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Ghost Canyon

'WWE - The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin'
(Stone Cold Steve Austin, et al / 3-Disc DVD / NR / 2008 / WWE)

Overview: He’s one of the most accomplished Superstars in the history of sports-entertainment, with a resume that includes six WWE Championship reigns, three Royal Rumble victories, a King of the Ring Championship, and an unprecedented run of raising hell throughout WWE. The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin gives fans young and old the opportunity to relive the greatest matches and moments from the career of one of WWE’s most popular, and controversial, personalities.

DVD Verdict: Stone Cold Steve Austin will go down as one of the biggest names in the history of the wrestling business and here is another DVD of matches from his past. For those looking for a documentry type set, check out "The Stone Cold Truth" as this DVD is in the format of how Hogan's anthology & RVD's was in that along with an anthology of matches with Austin commenting on certain things in between each match. Such subjects as his getting started in the business, his relationship with Brian Pillman, WCW, ECW, Austin 3:16, Mick Foley, being WWE Champion, The Rock, his neck injury & surgery amongst other things. Other extras include his WrestleMania 21 "Gladiator" commercial along with behind the scenes footage of it & him confronting Vince about NOT being his son.

Some of my personal matches included in this set are:

Steel Cage Match: WCW Tag Team Champions Hollywood Blondes vs. Dos Hombres - The story here is that Dos Hombres is actually Ricky Steamboat & "Shane Douglas" underneath a mask using the gimmick that Edge/Christian & Hardy Boyz would later use on each other during the Los Conquistidors angle in 2000. This wasn't their best encounter as it was really Tom Zenk under Douglas mask (Shane was released/fired before the PPV). The match itself wasn't bad but didn't top or match the calibur that all 3 men and the real Douglas have had earlier in the year.

WCW United States Championship Match vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat - Austin has said that Steamboat was his favorite guy to be in the ring with & you'll see why here as they gave a performance in a series of matches that would be overshadowed by the Hogan/Flair fued in WCW. This I believe was also Steamboat's last major match as he retired the next month. Caribbean Strap Match vs. Savio Vega - Well they couldn't show the first one because you would be looking at a black screen the whole time so this was their "rematch" with the stipulation of if Austin lost, Ted Dibiase would leave WWE. Savio & Austin usually had a good series of underrated matches (look at WrestleMania 12) & this was no exception with some stiff whips from the straps at times including one that Austin gave Savio on the floor that was so loud, I felt the pain.

vs. Bret Hart - Bret Hart's return to WWE after WrestleMania 12 resulted in a lost classic that always gets overshadowed by their submission match at WrestleMania months later. I can try to describe this but this is one of those matches to me where words can't and it's actually my favorite encounter between these two.

The Terry Funk Confrontation - The story here was that this year's Royal Rumble was held in Texas so Texas legend Terry Funk was brought in for the event but he showed up on Shotgun the night before where Austin was as well. When you have two of the toughest S.O.B.'s in the ring together with, it resulted in a brawl with Funk being tossed into a trough at the end of the show.

w/Shawn Michaels vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & British Bulldog - There's an old catchphrase to summerize this match..."The enemy of my enemy is my friend or the enemy of my enemy is my enemy?" Austin & Michaels couldn't get along but both hated the Hart Foundation so they were forced to team up and delievered a great main event as all four men are great workers.

vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart - The infamous match that would plant the seed for Austin's neck problems as Owen Hart's piledriver left him paralized in the ring for a while resulting the worst looking cradle in the history of the business. The match before the incident was one of the best Intercontinental Title matches for that time but this is mostly known for that piledriver.

First Blood Match for the WWE Championship vs. Kane - "If I do not win the title, I will set myself on fire!" That was Kane's own stipulation he put on this match. I guess you can call this an "unofficial" Hell In The Cell match because the Cell (which had the Taker/Mankind match earlier in the night) did come up & down at various times during this match & was used for such moments like Kane strattled on it & choking Austin while it was being lifted up along with it almost coming down on Austin's neck. The ending had Undertaker costing Austin his title by busting him open with a chair. This match not only continued the "Highway To Hell" storyline leading up to the SummerSlam match and also planted the seed for the first blood match between Austin & Taker that would happen a year later.

3 Stages Of Hell Match vs. Triple H - The first fall is a straight up match, second fall is a street fight, and the final fall is inside a steel cage. This was the match of the year for 2001 & I literally can't describe this match as it had a taste of everything for everyone as they just beat each other down into exaustion. Austin himself said the build-up was WrestleMania quality & the match delivered on that build-up.

Overall, this was a nice collection to compliment the "Stone Cold Truth" DVD as WWE once again took the route of mostly (but not completely) looking for his lower profile performances instead of his world famous matches that most people already have their hands on or are on other DVD sets. But this collection should be enough to satisfy a fan of Steve Austin. I recommend overall. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Feature of:

Behind-The-Scenes of "Comanche Moon”
“Riding Into The Sunset” Featurette
“Comanche Heritage” Featurette