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Kristanna Loken  ('T3') Kristanna Loken ('T3')
"She'll Be Back!"

Kristanna Loken began her modeling career at the early age of 15. Encouraged by her mother, Rande who was a model prior to her daughter's birth, Kristanna's modeling career, as well as her aspirations in acting brought her to New York where she now resides. The glamorous actress/ model, seems to have stayed true to her roots: her father, Chris, owns an apple farm in upstate New York where he writes novels and screenplays.

Aside from establishing herself as a supermodel with an Elite contract, Kristanna has made numerous television appearances; including 'Philly,' 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Star Trek: Voyager'. But now, going head-to-head with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'T3', she shows that female Terminators are the deadliest yet!

Sitting down with the beautiful actress herself, just minutes after having interviewed Arnold, I'm at least grateful for the lack of nerves that are now not kicking up a storm throughout my entire body! So, now all calm and collected, I first wondered what 'edge' she thought she had to have gotten the hugely sought-after role of a Terminatrix? "Since I was 13, I've worked professionally doing a lot of TV and small films, but when this job came along, I thought it was the right marriage of my own character and the character in the film. People had liked me but they never knew how to cast me. I did some sci-fi stuff because you don't have any limitations there, and then that's where I thought about this character. I thought there was no regulation or rules, or no person I had to follow and be like. I could have the freedom to be my height, have my voice, and showcase things that were maybe unique."

Did you get hurt at all? "Yeah, all the time, but it really wasn't anything more than a flesh wound she laughs. It was bruises mainly - some really bad bruises."

Did you dish out any bruises to Arnold? "Thank God, no. I kept thinking, "Kristanna, there's $30 million sitting behind you, don't mess this up, don't miss your mark!" Can you imagine if I hit him in the face?!"

How was it working with him? "He was pretty much how I expected him to be - very untouchable, with a larger-than-life persona. He made a lot of jokes, he was very knowledgeable, and I learnt a lot watching him. The best part was feeding off the great energy he had for his work. The most he'd open up to me was when we were in the make up trailer - he's from a small town in Austria, and I grew up on a farm in uptown New York."

How did you find the nude scene when your Terminator enters the film? " It was the last day of filming, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills - they closed down the street. It was very Daryl Hannah in 'Splash' - seeing everything, and seeing nothing!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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