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Cherry Pop

Astronauts of Antiquity Astronauts of Antiquity

'They've Got A Ticket To The Moon'

Astronauts of Antiquity = your mystery date. They entice you to leave behind limited conceptions of self and music. AoA invite you to celebrate life in a deeper sense. Everything else can wait.

Musically, they are a futuristic travelog that elucidates the past. India's hauntingly beautiful vocals spiral around B. Rhyan's timelessly inventive rhythms. Numerous passersby were so mesmerized by the sounds they heard through the open doorway, that they kept filing in and demanding to know "Who is this band?"

Revel in the AoA sound and relish a pot of funky-luscious neo-soul. Add a pinch of Indian/ Brazilian spice. Toss & serve over a warm bed of jazzy, eclectic pop...and the girl.

Exclusive Magazine had the recent pleasure of speaking with India about the band, their sound ... and penguins!

Your music has it’s roots in urban-electro with some neo-soul, so who were your musical influences growing up and how many still factor into your music today? "Actually we started out in folk, alt rock before Astronauts was formed. Our musical history has morphed numerous times according to who we are playing with and what kind of music turns us on at that time. AoA was an inevitable reality as we started listening to groups such as Zero 7, Radiohead, Ceu, Bill Laswell and more. We continue to shape shift but within the present parameters. Discovery and musical growth keeps the muse alive!"

It's been said that you guys both met by pure accident at the airport one day, the end result being AOA! So, where were you both individually headed, what made you chat with each in the first place, and how long after that initial chat was AOA truly born? "Yes we did meet at the airport. I was just passing through traveling with friends. Bradd was a young monk practicing / studying an ancient Indian spiritual tradition called Viasnavism and was passing out spiritual literature at the bottom of an escalator. He approached me with a book and I thought he was sexy!"

"But it wasn’t until a few years later that we met again in the club scene in Milwaukee, WI where we are both from. He left the ashram to pick up his guitar again. I was in a band and we met backstage at one of my shows. I had been singing / writing / performing since I was 16. It was music and ancient Indian spiritual mysticism that connected us on the deeper levels. AoA was conceived down the road after moving to NYC together."

So, for the new album 'Rocket Science for Dummies,' how would you describe the sound and style of the new CD? "Eclectic soulful electro lounge."

And, with a named album such as that, could you ever see one of those yellow self-help books being created around your title ... and would you buy it, perhaps? "You know that’s an interesting question. The publisher for “…For Dummies” book series sent us a letter requesting us to change the name of the album title! We changed the title on Amazon to ‘Rocket Science” which was there main concern. It never occurred to us that might happen. We never put the two together. Maybe we could publish our own series entitled “Rocket Science for Monkeys!"

You also have a very unique band name ... where did it originate and what else could it so easily have been? "Our original bass player and co-founding member was reading “Chariots of Fire” at the time. There is the phrase astronauts of antiquity in the book. He suggested it for the band name. It also brings up images of ancient yogis traveling interplanetary via sacred sound or mantra. Cool!"

Indeed, how easy or hard is it to create a new, vibrant, wanted-by-the-public sound that both builds on and surpasses the musical wonderments and accomplishments that preceded it within the industry? "In our opinion creating new songs/music must come from a place of nonneediness where you aren’t concerned about what the listening public thinks. It should be a genuine attempt of expression free from wanting to be accepted."

"Then I think you will achieve the purist piece of art. With that being said there is a savvy in songwriting where one can do both things simultaneously and create a magnificent song that is a hit. The Beatles is a perfect example. It is a huge challenge but the challenge is very fulfilling."

Please reveal a secret about the band that you've never told before in any interviews! "I am a man and Bradd is a woman!"

If asked to record one for charity, what '80s (and possibly cheesy!) pop/rock song would you love to cover today and why? "'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' by Tears For Fears."

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine loves Penguins you? "They sure are cute sliding around on the ice!"

Interview: Russell A. Trunk

So, if you would like to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Astronauts of Antiquity's new CD, just answer this easy question: Originally an alternative rock act, India and B. Rhyan birthed what would become Astronauts of Antiquity of all places at a festival they were playing ... in which country?!

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win one of these wonderful AUTOGRAPHED CDs by Astronauts of Antiquity! Just send us an e:mail here before October 1st with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: SIGNED Astronauts of Antiquity CDs to:

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