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Ghost Canyon

DJ Sammy DJ Sammy
'How To Get To Heaven in One Easy Step'

Spanish disc jockey and producer DJ Sammy became involved in entertainment while working for a local techno/house radio station. After graduating with a degree as a sound technician, DJ Sammy recorded "Life Is Just a Game" in 1996. His track "Prince of Love" climbed the German charts in 1997. In 1999, his debut album, called Life Is Just a Game, featured the hit single "In 2 Eternity."

Tell us about the new single, 'Heaven' sung by Do "It's an old classical romantic song from Bryan Adams and I did it in a dance way with an uplifting drumbeat, very progresssive, and really strong synthetic sounds and melodies. It's a succesful single all around Europe and the world so in the UK we're thinking it'll be another smash hit. I look at my internet page and the response is massive, people are having huge resonance with the song. And Bryan Adams is very happy with it, I spoke to him last night and he said "Sammy, tell everybody I love your version". I was a little baby when he did it and now I'm doing it, so life is a little box of surprises.'

Are you working with anyone on an album at the moment? "Actually I just finished the DJ Sammy album a few weeks ago and it's coming to the UK in January or February. I'm also going to do something with Bryan Adams very soon, as soon as I'm done with the album we'll work together. And after that I'm preparing an album with a Latin artist called Loona, and we're doing really great things. I may also work with Enrique Iglesias doing some pop things. So it's a big mix."

How do American audiences differ from your early days in Magaluf? "When people go on holidays they transform their lives, they're a little more relaxed, all their problems go away, they get some beers over their head. But this is nothing new, and also Spanish people and German people explode when they go on holiday. The Americans and even the English people actually have a really good reputation in Mallorca, not like you might think. There are good and bad people all around the world, it's not fair to blame all English people as mad and drunk, because that's not true. To be honest the English have a better reputation than the Germans and the Americans better than most. There is good and bad in every nation, maybe the English people express themselves a bit more strongly when they are drunk but I have absolutely no problem with people drinking if they have fun, as long as they don't get aggressive. This is something you find all around the world."

What's your most memorable moment of the last German Love Parade? "Love parade is amazing. You have 1 million people backing you up, and afterwards I played my own party called Galactica, which had 30,000 people! Wow, it's just amazing. You get so much energy back from the crowd for what you do. The last love parade was like a concert where I played two or three hours pumping energy, and the crowd going mad and it was really one of my best dates of the whole year. I enjoyed it so much and I'm only waiting for next year."

So would you say that was your all time favourite gig? "That's like asking me what is my favourite movie or song - there's a lot of them! So it's a shame for me to choose one, but if I had to choose a favourite it's absolutely the Love Parade gigs which I've done every year for eight years. I get so much love from that gig, but there are lots of other gigs that are good, too."

Interviewed by Jake Masters for Exclusive Magazine

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