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Christian Burns Christian Burns

'Back Here, Once Again'

80’s synthesizer rock, memorable melodies and great beats, were the inspiration for Christian Burns’ brand new project The Bleach Works. With a nod to the goth rock of The Cure and the electronic synth pop of Depeche Mode, The Bleach Works is jam packed with these juxtapositions and pays homage to the music that Christian grew up with.

Christian was always surrounded by music, his father played guitar for The Signs, a Liverpudlian three-piece rock band that once opened for The Beatles! At age 14, Burns began learning guitar by mimicking his dad and playing by ear melodies that he heard in his head.

It was a great training ground which lead to Christian fronting 90’s pop rock band BBMak and opening for artists such as Britney Spears and N’Sync before going on to sell over 3 million records world-wide.

After the global success of BBMak, Christian went back into the studio to work on solo material. It was then that he heard a song that made him stop in his tracks - “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers. With some networking and a few lucky coincidences, Burns started producing with The Killers’ producer Jeff Saltzman.

Timing and the computer age was on Burns’ side having posted these Saltzman/Burns creations on his personal MySpace little did he realize that it would catch the appeal of global trance sensation Tiesto. Ergo, “In The Dark" was born!

A Billboard Chart Topping Hit, this sensational song generated Electronic greats such as David Guetta, BT, Matt Darey, and Benny Benassi to get in touch and ask Burns to write for them.

Chatting one-on-one with the young man himself, I first wanted to know more about his new project, The Bleach Works and how it all started? "Well, at the moment I am busy finishing songs in the studio, over here in the UK and also over in Washington with BT. 'The Bleach Works' is a mish mash of all the styles of music I love and adore, Rock and electronic."

Tell us how the who thing with global trance sensation Tiesto came about? "Tiesto contacted me on Myspace and wanted to remix a song of mine called “Out There”, I said no at first as it was gonna be on my record but I did agree to write a song with him, a few weeks later “In The Dark” was born!"

And why was it named The Bleach Works anyway? "My studio is built on the grounds of an old bleach factory, and the area is known as “the old bleach works”."

Is it true this album was created with just a MAC Book Pro, a Moog Voyager, Access Virus, 7 Macs and your guitar! "Well, yes, all that and a couple of guitars and my brain of course!"

What is it about 80’s synth rock and the memorable melodies that went with them that still resonates with you so strongly today? "I think the 80’s was a magnificent time for the creation of music, it was all about the hooks back then and people were recording on the finest analog gear, it sounded so good."

Knowing that The Killers feature so heavily in this tale, have you met them and seen them live? "No, never met them but i have been to watch them a few times. Awsome."

Heading back to when you made your name with BBMak, is it weird to hear people say about that time when you were part of the "90’s pop rock band BBMak" ... as if in some magical click of some fingers the past 10 years have flown by before your very eyes? "Well, yeah I suppose so, I think time goes quicker the older you get and it doesn’t seem that long ago but yeah, been 6 years since we split up already!"

Back in the day you opened for Britney Spears and N’Sync, amongst others before going on to sell over 3 million records world-wide, but in reflection what was one of the true stand out moments in your time on tour back then? "I think the most prominent moment for me was when we did our own sell out tour in America, the feeling you get when you know everybody has paid to come see you because they love your music is magical. The stuff dreams are made of! Oh, and meeting Henry Winkler!"

Lastly, is the make shift 4-track studio you and your father made in your old back garden still up and standing?! "The truth is, I dont know, I moved away from that house when I was about 15 and have never been back."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

Video for “In The Dark” with Tiesto

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