own personal stress-fueled mental block and after just three (3) sessions, Nicol had rested my mind, re-compartmentalized things within my way of thinking, and I left there knowing not only was I feeling oh-so much better, freer of mind than I had been in decades, but that I also had the tools to combat any future new stresses that were sure to come knocking!

My own personal experience with Nicol (MTU Hypnosis):

Screening - 10.45am - Thursday, August 19th, 2021
I went into my 45 minute screening with Nicol with the explicit wish to not only rid myself of my self-induced mental anguish, but high on the anticipation of experiencing something that, for me, was most definitely my last bastion of hope from my mental suffering.

Upon my arrival, and having pre-filled out my Client Intake Form online, I sat in her waiting room and read through some folders of patient success story testimonials.

What a lot of these people had been experiencing was exactly the same heavy dark shroud that I myself had been suffocating under and how they explained what Nicol had done for them, how she had lifted that heaviness from them, given them daylight, enabled them to breathe again, was just what I was looking for in relation to finding a happier me.

Once in her office, one that dulcetly smelled of freshly-cut lemons, she asked me some deeper-set questions about what I was there for, and whilst subtly branching out from there to other tangential causes lurking in my subconscious, she had me close my eyes for a more peaceful contemplation.

It should be made clear that this was only a screening, to discover whether Nicol could actually work with me, and at no time was there any hypnotism brought into play.

Once she had filled out some paperwork on me, she read back everything that I had told her, albeit in a more concise manner, my thoughts elegantly amalgamated into one conscience stream of all the issues pertinent to me (and thus not just the overriding issue that I was there for).

It was as if she was already inside my head, reorganizing my mental furniture, immediately bringing a Feng Shui appeal to my now cognizant thoughts.

From there we moved to a more relaxing chair, she told me to focus and concentrate on a small disc on the ceiling, and then after several deep inhales and exhales I was directed to close my eyes. Nicol then proceeded to create a comfortable presence for me via her soothing instructions.

And then, the screening was over and we chatted about what to expect from the total of three (3) upcoming sessions.

I left MTU Hypnosis feeling lighter, confident and ultimately very hopeful for what Nicol could do for me.

Session 1 - 10.35am - Thursday, August 26th, 2021
I arrived for my 75 minute first session in a very excited frame of mind - both for the unknown and the hope that something could actually be done to reduce all the stress within me and free me from over-thinking and such.

After a 30 minute sit down across a desk, where Nicol asked questions and depending on the responses proceeding accordingly (imagine a board game that asks you questions to determine which path to next take), using a colorful slinky, she metaphorically explained how my stress (mental malware) was trapped within my minds tightly wound coil, and what she could do to have it freely drop out of its own volition. In short, a mental upgrade.

Then it was time for the actual hypnosis part of the session. I was asked to sit in a chair and for what I thought was just 20-25 minutes, but was subsequently 40 minutes, Nicol puts me into a quietly meditative state - complete with a hint of lavender aroma - and worked her magic.

Upon leaving her office I felt like I was standing in shoes filled with air cushion pockets, like I was gently floating, my entire body relaxed, at peace and yet I had not once fallen asleep and had heard every word Nicol had said.

Once back home and testing my stress levels, as was suggested by Nicol (in small ways, of course), I found myself a lot calmer in wanting to jump at things that would ordinarily have gotten under my skin (emails, voice mails, etc.).

I installed the free Dropbox app in advance so Nicol can send the mp3 link to my live session. Thus I can listen again for reinforcement. As she herself says, Listen DAILY - once is good, twice is very good, 3x is excellent, making change possible the easy way.

Session 2 - 9.45am - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021
For this session - that was meant to only be 45 minutes long, but lasted 75 minutes - at first, Nicol chatted with me, found out how the first session had, or had not worked its way into my psyche.

What happens next I will leave for you all to discover yourselves, but suffice to say that the way those next ten minutes unfolded were very eye opening.

Then I sat in the comfy chair again and we began some Theta Galaxy treatment. Simply put, this equipment issues sound and light frequencies to neurally place the client into a relaxed state.

Headphones on, digital glasses on, I shut my eyes and for 30 minutes I was as free as a bird, as spiritually lightweight and as carefree as I had ever been before.

Of course, results will always vary person to person, but for me I felt incredible and at peace with everything.

Session 3 - 10.00am - Thursday, September 9th, 2021
I arrived not knowing what to expect from this supposedly third and final session (I say supposedly, as Nicol suggested a bonus round session for two weeks from today of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - a revolutionary treatment method that offers relief from physical and emotional pain and dis-ease).

For todayís third session we sat at her desk for 75 minutes. It actually would have been just 45 minutes, but Nicol did not have another appointment scheduled after me at that time and so gave me a little longer.

The subject of todayís session was Self-Hypnosis and she talked about what that meant and what it could do for me re: my personal levels of stress and anxiety, et al.

She gave me a sheet of paper that explained Auto-Hypnosis detailing the steps to get me situated - mind, body and soul - before I embarked (at home) on this 10-15 minute a day practice. Nicol also emailed me a self hypnosis mp3 to practice with for 3-5 days before going it alone.

Nicol talked about how regulated deep breathing at the start of the process is very important, and that just counting down 3-2-1 and believing you are ready for the program to begin is most definitely not the way to begin.

Moreover, she explains how you begin at 3 (or 1, it is up to you) and you inhale, hold it and then exhale the toxins/toxic thoughts - doubts, fears, discomfort - continuing on for the 2 count and then on the final number you inhale again along with well being: the look of, the sound of, the feeling of, exhaling a euphoric sense of well being only at that point.

Of course, there is much more to this, especially given we chatted for over an hour, but that is all for you yourselves to discover.

[Bonus Round] Session 4 - 10.30am - Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
In this final session, which was to teach me all about Meridian Therapy (otherwise known as EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or the Tapping Solution), we simply sat opposite one another at a table whilst Nicol asked me what issue about myself I would like to rid myself of that day.

Once I had told her, she explained some things about my issue, dug a little deeper into my own psyche to discover where it stemmed from, inquired as to why I had this issue on a daily basis and then laid out an EFT print out (one that showed the tapping points on the human body that work best for such situations).

What happens after that I will again let you all discover for yourselves, but suffice to say that my problem dropped I went from a 9 out of 10 to a 2 and then to a closing number down to a 1 (with regard to an aspect of my original issue) and it only took 45 minutes for Nicol to accomplish this!

In conclusion, and given that I have now seen Nicol four (4) times over a five week period, I have to honestly reveal that Nicol most definitely knows her way around hypnosis and the benefits that can be obtained from it.

My original issue dropped from a raging 11 out of 10 down to a calming 2. Another issue mid-stream of our consultations went from 7 out of 10 to an acceptable 2. As noted above, the final issue rated 9 out of 10 dropped to a relaxing 1 out of 10.

So if you are in need of some extra help with regard how your mind is weighing you down and how out of focus in life you currently find yourself, please, I implore you, go see Nicol at MTU Hypnosis as she is the real deal - and, trust me, you will feel oh-so much better, clearer of mind, become way more productive and most importantly, you will get your life back (and on your terms).

Brand New Q&A with Nicol:
How old were you when you first began to suspect that Hypnosis was something that could be inherent in your life and, moreover, be something that you would wish to dive deeper into, to then be able to help people with their own personal issues? And what was the spark that got you curious back then? - I was 24. It was the 70ís when a miracle occurred that altered me deeply. I had severe eczema & atopic dermatitis. I was beset with it for 24 years. At times it covered 1/3 of my skin surface.

Furthermore, I had a skin allergy to anything metallic. Growing up with it was a horrible experience that tortured me mentally - physically - emotionally. Nothing, including steroids, numerous dermatologists, herbal remedies or eating organic, made it go away. In a matter of 2 days the eczema & also my allergy to metals was eliminated.

My recovery - the spark - was directly traceable to hypnosis. I wanted to know more and more about this amazing protocol. I am thankful for the 24 years of hell I lived through that led me to an experience that put me in a position to not only help myself - but also to help others as well.

Have you yourself ever been hypnotized and for whatever reason you went in, did it end up helping you? - Yes ! I was first formally hypnotized in the 70ís. The event that rocked my world was my enrollment in a 2 day class called Mind Dynamics - not knowing it was a hypnosis course. I was the total skeptic - a non-believer in hypnosis. I even requested a refund before the class started!

Thankfully the instructor urged me to stay. The class opened my head to the absolute power of the subconscious mind that healed my raging skin issues.

How long have you been practicing Hypnosis and is it an ever-evolving practice? - I practice self-hypnosis daily and know of the power of its grounding, clarifying effect. In the 70ís, I was teaching biology, physical science, chemistry, & math in the public schools. I had a golden opportunity to teach hypnosis to students in the public school system.

The class took off. I continued to fill it again and again and again. Eventually -I earned a degree in Ed. Administration was interviewed for an administrative position. However the pull to launch a hypnotherapy business - was impossible for me to postpone any further. I launched MTU Hypnosis in year 2000.

What have you found to be some of the most common questions and fears asked by those people that first contact you? And how do you respond to them? - Most prospective clients are very skeptical and are nervous. I inform them theyíve been hypnotized throughout life without being aware. I cite many examples. The hypnotist does not control the client.

The client is driving the vehicle so to speak -are in charge -have 90% control- whereas the hypnotist is the navigation system -provides the map to resolve the issue, so to speak.

Check to find out what to look for and what to look out for in a hypnotist. Also, hypnosis, as rendered by a competent hypnotist with experience who has utilized this protocol to fix themselves is pertinent.

Seek a hypnotist who has been trained in numerous protocols, who customizes the session to you personally, who knows neuro-linguistic programming NLP, who can provide evidence such as client testimonials/reviews, who is really hooked into your getting what you need resolved in 1 or 2 sessions & who might be able to record your session live for reinforcement purposes.

Is there anything within the human mind that your Hypnosis skills cannot cure/fix/change? - As one of my clients stated- use MTU Hypnosis for anything & everything having to do with the mind. It is simply amazing just how many of lifeís pressing issues can be resolved through the powerful use of the subconscious mind.

The list of issues Iíve worked on for clients at MTU Hypnosis in the last 21 years continues to grow longer and longer. weight loss, smoking/vaping, panic attacks, confidence, addictions, sports, public speaking, phobias, bad habits, medical processes to name but a few.

Typically how long does it take to cure (if that it the correct word) someone of whatever it was they came to you for? - Most clients get immediate relief @ MTU in just one session. In fact, that is what Iím shooting for with every client. We do not cure or treat. We simply provide the optimal environment for improved health.

Your qualifications, degrees and certifications amount to a truly phenomenal, and I might add staggering figure, but having had my four (4) sessions with you, you are also a wonderful, down-to-earth people person. Have you always been this way? - Iíve always been down to earth -not always a people person as I was such an introvert then. Yet today, due to hypnosis, I am a radically changed person from what I used to be.

Itís been said, people donít change. Iím here to say not true. The younger me was so very fearful, so painfully shy - so retreating so sensitive. I worried and cried too much and preferred to stay home. That is why I did not want to go to school. I could not even eat breakfast on school days without throwing up.

If you could describe yourself in just five (5) words, what would they be? - I am courageous, bold, outgoing, empathic, grateful for what fixed me and so pleased to be able to help others as well. And what fixed me was already within me. Hypnosis allowed me to tap into the unlimited power of the mind I was already born with to begin with.

Out of curiosity, what does MTU stand for in your company name? - MTU Hypnosis stands for Mind Training Unlimited. This is because the mind is ever capable of growing, solving issues, and changing without self-imposed limits & outdated mental programs.

Lastly, what would you like to say to people reading this article who have things they might well need your help on, but are stuck on the fence, cautious about trying something that they fear might end up having them quacking like a duck at their next business meeting when someone mentions a certain pre-programmed word?!?! - No one comes to MTU Hypnosis to quack like a duck. I typically say I charge extra for that - just to lighten up the conversation. It is in my best interest to get the client precisely what they want. In short, I must be on the same page as my client.

If the client does not get what they want- I donít get what I want, which is their referrals to help others. I screen my clients free of charge first. They screen me too and also to learn and to determine if hypnosis is a good option for them.

What to look for in a hypnotherapist:
1. Is Board Certified
2. Is affiliated with a professional hypnotherapy organization
3. Provides credible testimonials from prior clients
4. Offers a FREE consultation
5. Tailors the session to suit your particular needs
6. Is trained in self-hypnosis or auto-hypnosis techniques
7. Dedicates practice to hypnosis

What to look OUT for in a hypnotherapist:
1. Has minimal experience in the field
2. Is unable to assess for optimal results
3. Fails to inquire and address any fears you may have concerning hypnosis
4. Does not provide a soundtrack of your session, even if you request one
5. Does the same stock session for all clients with the same issue or problem
6. Lack of credible references & future contact information
7. Uses generic group approach for group sessions

Board Certified Advanced Hypnotherapy
Complementary Medical Hypnotherapy
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
Mental Training Coach
Stress Management Consultant
Quantum Touch Practitioner
Reiki Level 1, Level 2 Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Motivational Speaker
VP at Internat. Assoc. of Holistic Providers Degrees, Certifications and CEUs
National Guild Of Hypnotists
International Association of Counselors and Therapists
International Hypnosis Federation
Hypnosis International Board of Registration
American Board of Hypnotherapy
Michigan Association of Counselors and Hypnotherapists
Wayne State University B.S.
Eastern Michigan University M.A. - Educational Leadership

Make Appointment:
Monday - Saturday by Appointment - Call Now for your Free Screening Screenings (45 min.) are required of all prospective clients and at - NO COST.

This is done to determine the likelihood of success using the MTU Hypnotic process.

To optimize results, sessions are customized and tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

It is a pleasure for me to see individuals overcome their most pressing difficulties through the efficient use of their mind.

Relief from a variety of concerns through the use of hypnotherapy and mental coaching is why medical professionals send patients to MTU Hypnosis.

If you have any questions concerning hypnotherapy, itís best to call us at (248) 568 0831 or please drop us a line [via their website] and we will respond as soon as possible.

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