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Sarah Jessica Parker ('Sex And The City') Sarah Jessica Parker ('Sex And The City')

'(It's Still) Hot In The City Tonight!'

When New Line Cinema announced 'Sex and the City' fan favorite Chris Noth will be reprising his role as Mr Big in Sex and the City: The Movie, you could hear the swooning hearts hitting the decks everywhere! And now just days away from the film version of the hit HBO series - written and directed by the show's executive producer, Michael Patrick King - we caught up with star Sarah Jessica Parker whilst she was in London, England.

As you all know by now, the series stars the aforementioned Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon who are all returning for the movie. Both John Melfi and Darren Star are producing the film.

'Sex and the City' finished its six year run on HBO in 2004 and over the course of its run the comedy series won eight Golden Globes and seven Emmys.

Chatting one-on-one with the petite lady herself, we first asked why she had chosen the Alexander McQueen green dress and Phillip Treacy butterfly hat which had made the front pages across the globe? "Alexander is one of the most talented designers of his time and he’s uniquely British. And Philip is probably the greatest hat maker of his time. So I was thrilled they wanted to make something for me for the premiere."

"Anyway, in Britain you have a long tradition of wearing hats and you do it better than anybody and we don't have the same courage. When in Rome as they say ...! "

Does your five-year-old son James Wilkie comment on mom wearing 'big dresses'?! "He associates a big dress with me having to leave the house, and he associates my hair being up with me being at work. And he is very verbal. Sometimes he will see me with a dress on and he will ask me to take it off because he thinks that will somehow keep me in the house!”

"But I'm very flattered, because there will come a time when he doesn’t want me in the house! He won’t want to be around me, I’ll be embarrassing him and whatever I am wearing he will want off because he thinks it’s awful. Right now it’s because he loves me — and the feeling is completely mutual.”

In real life would we find you obsessing over the upmarket labels which dominate Carrie’s life? "I don’t wear designer gear around the house, it’s not practical. I am a mother first and getting my son out of the house in the morning and to school, as any working mother will tell you, allows little time for vanity."

"It’s very liberating to let your attention be elsewhere. That’s why occasions like this premiere are wonderful, because you get to be all shined up and have marvellous things to wear. If I did it every day I’d be glib about the whole thing. Everyone loves to wear a great dress — who doesn’t?”

Are you amazed by the warm reception both you and the film have had in Britain this week? "If we had dared to dream what our world premiere would be like this more than surpassed our wild expectations. It was the spirit of the crowd, the great reception, how hospitable and how committed they were. Another reason that Monday night was very moving was we felt this debt of gratitude to the fans and we recognise our good fortune.”

Do you have a fav scene from the new film, perhaps? "I am one of eight children so I am bad at choosing favourites, because my mum would never pick a favourite between us! I couldn't even select a favourite dress from the movie, because there is value in a simple, cheap piece of clothing as well as something designer-made.”

But you loved wearing all your on-screen wardrobe! "Sure," she giggles. "I loved wearing all of it. There will never be another part I play that will allow that kind of indulgence. I really love them all and I have archived a lot of them. We used a lot of them and it was nice to put them on again.”

Not to get too deep into your marriage to Matthew Broderick, but is it more; shall we say, 'straightforward' than Carrie’s long-standing on/off relationship with Big?! "Carrie has defied convention in her relationship with Big and they are a very modern couple — much more modern than I am. They have made choices about how they want to live their life."

"But in her desire to be the person she thinks she wants to be, she is denying this involuntary DNA about a big dress and a big wedding.”

Although Sarah Jessica last starred in the series four years ago, people still come up to her and ask for advice on their love lives. She adds: “I am reluctant to give it, because I am no more of an expert than you are. I don’t have a doctorate. I was just the beneficiary of a character who is interested in sexual politics. I hope I’ve learned to be a better friend, because she is such a good friend. I am terrible at giving advice because everybody’s different.”

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