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Ghost Canyon

Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert

'Burnin' Up The Charts!'

Epic recording artist, Miranda Lambert is the Top Selling Debut Country Artist to date in 2005 according to Nielsen SoundScan figures. Her debut CD 'Kerosene' entered the Billboard Country Albums Chart at #1 on March 23 earning her an elite spot in music history as only the sixth country artist ever to have their first album debut at #1. 'Kerosene' has gone on to sell more records in 2005 than any other country newcomer.

“This certainly has been a crazy year for me,” states Miranda. “I went from being big news in my tiny hometown of Lindale, Texas to having artists like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw introduce themselves to me at award shows. I’ve met my idol Merle Haggard and he said he liked my album. I’ve gotten to share the stage with many of the artists I’ve been fans of and I’m going to tour with Keith Urban. It’s been a lot of work and I haven’t been able to spend much time at home but I’m loving every second of it.”

Chatting further with Miranda, I wondered if having been a former Nashville Star finalist, that she could have ever dreamt that her very first album, Kerosene would shake the charts by its tail in quite the manner that it did? "I was hoping it would. The great thing is that I got to make the record I wanted to make because I DIDN'T win so I felt like I at least had the opportunity to try and shake the charts!"

You either authored or co-penned 11 of the albums' 12 tracks, but how many of them are personal experiences ...? "I guess in a way they are all personal experiences that I felt emotion over. Even if I just lived the experience through others, it still had an effect on me."

Which one really encapsulates Miranda Lambert for the songwriter that she truly is? "The hands down answer to that question is 'Love Is Looking For You.' That songs is a great example of my writing style and what I wanted to say."

During those years growing up at home, what were your first musical experiences that made you begin to realize that music was going to be your chosen career? "Music was always part of my life, there wasn't really "a first" it just "always was" . I decided to pursue it as a career when I was 16 after entering the Tru-Value Country Music Showdown."

Your vocal tones range from gutsy, to punky, to delicate, but which is the one that you truly feel more at home with as a reflection of your most accomplished range? "Gutsy is the term I would most like to have associated with my voice. Even when I'm singing 'Greyhound' or 'Love Your Memory,' I want my vocal style to show that I mean those lyrics with everything in me."

So, just what is the most head-spinning part of your journey from small-town Lindale to big-time Nashville?! "The touring is the most head-spinning. Not being home and waking up in a different city has been a real challenge to me. I've got a great band and my dad is with me so that keeps my feet on the ground."

What cheesy '80s song would you love to cover if asked ... and why?! "Well I wouldn't say it's "cheesy" but I used to cover John Mellencamp's 'Hurt So Good' and I love the song. (I guess that is the 80's?? LOL) You can bet if I ever cover an 80's song (cheesy or not), it would be a rocker."

If there were just 3 words that described Miranda Lambert, what would they be? "One amazing songwriter!"

If you were asked to record a single for charity, and had to choose 3 other KNOWN musicians to aid you in the project, who would they be, what instruments would they play, and what would the name of the NEW song be?! "Merle (playing the fiddle-I saw him do it recently and was blown away), Alison Krause (she can bring her vocal instrument-that's all that's needed), Keith Urban on electric guitar.( Hot and amazing!) The name of the song would be; 'Yes, I Really Pulled It Off For The Cause'."

Finally, I like Penguins, ... do you? "I think they are cute but they are a little too "dressed up" for me - I'm a jeans and boots girl! HA."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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