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Ghost Canyon

'Arthur: The Ultimate Friendship Collection'
(3-Disc DVD / NR / 2020 / PBS Kids)

Overview: Join Arthur and his friends for 48 friendship-filled stories featuring more than 10 hours of fun!

DVD Verdict: If you were not aware, 'Arthur' is a show that gives off such a great message of friendship. Even though all the characters are so lovable, they each have their own unique flaws.

Like how Arthur complains about D.W all the time or like when Muffy gets her snobby attitudes. Also when Francine gets competitive, and the brain brags about his IQ!

Ergo, 'Arthur' represents life's imperfections and how to deal with them for Arthur and his friends have so much fun together because, and solely because they except each other for who they are.

Which I think is definitely a message kids should learn early in their lives and what makes 'Arthur: The Ultimate Friendship Collection' one of the best 3-Disc DVD releases of 2020 thus far!

In this value-packed collection, Arthur, Francine and Buster must complete a report on ancient Rome. Can they work together to complete the school assignment?

Then, D.W. loves to get her own way. Can she learn how to be nicer to her friends to continue playing with them on the playground?

Plus, Arthur receives some bad news – Buster is leaving town to go live with his dad for a while! Is this the end for the two buddies?

Learn how to work together as a team, care for other's feelings, build new friendships, and much more!

These 48 friendship-filled stories - with the most episodes from seasons 8 and 9, with five episodes each; and no episodes from seasons 14, 16, 22, or 23 - are filled with tales of honesty, open-mindedness, compromise, and compassion and are just perfect (and safe) for your young ones to engross themselves within.

119b. "Arthur Makes the Team"
122b. "Team Trouble"
126b. "Poor Muffy"
203b. "Buster and the Daredevils"
208b. "The Big Blow-Up"
212a. "Arthur's Faraway Friend"
219b. "Finders Key-pers"
301a. "Buster's Back"
312a. "What Scared Sue Ellen?"
404a. "The Contest"
406b. "Prunella Gets it Twice"
407b. "To Beat or Not to Beat"
504a. "The World Record"
510b. "Muffy Gets Mature"
601a. "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked"
601b. "Best of the Nest"
605a. "The Boy Who Cried Comet"
703b. "Don't Ask Muffy"
704b. "Waiting to Go"
709a. "Prunella Sees the Light"
801a. "Dear Adil"
802a. "Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain"
803a. "Arthur's Snow Biz"
804a. "Fernkenstein's Monster"
808b. "Tales from the Crib" 902b. "George Blows His Top"
904a. "Buster's Green Thumb"
906a. "Arthur Makes Waves"
908a. "The "A" Team"
1002a. "The Squirrels"
1006b. "Arthur Changes Gears"
1007b. "D.W., Bossy Boots"
1102a. "Arthur Sells Out"
1107a. "Hic or Treat"
1107b. "Mr. Alwaysright"
1204b. "Ungifted"
1207b. "I Owe You One"
1209a. "Home Sweet Home"
1302a. "The Silent Treatment"
1508b. "Best Enemies"
1509a. "Buster's Garden of Grief"
1704a. "Opposites Distract"
1704b. "Just the Ticket"
1802a. "The Friend Who Wasn't There"
1909b. "Besties"
2001b. "Arthur and the Whole Truth"
2104a. "Muffy Misses Out"

This is a 4x3 Full Screen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.