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'The Bible: The Epic Miniseries' [Blu-ray]
(Various / 4 Disc Blu ray / NR / 2013 / 20th Century Fox)

Overview: From Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes 'The Bible' — an epic 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Scriptures for a whole new generation.

Blu ray Verdict: Having read the Bible many, many times, some of the errors/slights adopted by the filmmakers in "keeping to the spirit of the book" were kind of large. I kept getting the feeling that the budget was set, and what we ended up seeing was a collection of Bible stories created "under budget and right on time." Sets all looked surprisingly similar. Jericho resembled Jerusalem, which resembled Babylon, etc.

All scenes filmed on city streets were nearly identical, and I could almost hear the director calling to the set supervisor to "Add the latticework to the windows! We're going to film a courtyard scene now!" Pharaoh's throne room bore a strong resemblance to the throne room of Saul/David, which looked eerily similar to Nebuchanezzar's. Specific and separate Bible stories that took place many years apart were depicted as dovetailing into each other, so that the "3 Men in the Fiery Furnace" story happened just a short time before "Daniel in the Lion's Den."

Also, the cast seemed to be quite budget-driven as well. Instead of seeing Moses leading 600,000 people through the Red Sea (a number that could have easily been CGI'ed), what we actually saw was Moses leading what looked to be his high school graduating class between the raging walls of water. Saul's army also looked cut-rate, and all of the crowd scenes were looking not particularly crowded!

Props, though, for revealing some of the lesser-known Bible stories like "The Spies and Rahab," "Saul's Pursuit of David," and "The Babylonian Captivity," though some historical as well as Biblical liberties were taken with the words of Scripture, once again in the interest of tim-compression.

Indeed, I would liked to see these filmmakers produce an entire series of Bible stories based on events as depicted in the Bible. Maybe with a larger budget to hire a larger cast and do more individual work on the sets, this team committed to bringing us The Bible in its truth could have the liberty to strive for more believable accuracy.

Again, and I cannot state this enough, for those who think that this "mere" TV show is just a TV show, think again. It is a vehicle to rewrite the Bible to and take out all the offensive repentance stuff, without technically passing off a book as "The Bible". Rick Warren the main "biblical" adviser said that he plans on showing this to illiterate people as a way to help them understand "THE" Bible!

The one that Jesus said that not one jot or title should be changed; that curses will be added to the one who takes away or adds to! the Holy God breathed Word of God! This poor excuse for the real thing is deceiving the horribly Bible illiterate masses out there into thinking that it is something of value. The only value I see in it is making people turn to the real thing! Which, I guess, being a Christian, is not abad thing after all!

And so, in closing, though entertaining, this series teaches very little to the kids. I guess that why they had to put a pause button on your remote so we can stop the movie and explain to our kids what the Bible really says and what really happened! These are all Widescreen Presentations (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and come with the Special Features of:

The Bible: Genesis
The Cast of The Bible
The Bible: Creation
Scoring The Bible
Believing In Miracles
The Bible: Visual Effects
'Mary, Did You Know?' Music Video