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Win An Autographed Natasha Mostert Book ... NOW!

Prepare to be seduced!

A gothic thriller for the twenty-first century, 'Season of the Witch' tells the tale of two beautiful witch sisters and the love triangle that consumes the man sent to investigate them.

Gabriel Blackstone is a hacker, information thief, and skilled “remote viewer” – he makes an excellent living stealing other people’s secrets. When a former lover asks him to look into the disappearance of her stepson, Gabriel’s investigations lead him to Monk House, a rambling Victorian home where time seems to stand still. Gabriel becomes increasingly bewitched by the house, and by its owners, the beautiful, enigmatic Morrighan and Minnaloushe Monk.

The sisters are “solar” witches, obsessed with the study of alchemy and the Art of Memory, a practice invented by the ancient Greeks. Gabriel believes that his client’s son has been murdered and that one of the women is the killer. But which one? Gabriel finds himself drawn inexorably deeper into the sisters’ complex world – becoming entranced even as he realizes he is in mortal danger.

Swirling together elements of the Matrix, Interview with the Vampire, and The Historian, this enthralling novel takes on big themes – love, death, alchemy, the power of the human mind to transform and transcend reality – and will beguile and entrance all who turn its pages.

Grounded in an ancient musical paradox, Natasha Mostert’s thrilling second novel 'The Other Side of Silence' is a tour-de-force of mystery and violence.

A killer computer game. The most compelling music the world has ever known. An ancient riddle. And two brilliant men and the woman they both love, setting out on a forbidden quest that will lead the world to the edge of chaos.

It is called The Angels’ Key – a wildly successful computer game that has taken the world by storm. Seduced by the eerie music generated by the game, fans play the game obsessively. There are those who worry about the way the music hypnotizes its listeners; others, that its addicts can become violent – bust most are simply captivated by its beauty.

Behind the music from The Angels’ Key are two exceptional young men: Jon Falconer, American computer genius and gifted mathematician, and his friend, the brilliant but troubled Englishman, Stephen Yale. Their goal is to create a perfect musical scale, and with the help of the enormous computing power the game’s addicts bring when they play it, they are getting very close to success.

But at the heart of The Angels’ Key lies one of the oldest and deadliest mysteries in the science of sound. As eager fans log onto the game, the riddle is slowly but surely starting to unlock.

As the sinister implications of The Angels’ Key become evident, Jon desperately strives to terminate his invention but is thwarted in his efforts by Stephen who has his own reasons for wanting to keep the game alive. And caught in the middle is the woman they both desire and ultimately the only person who can stop a chilling prophecy from becoming a terrifying reality.

So, if you would like to win an autographed copy of one of these two (2) new signed books, and you think you know all there is to know about Natasha Mostert, just answer this easy question: Natasha Mostert is South African. Although she currently lives in London with her husand, Frederick, She grew up in Pretoria and which other city?!

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win an autographed copy of just one of these wonderful signed books! Just send us an e:mail here before December 15th with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: SIGNED NATASHA BOOKS to:

'Season Of The Witch' Book Purchase Link

'The Other Side of Silence' Book Purchase Link