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Ghost Canyon

Jon Schroder  (Director - 'Jimmy & Judy') Jon Schroder (Director - 'Jimmy & Judy')

'On the Road and In Theaters'

The ultimate teenage outcast road movie, 'Jimmy and Judy' charts the path of a pair of outsiders who fall in love and out of control as they travel across an American landscape dotted with hypocrisy, materialism, drugs and violence.

Written and directed by Randall K. Rubin and Jon Schroder, 'Jimmy and Judy' offers a fresh take on classic adolescent themes such as rebellion, love, and anger. A modern day Bonnie & Clyde, the film traces the journey of Jimmy (Edward Furlong) and Judy (Rachael Bella), spirited young lovers who leave the comfortable numb of their suburban community in search of a better life in rural Kentucky.

Eschewing conventional cinematic grammar in favor of an intense, verite style of narrative, Rubin and Schroder use the immediacy of hand-held video to give 'Jimmy and Judy' an unprecedented intimacy. The film unspools as an ongoing video diary, first of Jimmy’s sociopathic pranks, then of the couple’s blossoming romance and subsequent flight into a violent and anarchic middle-American wilderness. Throughout it all, Jimmy and Judy roots viewers to the spot, putting us directly in the shoes (and behind the camera) of its desperate lovers.

A provocative film that takes viewers on a wild ride, 'Jimmy and Judy' is a moving, terrifying, bleakly hilarious, and fiercely powerful look at a young couple’s attempt to break out of the mold and the price they must pay to do so.

I recently met up with one of the writers and directors, Jon Schroder in a coffee shop here in MI to discuss his new movie. And after congratulating him on winning for best feature at the Newport Beach film festival and also the Jury Prize at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, I first asked him what it felt like to be receiving so many of these honors recently? "It's been quite a journey. The script was written in the dead of winter in the Hamptons. After the final draft, we sent a copy of the script to Edward Furlong's attorney. Edward loved it and we cast him."

The film has a "First Person" perspective. Was it meant to be like that? "To be truthful, there are times when Rachael's character, Judy, uses the camcorder. It's more of a 'point of view' film."

How did the shooting of the film go? "Filming took place in Cinncinati, and Northern KY which are very picturesque. The scenery added a special element to the film."

How was it, filming a movie about teenagers and angst? "Teenagers are fascinating to write about. The vast facets of youth from being mature to wreckless, were captured well in the script. Jimmy and Judy took turns using the camera to give both their perspectives. It wasn't one-sided."

What happens next with the film? "We are taking a slow burn approach. Currently, we are taking the film to various markets across the States. Thus far, the reception has been phenomenal. We recently were picked up by the distributor, Outsider Pictures. It usually starts with NY and LA and onward. Also, we are looking towards a European Market in the near future."

At the very core of the film, it is a love story written about Media, crime, drugs and violence. How were you able to add all these elements together? "It's a challenging tale. A hard core road movie. But at the center of it, is the story of the love between Jimmy and Judy. It leans toward being sympathetic towards Jimmy and Judy's cause. The audience catches on to their perspective and is seeing all that transpires through the camera and their mishaps."

When can we expect the film to go nationwide? "It has opened in various markets, is featured on MySpace and our distributor, Outsider, is working on releasing the film, nationwide. We hope to see it distributed to local theaters everywhere."

Interviewed by Eva M. Trudeau

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