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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Pit Stop'
(Bruce Payne, Swaylee Loughnane, Sam Dunning, et al / DVD / R / 2020 / MVD Visual)

Overview: A rave in a deserted warehouse, the perfect place to introduce a new designer drug - right?!

Two young blokes, alongside two girls picked up en route, quickly discover just how wrong they were!

With users turning, blood gushing and body parts flying, will there be anyone left alive amongst the undead?!

DVD Verdict: Originally titled 'Acid Pit Stop' (!), simply put, Paul (Hal Hillman) and Lucio (Callum McGuire) are hosting a rave, but are in need of the key element: Acid!

And so, whilst on their way to pick it up they get rear-ended by Shailene (Megan Jenkins) and Anita (Jennifer Johnson). Of course, as we always need a side-plot, Anita is Paul’s ex, but that aside (pun intended), and rather than doing the smart thing and calling a tow truck, the boys welcome them both into their own vehicle.

Once they get to the actual pick up point, well, that doesn’t go too smoothly either as Jake (Bruce Payne, Highlander: Endgame, here wearing a big, grey-white, curly mop wig!) seems to have taken a stupid amount of his own product; both now and progressively over the years!

The guys quickly discover that "homebrew drugs" frequently have nasty side effects, in this case, it’s a hunger for human flesh! As the foursome try to make their escape, James (Gbola Adewunmi) shows up.

Of course, we are due for another side-plot, so as he seems to have been expecting this, and at the same time has a score to settle with Paul and Lucio, the floodgates open of a new battle royale!

Once back on the road, we are presented with four YA's who along the way to the rave, stop to pick up 2 liters of liquid LSD, that clearly has a recommended dosage of just 10 ml per usage.

But, well, you know what happens next without me having to paint the gruesome picture for you and so yep, soon enough we have four more fast-moving zombies eating people!

There indeed is a twist that comes in this British, oh-so low budget films final third, but it's not exactly a cherished one for the genre, nor is it a totally unhidden one, but it works to a (plot) point, I guess.

In closing, 'Pit Stop' has many layers, one being a decent sense of its own B-movie humor, much like the identity of James’ zombie repellent (you'll see when you get there!).

Sure, ok, there’s more than a few gags that fall flat, especially some of the overly silly bits towards the end, but that's what you get from a movie such as '(Acid) Pit Stop'! This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVS.