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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'The Archaeology Project: 2005-2020'
Artist - Tim Morse

For those not in the know, The Archaeology Project is a compilation of prog music artist Tim Morse’s music from 2005-2020.

There’s no real concept for this release, given that it is a compilation album, however the title and the artwork ties the music of different eras together.

Morse began his instrument instruction at a young age and started composing immediately upon picking up the guitar. He later moved onto the piano and studied as a music composition major, writing extended pieces such as a string quartet and two piano sonatas.

During this time Tim performed with various rock and fusion bands and played on many recording sessions. Tim’s first album of original music was entitled Transformation and was released in 2005, his sophomore album Faithscience came out seven years later in 2012, with his last solo album, III coming out in 2018.

For the record, Morse has also been a member of The Mangoes, The Jerry Jennings Band and Parallels (Yes tribute).

1. 'Guitar Etude 1'
2. 'Apocalyptic Visions'
3. 'Adrift'
4. 'Rome'
5. 'Voyager'
6. 'Window'
7. 'Afterword'
8. '200 Yards'
9. 'My Ally'
10. 'Inertia'
11. 'The Mary Celeste'
12. 'The Marquis'
13. 'Dogs'
14. 'The Corners'

This magnificent fourteen song retrospective of Morse's music from 2005-2020 opens with the new track 'Guitar Etude 1,' a short, contemplative 28 second introduction (which also uses a melody that comes from the very first song he ever wrote), and then we get the 15 minute (and longest track Morse has recorded to date) 'Apocalyptic Visions.'

Easily classified as a "big piece of music," it is primarily composed of three separate sections: I. The Endless Page, which is the opening, harmonic minor melody, II. Realization, the verse chorus; and III. The Vision, the trance mid-section.

The once-guitar instrumental 'Adrift' now has newly-written lyrics to it, and that's backed by the soaring 'Rome' (a song that was born out of Morse's concern that we are all simply poor stewards of the world), the euphonious 'Voyager' (another three-part song, this one inspired by the Berg book on Lindbergh and his historic flight), and then we get both the ornate, cricket-backed 'Window' (an instrumental born out of "noodling" on his guitar close to bedtime), and the lush goodbye song 'Afterword.'

Next up is the tongue-in-cheek '200 Yards,' which was also the first collaboration between himself and Bret Bingham for the first Mangoes CD, and then we get 'My Ally' (a true story about meeting his best friend in fifth grade), the atmospheric improvisation of 'Inertia,' and then comes one of my own personal favorites, 'The Mary Celeste' (a song about loss and how sudden loss can be the most difficult to process).

The jaunty, tongue-in-cheek, Andrew Gold-esque track dedicated to all of his inner critics, 'My Marquis' is up next and is followed by his Pink Floyd cover of 'Dogs' ("I've always been a fan of this song by Pink Floyd," Morse says. "It was great fun to do a cover of 'Dogs' and put my own stamp on it."), with the album closing on the ethereal 'The Corners' (a song inspired by the ending of the play 'Our Town' and dedicated to Farah Mirza).

“It seemed like a good time to reflect on the last fifteen years of being a recording artist," Morse explains. "It was fun revisiting these songs and choosing what I consider to be the best examples of my songwriting to feature on this collection."

"I’ve remastered the older songs with Craig Long and I have to say the music has never sounded better. I was so pleased with the work that I ended up remastering more music than could fit on one CD and so I’m offering five extra songs as a download for no additional charge."

"There is also a new solo guitar instrumental, a remix/new vocal for the Mangoes song ‘200 Yards’ and my cover version of the classic Pink Floyd song ‘Dogs’ on The Archaeology Project."

"I especially like the imagery that Jay Leek came up with for the project – it has a nice Hipgnosis feel to it.”

Order the Album By CLICKING HERE!

Tim Morse @ Facebook

Tim Morse @ YouTube