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6 Degrees Entertainment

Goat Goat

'Finally, Acting The Goat pays Off!'

What follows is an interview with New York singer/songwriter Goat, whose sophomore album, All Of My Friends is out now on Judgment Records. You might recognize the track “Great Life” from the current KIA commercial. The album features 12 songs full of both melancholy and unbridled optimism and finds the artist displaying his song craftsmanship at its finest.

His first single “Star” is beginning to receive significant play in cities across the country. The video for the song was directed by Zoe Cassavettes in New York City. The release of ALL OF MY FRIENDS comes off the heels of the successful Kia commercial, which has been airing worldwide and featured the single “Great Life” from Goat’s debut album of the same name. The track has received an enormous response from fans across the country and, due to popular demand, has been specially added to Goat’s forthcoming release as a second single.

Goat’s new album ALL OF MY FRIENDS is built around gentle reveries about how to make the best of the hand you’ve been dealt. Goat wraps his honeyed and wizened vocals around hard-won, occasionally rapped insights about the joys and pains of life. His subtle sample and keyboard driven soundscapes are reassuring and unsettling, which back up his stately, poignant melodies. Recorded with a few cameos (Dylan guitarist Larry Campbell, session bassist T-Bone Wolk and Chris Whitley, who played national guitar) at NYC studio Red House, Goat mostly tracked alone, beginning with a Wurlitzer keyboard, and gradually finished with loops and samples.

Sitting down with Goat himself, I first wondered at what point did singing under the name/moniker 'Goat' had made sense to him? "When I signed with Interscope!"

And just where did the name/moniker originate?! "The pen at Thistleown Racetrack!"

With 'Great Life' fast becoming a radio fav, I'm wondering what inspired you to write and record such a poignant message to one and all? "On my way to the electric chair, right before the governor's reprieve!"

And how did your track 'Great Life' make its way into the current KIA commercial? "Somebody's kid heard it on the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' soundtrack on the west coast and the rest is history."

And speaking of your album, All Of My Friends, what frame of mind were you in when it came to its writing/construction? "Pretty dizzy!"

With a sound reminiscent of Tom Waits, Beck and Sublime, I'm wondering if any of these have been a true influence to you in your youth, growing up? "Tom Waits' drinking, Beck's fashion sense and Sublime's groupies!"

What enticed the great Chris Whitley to cameo on the album? "Chris and I are dear friends and I did some recording on his Din Of Ecstasy."

OK, come on, it had to be asked ... if it wasn't to have been 'Goat,' what other farm yard animal would it have been ...? "Rooster!"

So, what's so wrong with your real birth name that 'Goat' was the only acceptable recording name?! "I went through this w/Columbia and at the time I was "GoatBoy" on Interscope and when I told them my real name, which is Andrew Rosen, they just decided on Goat!"

Tell me more about your first paycheck for singing and what you spent it on? "Well, umm - the first time I actually got paid was to stop singing because some dudes girlfriend was making eyes at me so he gave me $50 to take a break. So I took a break and bought his girlfriend a drink!"

What cheesy '80s song would you love to cover if asked ... and why?! "It would be 'Whip It,' because I whip it like creamcheese!"

If there were just 3 words that described Goat, what would they be? "Your best friend!"

If you were asked to record a single for charity, and had to choose 3 other BIG NAME musicians to aid you in the project, who would they be, what instruments would they play, and what would the name of the NEW song be?! "Neil Young, 50 Cent and Fiona Apple on guitar, drums and bass - the song would be called "We are the Dough!"

Finally, I like Penguins ... do you?! "Indeed, I do like Penguins. I wish people would eat them instead of goats!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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