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Win 'ROME: Engineering an Empire' Goodies ... NOW!

For more than 500 years, Rome was the most powerful and advanced civilization the world had ever known, ruled by visionaries and tyrants whose accomplishments ranged from awe-inspiring to deplorable. But the primary elements of Rome’s rise to power were its consistently masterful use of engineering and labor, used to build cities and works of architecture that still stand today.

Go inside the remarkably advanced culture of the Roman Empire as The History Channel presents 'ROME: ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE,' premiering September 5th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

The death of Julius Caesar, who found himself on the receiving end of twenty-three stab wounds on the floor of the Roman Senate in 44 B.C., touched off a 600-year succession of Roman dictators that was a historical rollercoaster ride of extraordinary proportions. These men pushed the Roman borders past unseen frontiers, built its cities to heights never before seen, and installed astonishing public works such as sewers, running water and heated pools.

But the drive for power and growth wrought enemies, decay, and betrayal as well, as Rome often saw its leadership fall to the unfit hands of men who murdered enemies, oppressed citizens, and even burned Rome to the ground. 'ROME: ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE' chronicles the rich history of the Roman Empire from the reign of Caesar in 44 B.C. to its eventual fall around 537 AD, detailing the remarkable works of architecture and technology in between that helped create Rome’s indelible mark on the world.

Ancient Rome was an empire of architectural brilliance and modernized culture that still affects the world today. Its story is also one of the violence, vindictiveness, greed, and ego that contributed to its ultimate fall. 'ROME: ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE' presents the full picture of one of the truly rich civilizations of all time.

If you would like to win some wonderful 'ROME: ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE' goodies such as 'ROME': Colosseum' DVD, 'ROME': Past & Present Book, 'ROME': Build Your Own Colosseum, and a 'ROME'/THC Italian flag shirt, just answer this easy question: The creation of the Roman Highway is focused upon here, but by what other my 'Roman' name did it go by back then?

Send me your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win some of these great 'ROME' goodies! Just send us an e:mail here before September 4th with your answer and the subject title 'ROME STUFF' to:

'ROME' Trivia Game

Official 'ROME' History Channel Website Link