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Anna Rose Anna Rose

'Electric Child - The Anna Rose Story'

Fierce velvet-voiced rock ‘n roll soul child Anna Rose, who MAGNET MAGAZINE calls, “a singer/songwriter who brings to mind Tori Amos’ haunting vocals with a distinct ’70s vibe of a childhood immersed in music history,” just recently streamed her latest song, 'Electric Child' from her upcoming album Behold a Pale Horse for all who cared - and there was a lot!

Indeed, the breathtaking video for 'Behold A Pale Horse' was directed by Jennifer Tzar and was filmed in Snowdonia, Wales. They decided to shoot in Snowdonia because of the unique mix of ruins, epic natural landscapes, and strong sense of history, which Anna felt very connected to.

Anna, respected singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist has finished recording her sophomore album Behold a Pale Horse with the fantastic Kevin Salem (Rachel Yamagata, Lenka). This album is the follow up to her phenomenal 2010 debut Nomad.

Citing influences such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, and calling celebrated guitarist Arlen Roth her mentor, Anna proves that she comes from a place very different than the typical definition of female singer-songwriter. She is a true child of rock and roll, a self-taught musician who is one of today’s most dynamic performers.

Exclusive Magazine recently sat down with the super-lovely Anna Rose, and knowing she had been termed as being a 'fierce velvet-voiced rock 'n roll soul child' by her very own press team, in the cold light of day did she see herself in that very same vein? "Hah, the cold light of day ... yes, that's not an image I'm trying to project, it's really who I am. It's taken a long time for me to find my place within the music business because, like all people, I am not easily dumbed down to one short sentence and I am uncomfortable with creating a false identity to sell records."

"That being said, if you see me on the street in the East Village on a Wednesday morning, I'm probably going to be in my gym clothes and you're most-likely going to hear me say "that's what she said" as you pass by."

Indeed, another quote, much in the same vein as Rick Ross, "... every day, Anna Rose is hustling"! So, please describe an average day to us in your life where "hustling" is the only way to truly describe it! "Every day is a bit different, but my focus is split between three main areas - performance, songwriting and business. On the performance side of things, I do my vocal exercises, go to the gym, play guitar, etc. With songwriting it's obviously about creating music but also progressing as an artist and experiencing other peoples' art, so I'm either writing on my own, co-writing with another songwriter, seeing a gig, listening to albums, watching a film ... you get the picture."

"Then with all things business, it's about booking shows and rehearsals, making travel arrangements, promoting upcoming gigs through social networks and my website, merch...the list goes on. Honestly, I'm doing the same things as every other independent artist out there. We're all hustling, just trying to get our music heard."

Being that you grew up in a house that, for all intents and purposes, Disney built re: your Oscar-winning Disney composer father, Alan Menken, word has it you also sang on demo scores for both Enchanted and Tangled! True? "This is true, yes."

So, are you purposely trying to veer away from Disney tunes and even your debut album vibe re: Nomad, now trying to carve a new, more thought-provoking musical creation with Horse, perhaps? "No, not at all. While I grew up within the world of Disney and its music, I also grew up with a dad who loves the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, Little Feat, etc and I always, ALWAYS, loved rock 'n roll."

"Nomad is a record that can easily be put into the singer/songwriter category, but if you listen to each track you can hear the same influences that are in Behold A Pale Horse. Maybe I wasn't ready to be as heavy as I am now, I don't know, but I consider it to be a progression, not a direct departure from my last album."

Your upcoming new album has a very interesting title, Behold a Pale Horse. Knowing that the biblical phrase originates from the Book of Revelation, please tell us more about why you yourself choose it as the actual title? "I chose that phrase as the album title because it was the inspiration for every song. It actually was the working title all the way through the recording process and once the album was finished, I knew I couldn't change it. Those words had taken on so many different meanings by the end, I suppose it's my way of giving credit them."

And being that the follow on to that line is '... and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him,' I'm wondering if you are a deeply religious person, in general? "I am not a religious person, but I do consider myself spiritual."

Have religious phrases and perhaps even ideology been sewn throughout your previous musical creations? "No, actually, I don't think so but, then again, a human questioning the presence of God and the validity of organized religion is nothing new within the arts."

You actually shot the video for 'Behold a Pale Horse' in Wales, England late last year - how did all that go for you? "It was fantastic. Snowdonia, Wales holds a very special place in my heart now. I can't wait to go back to the UK, hopefully to play some shows!"

Was it your first time to Wales and what did you do whilst there? "It was my first time in Wales! We spent almost all of our time filming, of course, but on the first day we got to drink some Mead after scouting locations. That was pretty awesome. We also filmed in some unbelievable locations, so I felt like a little kid exploring castle ruins and running through an old copper mine. It was unforgettable."

Indeed, on SoundCloud you streamed the first four (4) tracks of your upcoming new album for FREE! What made you decide to do this, given the must-make-money-at-all-costs-approach-to-survive to making music these days (in general)? "I just wanted people to hear the music! I've never liked keeping secrets very much."

You've mentioned before that this new album is about one's legacy - so, what legacy would you yourself like to leave behind for both your loved ones and fans alike? "I'd like to leave music that will be listened to for many years after I'm gone. That's really all I want."

Finally, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, we here at love penguins (the birds) ... do you yourself have any love for them, perhaps?! "Penguins are awesome! I love them too!"

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

So, if you would like to win a SIGNED copy of her upcoming new CD, just answer this easy question: Being an "old soul,” Anna even got to fill Iggy Pop’s shoes at a benefit for the late Ron Asheton in 2010. But at what venue and in which city?!

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win one of these wonderful signed CDs! Just send us an e:mail here before August 1st with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: ANNA ROSE SIGNED CDs to:

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