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Ghost Canyon

Alex Gold Alex Gold
'Breaking Back Into The Spotlight'

It has been said that music is at its best when itís created from raw, intense emotion. Nothing rings more true when speaking of the recent endeavours of globally renowned DJ and Producer Alex Gold.

Following an accident in 2002 that injured his spinal cord, Alex spent 18 months in rehabilitation. At the time of the accident, Alex was in the dance music limelight. An accomplished entrepreneur and DJ, he was running the successful Xtravaganza label and held residencies at globally renowned clubs such as Privilege in Ibiza (the world's largest night club) and Space in Miami.

Following the accident, Alex was forced to give up his hectic life. During his recovery, he channelled all of his emotions, both positive and negative, into his first passion producing his artist album, Back From A Break which is due to be released in summer 2005.

Back From A Break is an album overflowing with deep, real, raw emotion, as can be expected, dodging from energetic break beats to lush Balearic ambiance, eerie vocals to uplifting electronica, this is an album where thereís something for all. The title track pounds its message through, celebrating life whereas 'Energy Bomb' has a much moodier, yet positive undertone. 'Stranded in Paradise' a melodic big room trance track - Gold wrote these lyrics during his days in a Thai hospital. 'Foreign Shore' is a catchy vocal tune, written in Thailand followed closely by LA Today, featuring Phil Oakey from the Human League.

Catching up with Alex, I first wondered if the title of his new debut album (Back From A Break) was in direct response to his enforced hiatus due to his incident in Thailand? "Actually it has a double meaning. Yes, it does refer to being back from a break as in a break in a bone, but also refers to getting back to the life in general. And, of course, back to touring in the USA!"

How has the recovery been from that near-fatal accident and will you ever be pain free? "The initial recovery was actually around 12 months and with lots of physio in the following 12 months. Surprisingly, I have mended quite well. I do have a corrupted bone in my back, but generally I'm OK. I have the odd scare when I get a bad pain and pins and needles in my legs. I guess in some ways the physiological effects were as hard to get over."

Does such an incident spur you on to discover different musical avenues or does it simply rejuvenate the ones that you have always chosen to take? "I think I'm the same way now as I was before. I love all styles of music and my own production style probably matured with me having so much time on my hands during recovery to learn new techniques."

During the new album, a female announcers voice is constant on each track ensuring we know whose album it is and such ... why make this so and who is she?! "This is just a jingle to prevent copies going on to the internet! It will not be on the finished copies."

From the new album, which song was the hardest to pull together ... and why? "Probably 'Stranded In Paradise' because this was actually all about the accident. It sometimes make me shiver when I listen back."

This debut album is being heralded as a "comeback album" ... is that the way you perceive it also? "Not really, but I can see that people may see it that way. It's just an album for me and one of many, may I hope."

Does it bother you that your 'summer album' is being released here in the States in late September?! "No, we just had to get things right with our partner record label and make sure every one was happy before we could move on."

When all this genre of music can sound the same after a while, what makes yours any different and therein, stand out from the crowd? "It's Balearic and from the heart. Always with melody, passion and an air of familiarity. A full and complete story."

Finally, what is your most significant musical moment thus far ... and why? "Probably my 5 year residency in Ibiza every Friday night and playing to 7000 mad-up-for-it cosmopolitan sexy international crowds! Unfortunately, I lost this when I could not return to Ibiza in 2003."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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