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A Dozen Furies A Dozen Furies

'Abstraction Unleashed!'

Letís be honest: Texas is kind of a snooze these days. Steve Nash doesnít whip his rock locks around Dallas any more, not even an extended Pee-Wee tap dance couldíve saved The Alamo, and South by Southwest isnít exactly going all out to discover the next Slayer.

That said, Texas is a source of immeasurable pride for those who were born and bred there, including the young shredders of A Dozen Furies. Guitarist Marc Serrano canít really explain itóin fact, he almost blasphemously cops to preferring the architecture and historical sweep of the northeastóbut he sure as hell knows how to embrace it.

Ever since junior high, ADF have been busting ass hopping from band to band in their incestuous Dallas sub-scene, one of which, Ethynol, housed all five Furies at one time or another. After splitting from his last band Serrano found himself back at square one, hanging out at home, twiddling his thumbs, and waiting for his next chance to bring the noise.

Unsurprisingly, he got back in touch with old buddies and collaborators Joey Turner and Mike Miller; they started writing songs with just two guitars and drums, which, while kicking substantially more ass than prior youthful efforts, lacked the must-have ingredients of bass and vocals.

Luckily, they just happened to be jamming in multi-instrumentalist friend Keith Reberís home studio, and they just happened to know one of the most versatile, off-the-chain frontmen in town, Bucky Garrett. His melodic Mike Patton croon often careens without warning into a blistering death howl, supplying an edge that more than matches the compositional schizophrenia on ADFís debut full-length A Concept From Fire, an explosive collection of propulsive metalcore harmonies, visceral death-derived change-ups, and memorable, gripping hooks that refuse to pander.

Chatting recently with ADF's bass player Keith Reber, I first wondered whY was the time right to now unleash A Concept From Fire on the general public? "We felt that we needed to be in front of the Ozzfest crowd all summer. We wanted to show everyone what A Dozen Furies are all about. Releasing the album before Ozzfest would have been premature."

Where does the bands name originate from anyway? "Mike came up with the name a couple years back and again the band agreed it was catchy and a bit different from current band names, so it stuck."

And, while we're on the subject of revealing things, is it true that you guys once considered having a female in the line-up?! "No, No, No ... Marc is the closest one to girl! Well then yes actually we did consider it and she is still doing well!"

With ADF having become the highest selling band of any of 2005's second stage acts at Ozzfest's FYE tent, what luxuries has that now afforded you? "A couple new cars. I know personally my bank account is full at the moment. No, but really the biggest "luxuries" that we received were the gratification knowing that we were doing that well in sales at Ozzfest."

Was it always to be called 'A Concept From Fire' "No, we came up with the name last minute. It was a song title from a while back and it struck the whole band as catchy so we decided to make it the album title."

If I had a signed copy of your 5-song EP 'Rip the Stars Down' and placed it on EBay, would I make enough money to pay off the mortgage on my house?! "Only if you buy one of the 2-3 million dollar homes!"

Have you a funny (or inspirational!) story to tell of just one of your musical encounters among the many journeys that you have taken thus far? "I will go with inspirational, I'm not sure you get our humor if I told you a funny story. My father has done a lot for me over the years with music and being my personal inspiration, so this year I brought him a signed Gibson SG signed by the original Black Sabbath. I feel like he deserved a gift that no one else could have given him and that he could relate to at the same time."

What cheesy '80s song would you love to cover today if asked ... and why?! "Probably something by Prince, everyone would pick a hair band, but if you want to go cheesy why not go with Prince, 'Little Red Corvette' or 'Pussy Control.' It doesn't get cheesier than that!"

If there were just 3 words that described ADF's music, what would they be? "Powerful, Catchy, Brutal."

I like Penguins, ... do you?! "I prefer field mice, but I'm sure penguins are cute too!"

Finally, if you were asked to record a song for charity, and had to choose 3 other musicians to aid you in the project (but no one from your band!), who would they be, what instruments would they play, and what would the title of the NEW song be?! "Hmmm ... that's a good one ... I would choose R. Kelly, Paul McCartney and Bono. R. Kelly would play the rap, Bono would sing and Paul would play the piano and last I would play the triangle and the song would rock everyone broke! The song would be called, 'Raise The Roof Off.' So watch the charts for this one!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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