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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Sutherland Brothers & Quiver: The Albums' (8CD)
Artist - Sutherland Brothers & Quiver

For those not in the know, the Sutherland Brothers (Gavin and Iain Sutherland) are a British duo, born in Scotland who originally performed folk and rock music in the early 1970s, and then from 1973 to 1978 joined with rock band Quiver to record and tour as Sutherland Brothers & Quiver.

Under this combined moniker, the group recorded several albums and had a significant international hit single with the song 'Arms of Mary' in 1976.

In North America they are primarily known for their 1973 debut single '(I Don't Want to Love You But) You Got Me Anyway', which was not a hit in the UK.

This 8 CD, 103 track brand new Box-Set Sutherland Brothers & Quiver: The Albums (out this October 4th, 2019 via Lemon Records / Cherry Red Records UK) covers all of the releases by Sutherland Brothers & Quiver during the period 1971-79 for both Island and CBS Records.

Disc One is the self-titled Sutherland Brothers album, produced by Muff Winwood and featuring the single ‘The Pie’ - which was later covered by (of all people) the Bay City Rollers on their Strangers In The Wind album.

CD 1 - Sutherland Brothers (1972)
1. 'The Pie'
2. 'Sleeping Dog'
3. 'Hallelujah'
4. 'I Was in Chains'
5. 'Medium Wave'
6. 'Big Brother'
7. 'Wars of the Roses'
8. 'Midnight Avenue'
9. 'Sunny Street, W14'
10. 'Where in the World'
11. 'Long Long Day'
12. 'The Pie' (7" Version)

When I first heard 'The Pie' on the radio in the early '70s it sounded so fresh and different so I bought the album and its been one of my favorites ever since!

Outsanding tracks for me are the bittersweet love song, the aforementioned 'The Pie', the atmospheric, although ultimately doomed 'Midnight Avenue', and the enigmatic lonely heart of 'Medium Wave' - all with exquisite, magical lyrics, although this is a strong album throughout.

There is a simple purity to the album that is there still today. Furthermore, and for my money, Ian and Gavin Sutherland have some of their best work displayed here on their debut outing.

The second disc features 1972’s Lifeboat album which now adds seven bonus tracks, four taken from the USA version of the album.

Also added is the single ‘Sailing’ which though not a hit for the band, gave Rod Stewart an international chart topper.

The single ‘You Got Me Anyway’, however, did reach #48 in the USA, #25 in Canada and #34 in Australia.

CD 2 - Lifeboat (1972)
1. 'Lady Like You'
2. 'Lifeboat'
3. 'Where Do We Go Wrong'
4. 'Ireland'
5. 'All I Got Is You'
6. 'Space Hymn'
7. 'Change the Wind'
8. 'Sorrow'
9. 'Love Is My Religion'
10. 'Real Love'
11. 'Have You Had a Vision'
12. 'Rock and Roll Show'
13. '(I Don't Want to Love You But) You Got Me Anyway'
14. 'Not Fade Away'
15. 'Sailing'
16. 'Who's Crying Now'
17. 'Annie' (7" Version)

Not only does this album feature 'Sailing' (which a lot of smarter folks than me liked enough to cover), but the final track on the original album, 'Real Love; includes some of Stevie Winwood's best keyboard playing to date!

And that's just a couple of the highlights. I won't bore you with how much I truly, and wholly appreciate this magical sophomore album, but if you take a chance on any of the Sutherland Brothers albums, their debut and this one will allow you to hear some of the greatest, and richly melodic rock to date.

Disc Three is 1973’s Dream Kid album which now adds a previously non-album cut as a bonus.

CD 3 - Dream Kid (1973)
1. 'You and Me'
2. 'I Hear Thunder'
3. 'Flying Down to Rio'
4. 'Seagull / Lonely Love'
5. 'Champion the Underdog'
6. 'Bluesy World'
7. 'Bad Loser'
8. 'Dream Kid'
9. 'Maker'
10. 'Rollin' Away / Rocky Road / Saved By the Angel'
11. 'Don't Mess Up'

An artists conception of the Dream Kid looking out into a blue universe, standing in a clear cube with clouds and seagulls in his line of sight, is a colorful and good visual equivalent to the music inside this team-up of two musical forces.

Songwriters Ian and Gavin recruited three members of the Warner Bros. group Quiver - drummer Willie Wilson, guitarist Tim Renwick, and bassist Bruce Thomas - and came up with a smooth and very satisfying product.

Gone is Quiver songwriter vocalist Cal Batchelor, and it is a unique transition concept., of that you can be assured.

1974’s Beat Of The Street is on Disc Four and features two previously non-album cuts as a bonus.

CD 4 - Beat Of The Street (1974)
1. 'World in Action'
2. 'Saviour in the Rain'
3. 'Devil, Are You Satisfied'
4. 'Bone Dry'
5. 'Beat of the Street'
6. 'Laid Back in Anger'
7. 'Hi Life Music'
8. 'Living in Love'
9. 'Annie'
10. 'Last Boy Over the Moon'
11. 'Saviour in the Rain' (7" Version)
12. 'Silver Sister'

This is the one Sutherland Brothers & Quiver album that seems to be completely overlooked, yet it is their definitive album, that's for darn sure!

Their next album would be graced with 'Arms Of Mary' yet devoid of keyboards completely. I mean, compare Reach For The Sky with this album and the difference is immediately recognizable.

My personal favorite song is 'Devil, Are You Satisfied'. Tim Renwick performs the most inspired guitar on this album and it's so obvious why he became so in-demand as a session player on other albums.

Disc Five is 1975’s Reach For The Sky album which reached #26 in the UK charts. It features the hit single ‘Arms Of Mary’ which hit #5 in the UK, #17 in Germany and the top spot in both Holland and Ireland.

Again, two non LP tracks have been added as a bonus. Making a guest appearance is Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour.

CD 5 - Reach For The Sky (1975)
1. 'When The Train Comes'
2. 'Dirty City'
3. 'Arms Of Mary'
4. 'Something Special'
5. 'Love On The Moon'
6. 'Ain't Too Proud'
7. 'Dr. Dancer'
8. 'Reach For The Sky'
9. 'Moonlight Lady'
10. 'Mad Trial'
11. 'We All Get Along'
12. 'When The Train Comes' (7" Version)

This is probably their best overall album and includes their only US charter, 'Arms Of Mary'. This album is stripped down to the four primary members and Tim Renwick's excellent lead guitar work is featured fully here; which makes the album for me, personally.

The opening track, 'When the Train Comes', starts with an inviting drum riff and barreled along like an express at full steam, with train-whistle effects and a couple of great guitar solos!

I was hooked. The rest of the album is filled with really well-crafted pop songs: singable tunes ('Something Special'), chugging basslines ('Dr. Dancer'), neat harmonies ('Ain’t Too Proud'), and rocking guitar solos ('Mad Trail', 'Love on the Moon').

The sixth disc is 1976’s Slipstream album which includes the UK #35 hit single ‘Secrets’. The album itself reached #49 in the UK charts.

CD 6 - Slipstream (1976)
1. 'Slipstream'
2. 'Wild Love' 3. 'Saturday Night' 4. 'If I Could Have Your Loving' 5. 'Love On The Side'
6. 'Secrets'
7. 'Dark Powers'
8. 'Something's Burning'
9. 'Sweet Cousin'
10. 'Midnight Rendezvous'
11. 'The Prisoner'
12. 'High Nights'

Although the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver had already delivered what ended up being their best albums and songs, Slipstream is still worth owning.

Unfortunately, a few of the songs attempted to duplicate the evolving new "disco" sound instead of sticking with their own. The best songs on this album are the ones where they stuck with their successful sound and delivery.

Six previously non LP bonus tracks have been added to the Down To Earth album including rare cuts from the USA version of the album. All produced by The Shadows’ Bruce Welch.

CD 7 - Down To Earth (1977)
1. 'Ice In The Fire'
2. 'Dark Ship'
3. 'Harbour Light'
4. 'Somebody's Fool'
5. 'Fun Of The Farm'
6. 'Every Tear I Cry'
7. 'Situations'
8. 'Oh Woman'
9. 'Rock 'N' Roll People'
10. Where Lies Your Soul'
11. 'Ice In The Fire' (7" Version)
12. 'Every Tear I Cry' (7" Version)
13. 'Somebody's Fool' (7" Version)
14. 'One More Night With You'
15. 'Sunbird'
16. 'When I Say I Love You (The Pie)'

Although they were reaching the end of the line as a band, Sutherland Brothers & Quiver maintained their high level of song craft and performance on Down to Earth.

It's still a mystery to me why these guys weren't huge. I mean, they had a great drummer in Willie Wilson, a stunning guitarist in Tim Renwick (who plays parts that are integral to the arrangements, not just solos), and chorus hooks that won't quit from the two Sutherlands!

Maybe it's the fact that their lyrics frequently avoid the usual clichés of subject matter and venture into darker, more philosophical areas ('Dark Ship', for instance).

Anyhow, for anyone who liked previous SBQ records like the aforementioned Reach For The Sky or Slipstream, I don't think you'll be disappointed with this one either.

The final disc is 1979’s When The Night Comes Down opus which features the #50 UK hit single ‘Easy Come Easy Go’.

CD 8 - When The Night Comes Down (1979)
1. 'Natural Thing'
2. 'Have You Ever Been Hurt?'
3. 'First Love'
4. 'Easy Come, Easy Go'
5. 'As Long As I've Got You'
6. 'I'm Going Home'
7. 'When The Night Comes Down'
8. 'Dreams Of You'
9. 'Crusin’
10. 'On The Rocks'
11. 'Crazy Town'

As we all know by now, this was to be the Sutherland Brothers' last album, and they just kept getting better and better.

Sadly, their long time lead guitarist, Tim Renwick, is replaced by some fine LA session men including some wicked lead work by Rick Vito.

Filled with catchy pop and rock songs it also contains some beautiful songs and rather harmonious singing to go with it: 'Sunbird', 'When The Night Comes Down', 'On The Rocks', 'One More Night With You', 'Easy Come, Easy Go', and 'First Love,' automatically spring to mind.

The detailed booklet includes an in-depth new interview with the main band members by webmaster Brian Mathieson.

Official 8CD Box-Set Purchase Link