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Eisley Eisley

'Telling It Like It Is'

Reprise Records' group Eisley recently sold out their first ever headline tour down the western coast of the United States. And the band that Blender Magazine coined as " ... the Next Big Thing" will be hitting the road once again later this year.

Comprised of sisters Chauntelle, Sherri and Stacy DuPree, brother Weston and family friend Jonathan Wilson, Eisley hails from Tyler, Texas. The band first attracted a following playing in the Deep Ellum district of nearby Dallas, and after appearing at various musical festival bills throughout the region, Eisley recorded a demo that quickly brought them to the attention of Reprise Records. The group was subsequently recruited by bands such as Coldplay, Brand New and Snow Patrol to open on US tours, and Eisley has also performed at such prestigious events as the Coachella Music Festival and Britain's V2003 Festival to much critical acclaim.

Taking some time out with the band, I first asked Sherri what she thought was the most important thing to them right now as a band? "I think the most important thing to us as a band, and always will be is to make music that people can love. Music that people can relate to and music that moves people and touches them and excited and inspires them. That's what it's all about anyways, right? It is!"

Is having so many siblings in the band a blessing or a curse?! (Stacy) - "Both ... no, not really. It's a total blessing because we grew up being best friends and being family we were together all of the time, so it made working together really easy when the band formed."

And do you, Jonathan, ever feel like the infamous red-headed step-child during their personal 'family moments'?! (Jon) - "No, not really. We're all so close that they're like my family anyways. Everyone stays pretty level headed anyways ... we all get along really well."

What did you learn from touring with such British bands as Coldplay and Snow Patrol? (Sherri) - "They don't talk! We're a bunch of loud texans a lot of the time and they're so polite and reserved. Such gentlemen. They're both amazing bands though and very professional. It's cool to watch more experienced bands handle themselves on their own tours. Their accents are hot as well!"

Where did the new album name originate ... and what else could it so easily have been called? (Stacy) - "We pretty much had no other names we were kicking around and we felt Room Noises fit perfectly the feel of the album. I mean, we wrote the whole thing in our bedroom at home. It had a personal feeling."

Are there any secrets involved in the making of this album ... anything that would make us listen more intently to a part in a certain song? (Sherri) - "It's a pretty honest album. What you hear it what it is, I think. I would say our music is like that in general. Just honest. It's just from our gut. No secrets or tricks."

Sherri, if life truly imitated art, what piece of art would YOU be ... and why? "I dunno ... I might be a Joe Sorren painting. At least ... if I could BE any painting I would wish to be one of his. He's my favorite in the wide world. The colors he uses are so genius. His art is child-like, but a have a bit of a deranged fantasy side. I suppose I can be like that."

Tell me something about the band Eisley that doesn't get noted in the press and that you would like known (Weston) - "We really like to eat prarie dogs!"

Finally, if YOU were placed into a studio along with three other musicians and given 24 hours to record a charity record, who would those three musicians be ... and what would the name of the song be?! (Sherri) - "Easy. Paul McCartney, Jeff Mangum and Colin Meloy. I would put Thom Yorke or Bjork in there, but I would be way too scared of either one of them to be able to do anything! I dunno about the song title though ... I'm terrible with those things!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

If you would like to win a SIGNED poster of their new CD Room Noises, just answer this easy question: Eisley recently won a monthly online showcase featuring four bands and culminating with Yahoo! Music users voting for the 'Next Big Thing' ... but what was the actual name of that competition?

Send me your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win one of these wonderful posters! Just send us an e:mail here before July 10th with your answer and the subject title 'EISLEY POSTER' to:

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