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Ghost Canyon

Dave Faustino ('National Lampoon's Pucked') Dave Faustino ('National Lampoon's Pucked')

'Are You Ready To Get Pucked?!'

'National Lampoon's Pucked' is a comedy about longtime loser and chronic dreamer Frank Hopper, played by rock music icon Jon Bon Jovi. Convinced he's hit the jackpot when he receives more than two hundred pre-approved credit cards in the mail, Hopper finances his dream of creating an all-women's ice hockey league. Ultimately this dream lands Hopper in court and up to his ears in debt.

Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Also starring Estella Warren, Nora Dunn, Cary Elwes, Pat Kilbane, Dot-Marie Jones, and 'Married ... With Children's' David Faustino, we recently chatted one-on-one with Dave to find out more about his thoughts on 'Pucked' and his former life as "Bud," on 'MWC.'

Knowing that the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) already exists, we first wondered if any of those ladies were part of 'Pucked' ... and if any of them found him overly-desirable off camera?! "There were a few professional Hockey Players that had smaller roles in the film. As far as overly-desirable, I don't know, but every last one of them could've kicked my ass ... seriously!"

How much fun was it making this movie and based on your answer being a lot, please let us in on some behind-the-scenes secrets for our readers to look out for when they also watch it! "I had a blast down in Greensboro NC. The people were awesome, the food was good. As far as working on the set, everybody was really cool. It was definitely fun to work with a legendary director like Arthur Hiller. And what can I say about Jon Bon Jovi? He's a freakin' Rock Star!"

Come on, at what point in filming did Jon break out into some classic Bon Jovi tunes to get everyone singing?! "Not until in the bar about 1am after a few beers!"

Do you think that the title change from 'Trouble With Frank' to 'Pucked' is for the best or would you have called it something else?! "Personally, I would've called it "F**ked." Or not!"

Did 'Wendy' (Dot Jones) really lift you up with just one arm in that scene outside her door ...? "You betcha! She's a lot of woman. Dot and I go back to the 'Married... With Children' days when she did a handful of guest spots on the show. I love Dot!"

... and was that naked 'Wendy' really Dot or a male/female double?! "The real deal, baby! Kudos to Dot. That takes guts!"

Are you sure that 'Elvis' was played by Pat Kilbane, 'cause it sure as hell looked (and sounded like) like Dennis Quaid!! "If it was Dennis, nobody told me! Maybe someone will actually go and see it now!"

'Married With Children':

Back in the day, were you sad that 'MWC' was coming to an end, or due to one on-set reason or another, was it a blessing at that stage? "It was the most amazing time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Absolute blessing!!!"

The producers of 'MWC' tried to launch three spin-offs ('Top of the Heap', etc.), but none featured yourself or any of the other regulars! Did any of you get asked to be part of these? "Not really, thank God! Kidding!"

In reflection, which one of your filmed episodes on 'MWC' still stands out today to be one of your favorites to have been part of ... and why? "I would say my favorite episodes were our Christmas episodes. Especially the one where Santa Claus was supposed to parachute down to the mall, and his parachute doesn't open, and he lands, well, dead in our backyard! So the Bundy's spend Christmas dinner with the coroners office in their house and hi-jinks and laughter ensue. And the other was the Christmas episodes with Sam Kinston. He was a wonderful and talented man, who had a heart of gold. We became friends, and he even called my dad on his birthday to scream at the top of his lungs "Happy F**king Birthday, Roger!!!" It was awesome!"

Your 'MWC' character's persona "Grandmaster B" was actually a parody of your real attempts at becoming a rap star? True or false?! "Fal..., oh well, sadly true!"

Upcoming Projects:

Please tell us more about both these upcoming movies, 'Nice Guys' (starring Chabert, Dick, Furlong, etc.) and the Mekhi Phifer-directed 'Easier, Softer Way.' "Cool little indie flicks with some established actors, and then some great up and comers. Mekhi was great!"

Is there any role that you wouldn't undertake on film, for whatever reason ... and why? "Probably a role in a porno film, for reasons I won't share!"

Lastly, I like Penguins ... do you?! "You're weird!!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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