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DJ Supply

'Dallas - The Complete Sixth Season'
(Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Barbara Bel Geddes, et al / 5-Disc DVD / NR / (1978) 2007 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: The saga of the wealthy Ewing family continues in its sixth season - full of sibling wars, adultery, reconciliation and power struggles. Season 6 starts with ice: J.R. gets the cold shoulder when the family votes him out as president of Ewing Oil. And it ends with fire: Southfork ablaze, with four Ewings trapped by roaring flames. In between, J.R. and Bobby bare-knuckle it out in their biggest fight yet over Ewing Oil, thanks to their father's will. It seems Jock just couldn't decide who should inherit, so he split the company in half and gave his boys one year to see who could make the biggest bucks and win the whole shebang.

DVD Verdict: In what fans consider as one of the best seasons of this addictive and timeless TV drama, the reading of patriarch Jock's will sets the stage for a nasty season-long battle between J.R. and Bobby for control of Ewing Oil which has repercussions for everyone in Dallas. The plots and storylines are all excellent, gripping and solid, and will keep you hooked during the classic episodes and unbeatable drama. J.R. is up to his tricks in each episode and his nastiness ensures he makes enemies this season too. All episodes stand up to repeated viewings. DALLAS was still the number one TV show in the USA, UK and in numerous countries when this season was first broadcast in 1983.

I hope WB speed up the release schedule to 3 seasons on DVD per year as there are still 8 seasons left to be released so as to have the complete series on DVD. Which, at their current rate means that we won't get season 13 - the final season - on DVD until August of 2010! Crazy talk!!!

Anyway, Season 6 featured some classic, and truly exciting episodes (for all 'Dallas' fans, of course) and so here are just a few of my fav picks for you to watch out for and enjoy once again: 1) 'Changing of the Guard' - Miss Ellie, Bobby and Lucy vote to have J.R. removed as president of Ewing Oil. Bobby is sickened that J.R. blackmailed him over baby Christopher and gives J.R. an overdue punch in the face. Rebecca, Afton and Pam visit Cliff who is in a coma in the hospital because of J.R.'s scheme to destroy him. Ewing Oil gets new offices. J.R. accepts Holly Harwood's offer to secretly run Harwood Oil; 4) 'The Big Ball' - J.R. arranges a surprise for Miss Ellie at the Oil Baron's Ball. Sue Ellen gets a shock while visiting Clayton. Lucy decides to put the past behind her. Miss Ellie decides to have Jock declared legally dead; 5) 'Jock's Will' - The Ewings gather at Southfork for the reading of Jock's will. Gary arrives to a typically unpleasant welcome from J.R. and a cool reception from daughter Lucy. The reading of Jock's will sets the stage for a nasty year-long, winner-take-all battle between J.R. and Bobby for control of Ewing Oil; 7) 'Hit and Run' - J.R. schemes to take advantage of Bobby in their rivalry over Ewing Oil while Bobby gambles on a risky business proposition. Pam is torn between her mother and the Ewings. J.R. sets up a car accident in his scheme to get his oil variance; 11) 'Post-Nuptial' - Cliff's presence at J.R.'s wedding celebrations causes tempers to flare and he fights with J.R. in the pool. Bobby makes a worrying discovery about J.R. which could disgrace the family name; 16) 'A Ewing is a Ewing' - J.R. tries to romance Holly but she pulls a gun on him and threatens to kill him if he ever touches her again. Miss Ellie goes on a trip to escape from the tension at Southfork. Cliff comes up with a new scheme to get J.R. out of Dallas; 17) 'Crash of '83' - Bobby goes against his principles when he is forced to emulate J.R.'s dirty dealing. J.R. gets suspicious of Clayton's intentions towards Miss Ellie. Afton receives some shocking news which affects Cliff and Pam; 21) 'Caribbean Connection' - Bobby discovers evidence of J.R.'s illegal oil shipment. Cliff and Katherine scheme to throw Pam and Mark together. Bobby secretly prepares a sting operation to stop J.R. ruining Ewing Oil and cryptically tells J.R. it will be a day to remember; 25) 'Tangled Web' - Bobby finds out that Pam is in France with Mark. J.R.'s Cuban deal has widespread repercussions for his family. Holly continues to spin her web to trap J.R. Sue Ellen makes a devastating discovery; and, 28) 'Ewing's Inferno' - Pam asks Bobby for a divorce. A tense Miss Ellie has enough of her warring family and takes a vacation. Pam has a nasty confrontation with J.R. Bobby and J.R. decide to end their battle and to run Ewing Oil together. Ray is determined to kill J.R. and their big fight results in a major fire at Southfork which traps J.R. and his family inside as the flames engulf the house. One of the best cliffhangers! This is a Standard Presentation and comes with the Special Features of:

New Featurette Power and Influence: The Dallas Legacy
Exploring the Show's Pop-Culture Influence Then and Now
Subtitles in Portuguese (Episodes Only)