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Ghost Canyon

'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer [Blu-ray]'
(Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jr. Freddie Prinze, et al / Blu ray / R / 2009 / Sony Pictures)

Overview: 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' is the continuation of Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a tortured college co-ed who accidentally almost killed a man and left him for dead one night!

DVD Verdict: Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt), one of the only survivors from the original movie, is an emotional wreck. Ever since she and her friends ran over a pedestrian two years ago and was nearly killed by the vengeful psychopath last summer, Julie's paranoia has been cranked into overdrive. What she really needs more than anything is a vacation. Good thing her best friend Karla (Brandy Norwood) has won them an all-expense paid trip for four to the Bahamas!

Naturally, Karla brings along her horny man Tyrell (Mekhi Phifer), but since Julie's boyfriend Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is being a sourpuss and doesn't go on the trip, Karla sets her girlfriend up with Will (Matthew Settle) who has been trying to get in Julie's pants for weeks. But little does Julie know that Ben Willis still plans to get even and has followed the foursome to the resort. As a tropical storm rolls in trapping everyone on the island for a few days with a killer on the loose, it seems our protagonists are caught in a bit of a pickle. Will Julie finally get the hook, or will she prove once again to be this maniac fisherman's deadliest catch?

OK, so where do the problems (for me) start> Well, the writers must think that the average viewer of this film has a third-grade education. Intelligent audience members smell a rat early on in the film when the girls incorrectly answer that the capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro (it's actually Brasilia). When the real answer is revealed at the climax of the movie, did the writers expect everyone to go "Ohhhhh!!"? I hope they don't think we are THAT stupid!

Another problem: the geniuses behind this film were obviously trying to clinch the attention of the males in the theatre by having Jennifer Love Hewitt run around in white t-shirts drenched with rain. As a heterosexual female, I got tired of seeing Ms. Hewitt bounce around and felt this move was cheap on behalf of the filmmakers. Well, with a sub-par plot and mediocre acting, I guess they felt the need to do something.

One more pet peeve: why must Hewitt sing at some point in every TV show or film she appears in? I cringed at the contrived karaoke scene in this movie. Don't you think it would been more obvious (and probably more enjoyable) to have already-established pop star Brandy sing a song?

Viewers sit through one cliche after another until the unsatisfying and predictable twist is revealed at the end. And then the ending itself is another cliche. Chalk this up as another unnecessary slasher flick specifically made to capitalize on the success of "Scream." While "Scream" had a certain wit to it, this is plain silliness rolled up with blatant T & A! [DM] This is a Widesreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Making of Featurette (5:40)
Music Video (3:30) – Jennifer Love Hewitt performs 'How Do I Deal' from the soundtrack
Theatrical Trailer (2:06)