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Scott Holt Scott Holt

ĎMotherf**ker! The Scott Holt Story!í

Guitar virtuoso Scott Holt first came to national prominence as part of various high energy bands led by legendary Chicago blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy. He was just 23 when Guy took him under his wing and taught him how to travel intelligently while accommodating the rigorous nature of blues touring.

Holt stayed with Guy on the road and in the recording studio for a decade, earning his post-graduate education with one of the true blues guitar masters.

Holt's albums under his own name, which showcase his abilities as a songwriter and singer as well as his fiery, passionate, high energy guitar playing, include his debut, 'Messing with the Kid,' in 1998, 'Dark of the Night' (1999), 'Angels in Exile' (2001), 'Chipped Front Tooth' (2003), 'Revelator' (2005), 'From Lettsworth to Legend: A Tribute to Buddy Guy' (2007), and the more recently released, 'KUDZU'.

Exclusive Magazine recently sat down with Scott Holt and discussed his latest CD, is work with Buddy Guy, and, of course, ... Penguins!

Taking it from the top and you describe your art as "a singular and supreme form of prayer" - please explain this more "I believe that music is one of Godís greatest gifts to us. Iíve seen the power of music, first hand, transcend barriers of language, race, gender, age, etc. Music brings me to a place that feels closest to spiritual communication."

Born in Nashville, raised in Tennessee, it was Jimi Hendrix's guitar playing that first got you juiced - what was the first song of his you learnt on your guitar as a young boy? "My first song was 'Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).' Not only first Hendrix song, but first song period. That song just assaulted my senses like a spiritual slap in the face that said, 'Wake up! This is it!'"

Your first electric guitar was a Tele-copy made by Lotus, that you subsequently sold or traded at some point - but, what if it was now found? What monetary price would you place on it?! "What monetary price in my heart or to the guy selling it? Ha!"

Having been blues great Buddy Guy's long-tenured guitarist and band leader for many, many years, please reveal one story about you and he that, to this day, brings a huge smile to your face "I have way too many great and fond memories to narrow it down, but Buddy likes to tell the story of the first time I met him and Junior in Florida. They were backstage and I was sitting with them and they would argue like an old married couple but I didnít know it at the time and thought they were really angry at one another! My favorite times with Buddy were when it was just me and him having lunch and just talking about 'whatever'."

Indeed, you first met Buddy at age 20, after hearing him play one night at that London Victory Club in Tampa - what was your initial impression of him - as both a person and as a guitarist? "He was amazing. As much as Hendrix made me want to play the guitar, Buddy made me want to be a professional musician. He was a force of nature onstage, louder than anything Iíd ever heard, physically all over the guitar, the stage, the street. I remember his guitar was hitting me like shards of glass."

It's been said that Guy went on to school you in the history and soul of the blues, not to mention cognac and the many uses of the word motherf**ker! Hmmm, ok, so here's the question: What is now considered to be your favorite cognac, ... and please (politely) use motherf**ker in three (3) completely different mannerisms!! "Remy Martin Louis XIII is my all time favorite, (please send me a bottle and get a free CD!!)"

"MF in three seperate sentences? a) Jimi Hendrix is a motherfucker! b) I love the motherfucking blues! c) What kind of motherfucking question is this, motherfucker?!"

You decided to leave Guy's band in 2000 to develop your own career - a decision you still stick to today or one you wish you'd delayed, perhaps? "Nope. I donít look back or regret. Thatís a bad habit. This is a journey and it takes everything to get you to where you are and I am a happy motherfucker!"

You have recently released, 'KUDZU' - now, unless it is an acronym for something, the word is actually a plant in the genus Pueraria in the pea family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae! So, did you title your new album about a pea family or is it indeed an acronym for something?! "KUDZU stands for: Kindness Undermines Devilment and Zoological Undoneness."

Please tell us about three (3) of your favorite songs from 'KUDZU' and what they mean to you personally "Thatís too hard to answer! Kudzu, Outlines and Girl From í84 (thatís todayís answer, tomorrow will be different!)"

When was your latest tattoo inked on, and as we're not called Exclusive Magazine for nothing, what was it of and where is it located?! "The most recent was the TCB logo on my left arm. Iíve got about a dozen more in mind (donít tell my mom!)"

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine love penguins ... do you, perhaps? "Iím cool with penguins as long as they keep the attitude in check. The bird kingdom is full of poseurs and wannabeís and sometimes wearing a waterproof tux just brings out the attitude in a bird. That being said, a cool penguin is a motherfucker I could hang with for a minute!"

Interview: Russell A. Trunk

So, if you would like to win a SIGNED copy of Scott Holt's latest CD, just answer this easy question: Holtís first major solo release in 2000, 'Dark Of The Night', was produced by which legendary producer/engineer?!

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win one of these wonderful signed items! Just send us an e:mail here before May 1st with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: SCOTT HOLT SIGNED CDs to:

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