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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Farscape: S2 V4 / S2 V5 / S3 V1'
(Ben Browder, Claudia Black, et al / 2-Disc DVD / Not Rated / (2002) 2003 / ADV Films)

Overview: S2 V4 - In ‘Beware of Dog,’ a hostile beast on Moya attacks and poisons D’Argo. The crew must hunt down and capture the beast alive if Zhaan is to find the anti-venom and save D’Argo’s life. In ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again,’ Crichton relives the launch of his Farscape One, but instead of entering a wormhole, he blacks out and wakes up in a hospital bed on Earth! In ‘The locket,’ when her Transport Pod returns from investigating a strange mist, Aeryn emerges as an old women. She insists she has aged 160 cycles since leaving Moya – she’s had a husband, even a granddaughter! In ‘The Ugly Truth,’ Crais invites Moya’s crew onboard Tayln to discuss disarming the young gunship, replacing his weapons with a non-lethal, Plokavian “Dampening Net.” But, as the Polkavian ship approaches, Talyn surprises everyone by destroying it!

DVD Verdict: As Season 2 of Farscape enters full swing, some questions are answered, and hidden secrets are revealed. This DVD represents an important turning point for the series. Most of the episodes later in the series refer back to what we first learned in the episodes on this DVD. Out of all the episodes on this DVD, the one that stands out for me is the ’Won't Get Fooled Again’ episode. This is perhaps the episode that has aroused the most controversy among the fans. I have found that most people either absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it, with very few people in between. I am one of the people who loved it. In fact, ‘Won't Get Fooled Again’ is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. And perhaps most importantly, information is revealed in this episode that is going to affect the way the viewer sees the rest of the Season 2 episodes after this, and even a lot of the episodes in the seasons to come.

S2 V5 - In ‘a Clockwork Nebari,’ a brainwashed Aeryn and Rygel return from a Commerce Planet with a surprise for Chiana – two fellow Nebari to take her home and ‘mind cleanse’ her as well. In ‘Die Me, Dichotomy,’ a plan to steal loot to buy D’Argo’s son, Jothee from the Slave Traders goes terribly wrong when D’Argo is captured in the heist. In ‘Liars, Guns and Money: Parts 1, 2 & 3,’ Scorpius wants to make a deal – D’Argo’s son in exchange for Crichton. A plan to use the stolen loot to hire old foes and rescue Jothee makes sense, but it is discovered that the valuable ingots are actually alive … and eating Moya! Then, no money! Angry mercenaries! An injured Moya. And Crichton in the hands of Scorpious!

DVD Verdict: The trilogy that closes out Season Two stands as one of the best story arcs in the series' short history. Crichton is losing his mind as Scorpius' neural net device (implanted in Crichton's brain)is gathering the information about wormhole technology. It turns Crichton into an agent of Scorpius. In the process of trying to free him of its effects, one of his closest crewmates is murdered by Crichton. Zahn makes the ultimate sacrifice paving the way for her crisis during Season Three. FYI - Be aware that, to fit the trilogy ‘Liars, Guns, and Money’ on a single disc, the episodes are presented out of order!

S3 V1 - In ‘Season of Death,’ although Scorpious’s neural chip has been removed, Crichton feels he has no reason to live – Aeryn is dead, his power of speech is gone, and the Scorpy clone remains in his mind. What’s more, the crew of Moya discover they have more than just Crichton and Scorpious to deal with … lurking somewhere in the Medical Facility is a murderous Scarran! In ‘Suns and Lovers,’ eager to spend currency from the Shadow Depository heist, the crew of Moya head to a Commerce Station. When the station is damaged by a sudden violent storm, Moya becomes ensnared in the docking cables. In ‘Self Inflicted Wounds: Parts 1 & 2,’ while searching for a planet to heal the dying Zhaanm Moya collides and fuses with a small spacecraft, seriously injuring Moya and trapping both ships in a series of looping wormholes. Crichton and the captain of the other ship, Neeyala, soon realize that one of their ships must be sacrificed if any of them are to survive.

DVD Verdict: This DVD set will bring you the first four episodes of ‘Farscape's Third Season. In Season's One and Two, ‘Farscape's first few episodes were a mixed bag of good to mediocre installments. That trend ends with the first four episodes of the Third Season. ‘Season of Death’ is one of the show's strongest opening episodes. It manages to build on the established story arcs of both Seasons 1 and 2. The writing became more consistent as the character's back stories finally stabilized. That also gave the actor's considerably more confidence in their roles as well. The visuals are, as always stunning. The DVD's have been improving since the season one batch. Season two still had a number of great extras and the main issue - the DVD menu - has been improved somewhat as well. This is a fantastic series that can be relived episode by episode via our dear friends at ADV Films. These are all Full Screen Presentations and come with the Special Features of:
S2 V4 - Deleted Scenes, Farscape Dictionary: Terms of The Uncharted Territories, Alien Encounters, Conceptual Artwork, Alien Races: Part 1, Actor Biography: Anthony Simcoe, Character Backstory: Ka D’Argo, and ADV Previews.
S2 V5 - Deleted Scenes, Farscape Dictionary: Curses and Insults, Alien Encounters, Conceptual Artwork, Alien Races: Part 2, Actor Biography: Gigi Edgley, Character Backstory: Chiana, and ADV Previews.
S3 V1 - Commentary for ’Wait For The Wheel’ with Claudia Black;
Behind-The-Scenes Interviews: Claudia Black ‘Aeryn’ & Paul Goddard ‘Stark,’ Alien Encounters, Deleted Scenes, Updated Character Histories, Cool Farscape Facts by Paul Simpson, author of the Farscape: The Illustrated Companion series guides;
Set, Prop and Costume Gallery, Farscape Trailers, and ADV Previews.