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Ghost Canyon

'Richard Jewell' [Blu-ray + Digital]
(Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, et al / Blu-ray + Digital / NR / 2020 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: “There is a bomb in Centennial Park. You have thirty minutes.”

The world is first introduced to Richard Jewell as the security guard who reports finding the device at the 1996 Atlanta bombing — his report making him a hero whose swift actions save countless lives.

But within days, the law enforcement wannabe becomes the FBI’s number one suspect, vilified by press and public alike, his life ripped apart.

Reaching out to independent, anti-establishment attorney Watson Bryant, Jewell staunchly professes his innocence. But Bryant finds he is out of his depth as he fights the combined powers of the FBI, GBI and APD to clear his client’s name, while keeping Richard from trusting the very people trying to destroy him.

Blu-ray Verdict: OK, and telling it like it is from the off, I personally, and HIGHLY recommend this movie! For we are all Richard Jewell.

When a once storied agency can abuse it's power and take away all due process rights afforded in the Constitution, we all in grave danger. I once thought that the corruption in the FBI was limited to a few corrupt execs at the top, Jewell proves that is not the case.

The program I work in is being scrapped and rebuilt as it is not very efficient. The FBI is not only totally inefficient, they are actively working to frame the innocent and destroy people's lives.

Simply put, the FBI has lost all credibility. They knew that the entrapment they set up against an uncouth Jewell would make him a perfect patsy.

The FBI had no concern of finding the actual bomb maker, they put all their energy to violating due process rights, and continued to harass a hero when they knew they he was innocent.

In truth, the FBI needs to be scrapped and rebuilt as an investigative agency that protects, serves and follows the Constitution.

The media also needs to be held accountable for destroying the lives of innocent people. Jewell settled out of court with Tom Brokaw and NBC.

Brokaw shamelessly said this, "They probably have enough to arrest him right now, probably enough to prosecute him, but you always want to have enough to convict him as well." Having read 'Unfreedom OF The Press' by Mark Levin, this movie substantiates everything in that book.

All the actors give passionate career performances beyond my wildest expectations here in 'Richard Jewell,' none more so than newcomer Paul Walter Hauser as Richard Jewell.

He truly gives one of the best performances I have ever seen. I was totally immersed in his role. He was me, my neighbor, the security guard at my job who works tirelessly to keep me and my colleagues safe, and so many more all wrapped into one layered character.

Again, casting, dialog, screenplay, and acting (bravo also to Sam Rockwell and Kathy Bates) combined to create a very entertaining, powerful, and nuanced story-telling; while at the same time recounting a sobering example of a self-serving, blatant abuse of power carelessly wielded by a handful of ego-driven governmental and media employees.

The sparing use of understated piano work on the musical sound track was perfectly executed and placed, a feature of other Eastwood (a jazz pianist) films.

In closing, DON'T miss the two memorable lines toward the end of the movie which were spoken by Jewell's attorney just prior to them both entering a room for their final meeting with his FBI accusers.

Thank you everyone involved in this wonderful masterpiece. You have served your country well. This is a Widescreen Presentation (2.39:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

• The Making of Richard Jewell
• The Real Story of Richard Jewell

The film will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on March 17th. The Blu-ray and DVD features a Digital version of the movie.

Official 'Richard Jewell' Movie Trailer