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Ghost Canyon

Sony Legacy Record Store Day 2015 Sony Legacy Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day 2015 is in the books, and EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE wants to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who went out to the stores on Saturday, April 18th to support and celebrate them.

We hope you found something you loved to take home with you, whether that was something released exclusively for Record Store Day or something fantastic from what they regularly stock.

Yes, every day should be Record Store Day, so we encourage you to make stopping by your favorite record store AND stopping by this website a regular thing - because we'll be telling you about awesome things going on at record stores all year long!

Today we are highlighting, and reviewing, five (5) Record Store Day 2015 vinyl releases that were kindly sent to us for review from Sony Legacy Records.

Adam and the Ants - "Kings of the Wild Frontier" c/w "Antmusic" - 7" Gold Vinyl: This, for SUCH a HUGE Adam and the Ants fans as myself, let alone an audiophile, an INCREDIBLE RSD release! "Kings of the Wild Frontier" is now back out for the 35th anniversary of the release of Adam and the Ants' blockbusting hit single. Indeed, it comes from the UK #1 chart topping album that introduced the Burundi beat drum sound to the world at large. Kings of the Wild Frontier was the second album by English new wave Adam and the Ants, and the song was not only the first single released from it in 1980 (reaching only #48 on the UK Singles Chart), but it re-released in 1981 - and reached #1 on that very same UK Singles Chart!

On this special RSD 2015 though, we it is coupled - double A side single wise - with the brilliant "Antmusic" (which was the third single to be released from the album, reaching #2), all featuring restored original artwork and audio. Oh, but there's more, because it is a Limited Edition NUMBERED 7" single on GOLD vinyl!

311 - "Grifters" c/w "Who's Got the Herb" - 7" White Vinyl: This 7" WHITE vinyl single debuts two previously unreleased versions of songs much beloved by fans of 311. "Grifter" was originally recorded during the Omaha rock band's 1997 Transistor: B-sides and Outtakes sessions. "Who's Got The Herb," 311's interpretation of a song first recorded by Bad Brains frontman H.R., comes from 2001's From Chaos sessions. The first outtake, “Grifters,” was revisited during the writing process for Don’t Tread On Me. Lyrics were added over the existing instrumental, which evolved into Don’t Tread On Me‘s “Long for the Flowers.” For those that really care, or are interested to know deeper information on the band, “White Man in Hammersmith Palais” is a Clash cover they did that came out around that time, and was featured on Burning London: The Clash Tribute in 1999.

Both tracks will appear on the forthcoming 311 Legacy box set, slated for release in summer 2015.

Simon & Garfunkel - "Homeward Bound"/"Leaves That Are Green" - 7" Vinyl: This collectible 7" 45rpm vinyl releases recreates the original 1966 "Homeward Bound" single, pairing two essential Simon & Garfunkel cuts from that year: "Homeward Bound" (from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme) and "Leaves That Are Green" (from Sounds of Silence).

Produced by Bob Johnston, the song was released as a single on January 19, 1966 by Columbia Records. Written by Paul Simon, the song was composed in 1964 during his period in London, England. Away from his love interest Kathy Chitty while touring clubs, Simon felt depressed and homesick. He first penned the song on a scrap of paper outside the Widnes railway station in Widnes.

Paired with "Leaves That Turn Green," the song is renowned for it's opening lyrics, in truth: "I was twenty-one years / When I wrote this song / I'm twenty-two now / But I won't be for long / Time hurries on / And the leaves that are green turn to brown."

"Homeward Bound" was the duo's second single, the follow-up to their enormously successful breakthrough hit "The Sound of Silence". A Top 5 single in the US, "Homeward Bound" became a worldwide phenomenon reaching #4 in the Netherlands and #9 in the UK while going Top 20 in Australia and Sweden (where it hit #12). The cover for this RSD 2015 release is based on the German single artwork.

Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible 20 – 12" Vinyl Picture Disc: Originally released on Epic Records in 1994, The Holy Bible has proved pivotal in the evolution of Manic Street Preachers and the alternative rock music landscape connecting the 20th and 21st centuries.

Manic Street Preachers formed in 1986 in Blackwood and consisted of James Dean Bradfield (lead vocals, lead guitar), Nicky Wire (bass guitar, lyrics) and Sean Moore (drums). They are often colloquially known as "The Manics", or simply, "Manics". The former bass player was Miles Woodward, but he ended up leaving the band in early 1988, but later in that same year after the release of the first single "Suicide Alley" they became a quartet when Richey Edwards joined the band as primary lyricist and rhythm guitarist.

The first record of the band, Generation Terrorists, they proclaimed would be the "greatest rock album ever" and sell around sixteen million copies around the world, "from Bangkok to Senegal" ... and then they would split up! The album did not meet this scale of success and the band went on with their career. Years forward the group became a trio when Edwards disappeared on 1 February 1995.

Following Edwards' disappearance, Bradfield, Moore and Wire persisted with Manic Street Preachers and went on to gain critical and commercial success, making numerous appearances and headlining festivals like Glastonbury Festival, T in the Park, V Festival and Reading Festival.

Indeed, The Holy Bible is the third studio album by the Welsh alternative rock band, and at the time the album was written and recorded, lyricist and rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards was struggling with severe depression, alcohol abuse, self-harm and anorexia nervosa. He later, quite literally, disappeared (as mentioned above) and has never, EVER been seen since! Anyway, The Holy Bible's lyrical contents are considered, by many sources, to reflect his mental state around the time of writing and recording the now infamous album.

1. "Yes"
2. "Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit'sworldwouldfallapart"
3. "Of Walking Abortion"
4. "She Is Suffering"
5. "Archives of Pain"
6. "Revol"
7. "4st 7lb"
8. "Mausoleum"
9. "Faster"
10. "This Is Yesterday"
11. "Die in the Summertime"
12. "The Intense Humming of Evil"
13. "P.C.P."

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of this classic album, The Holy Bible 20 has been pressed on a 12" vinyl PICTURE DISC exclusively for Record Store Day and is being released to coincide with the eagerly-awaited Manic Street Preachers North American Tour, which kicks off on April 20 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

Johnny Cash - Koncert V Praze (In Prague- Live) – 12" Red Translucent 180 Gram Vinyl: Johnny Cash, America's legendary Man in Black, playing his greatest hits and personal favorite songs behind the Iron Curtain Czechoslovakia in 1978. The album was actually only released later (on vinyl, of course), in 1983 and featured a bilingual (Czech-English) biography of Johnny Cash.

Track listing 1. "Ring Of Fire"
2. "Folsom Prison Blues"
3. "I Still Miss Someone"
4. "Big River"
5. "I Ride an Old Paint" & "Streets Of Laredo"
6. "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
7. "I Walk the Line"
8. "Last Date"
9. "City of New Orleans"
10. "Hey Porter" & "Wreck Of the Old '97" & "Casey Jones" & "Orange Blossom Special"
11. "Wabash Cannonball"

It's interesting to note that the ensemble behind it consisted of some rather fine journeymen: Cash, The Carter Family/Jan Howard, The Tennessee Three, and Marshall Grant (bass guitar), W. S. "Fluke" Holland (drums), Bob Wootton (guitar), Jerry Hensley (guitar) and Earl Ball on the piano solo.

This limited edition heavyweight 12" LP is pressed on 180 gram "Soviet" RED vinyl to commemorate this historic performance.

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