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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Castle - The Complete Fourth Season'
(Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, et al / 5-Disc DVD / NR / 2012 / ABC Studios)

Overview: She’s armed. He’s dangerous. Relive every exciting investigation with TV’s most unlikely partners in crime! Own each episode and bring home even more Castle and Beckett on ABC’s 'Castle: The Complete Fourth Season' on DVD.

DVD Verdict: OK, for the record, I frickin' LOVE this show! Can't watch it through the regulal months as I hate all the ads ruining its flow. So I wait patiently for the DVD set to come out and when it does, suddenly it's "bam," and it's two solid nights worth of viewing with takeout for this young man!

Right, got that out the way - moving on, and we kick of with the season opener, 'Rise,' where we find out (!) if Beckett survives the sniper's bullet. Of course, she does, but ebfore she blacks out Castle professes his love for her. But did she hear him? Some gruesome operating table scenes here, beware. In the meantime Ryan and Esposito deal with the death of a socialite. In 'Heroes + Villans,' a man is sliced in half in an alley - by a killer dressed as a superhero! Coming with a nice double twist, next is 'Head Case,' where people are dying but before their deaths can be investigated, they are swept up for a new Cryogenic program!

In 'Kick The Ballistics,' a previous killer, 3XK is back, taunting the crew, which leaves one of their own under suspicion of kiling a young girl and dumping her in concrete. In 'Eye of the Beholder,' a man is found impaled on art in a gallery and a Fist of Capitalisim work of $50 million art is missing! A great whodunnit with a nice twist too! In 'Demons,' a ghost wrangler from TV is found dead in a spooky old house, and in 'Cops & Robbers,' Castle and his mother get held up at the bank. Another great twisty, turny adventure come the end you might have guessed who the real "killer" is.

In 'Heartbreak Hotel,' the co-owner of a casino is found dead, and being that it's in Atlantic City, the boys finish their case there with a Bachelor Party for Ryan! In 'Kill Shot,' a sniper is in the city and gives Beckett bad flashbacks to her own shooting. In 'Cuffed,' called a bottle episode in the audio commentary due to needing to go under beudget for an episode, it contains our two heroes in a room, handcuffed together the whole time! Oh, and a tiger too! In 'Till Death Us Do Part,' a man is thrown out of a window, naked. Is he a whoring gigolo, or a spy?

In 'Dial M for Mayor,' a death brings the attention to the Mayor and a possible cover up scandal that will cost him more than his job if found guilty. Does it also have something to do with the death of Beckett's mother? In 'An Embarrassment of Bitches,' a judge at a dog show is killed, and in 'The Blue Butterfly,' a film noir flashback episode unravels for us; period style. Set in 1947, castle investigates the deaths of a couple of kids, along with the disappearance of a priceless necklace.

In 'Pandora,' Alexis takes an intern job as a medical examiner trainee and a man is stabbed, shot, knifed and thrown out of a window too! In 'Linchpin,' which is basically part two of the previous episode, after a deadly underwater car scene, Beckett and Castle surive to track down who has it in for them. Coming complete with a HUGE double twist ending, next is 'Once Upon A Crime,' where a girl dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and then another as Snow White are found killed in the park. In 'A Dance with Death,' a contestant on a TV dance show is killed in her dressing room, and in '47 Seconds,' a Wall Street takeover rally gets explosive - but who pushed the button and why?

In 'The Limey,' a horrible title especially given that the man playing the Limey (a British guy) is actually Australian, a young British girl is murdered and a "British cop" wants onto the case to help - and to flirt with Beckett, of course! In 'Headhunters," a bag of severed heads is found and with the help of Adam Baldwin ('Chuck') as a Narc cop out for revenge, we get a slam dunk of a go-go-go episode here!

In 'Undead Again,' a man is found dead in an underground parking lot and another (his "killer") is found maniculed to his radiator at home asking to be shot ... before he "changes"! In 'Always,' we get a massive season so far recap, that then flashes us back 3 days from Beckett hanging off a building - to find out how she got there. Old files from their now-deceased boss have been stolen, a sniper is lose again and ready to end Beckett's life, once and for all, and yes, FINALLY, Beckett and Castle kiss for real!

Now, in truth, the season finale didn't make up for an entire season of almost-rans that came before it! It was too little too late. And absolutely unrealistic. It was phoney. It should have been the first episode of Season Four, not the last. Plus, the writers lost our trust with the abysmal Season Four opener. We expected big things in Season Four, at least a relationship between Castle and Beckett. So as their whole "will they or won't they (kiss)" scenario played out episode after episode, well, as much as I love this show, it was even enough for me, sorry. These are all Widescreen Presentations (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs is packed with Special Features such as:

3 Episode Commentaries - "Rise," "Cuffed," and "The Blue Butterfly."
Deleted Scenes
Fillion & Friends: Castle Goes Radio
Submerged: An In-Depth Look at Stunts (17:34)
Bowman, Bowman and Castle (10:26)
Bloopers (4:24)