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'Body Of Proof: Season Two'
(Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, Nic Bishop, et al / 4-Disc DVD / NR / 2012 / ABC Studios)

Overview: Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) is back with riveting new cases in ABC's 'Body Of Proof: The Complete Second Season.' It's a season filled with unique medical mysteries and shocking twists and turns.

DVD Verdict: As all you faithful and loyal followers of this wonderful TV show already know, Dr. Megan Hunt is a former neurosurgeon who's life is suddenly changed by an automobile accident. To make matters worse, she then accidently kills a patient on the operating table. This results in her resignation, and retirement from the profession altogether. Now she uses her medical knowledge and investigative instincts to solve the medical mysteries of the deceased.

OK, all caught up now, you newbies?! Good, so let's crack on with season two of this show that had me watching all its 20 episodes back-to-back for two nights straight! In the season opener, 'LOVE THY NEIGHBOR,' a car nearly runs down to young lovers in the woods, but the dead man behind the wheel didn't have a heart attack - he was murdered! And the suspects are all residents of a pretty suburban cul-de-sac. Which leads Megan to proffer that, given her past TV life ie: Desperate Housewives, "Nothng is ever what it seems"!

In 'HUNTING PARTY,' a woman is killed whilst in a deer hunting party in the woods and in a seperate case, Megan takes cotrol of a young man's body - but are they linked? In 'MISSING,' a little boy is kidnapped, her nanny killed in the getaway and Bud's career is on the line after some shady prisoner antics. In 'LAZARUS MAN,' a man is pronounced dead at the scene, and on Megan's table, but suddenly come back to life! Also, Peter is starting to fall for Dani, which is pissing Ethan off no end! In'POINT OF ORIGIN,' whilst driving home Peter stumbles upon a house fire. He rushes in and rescues a woman, but the case is much bigger than simply her death thereafter. In 'SECOND CHANCES,' a champion equestrian who used her horses to teach young offenders how to be better people is killed and potential drug use is suspected.

In 'HARD KNOCKS,' a raver is found dead after a rave and Tom (Megan's ex-husband) tells both her, Lacey (their daughter), and Kate (his girlfriend) that he might have to move to CA. Meanwhile, Megan is trying her romantic luck with an FBI agent, but not succeeding! In 'LOVE BITES,' a pharmaceutical rep is found dead in the Schuykill River, but when they discover there is no blood in her body, the gae is afoot! In 'GROSS ANATOMY,' a murdered young woman's body goes missing, an older man's body put in its place. A tale of two brothers and short thumbs, then we get 'YOUR NUMBER'S UP, where a recent lottery winner of $50 million is found brutally murdered. Also, in a seperate case, young women are dying in OR and Kate doesn't think it's normal.

In 'FALLING FOR YOU,' a bride falls to her death from a balcony into her wedding party, and in 'SHADES OF BLUE,' a body is found murdered at a Milk Depot, but when he turns out to be an undercover cop everyone comes together to find the killer. In 'SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL,' a woman aquitted of kiling her five year-old boy is found dead 24 hours later. Starring Rita Wilson as her mother, next up is 'COLD BLOODED,' whch tells the story of the owner of a family-owned Italian restaurant turning up dead in his walk-in freezer. In 'OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS,' a cab driver (rapper Sean Kingston) blacks out at the wheel and crashes - into another car that has a dead body in its trunk! In another episode arc, the daughter of a Dean overdoses and due to the way Kate handles its reporting on TV, she gets demoted from Head - and Curtis gets promoted!

In 'HOME INVASION,' a couple get killed in their own home, and in 'IDENTITY,' this ripped-from-the-headlines story revolves around two young girls being involved in a nasty car crash - in which one dies the other surives, but only just. Swathed in bandages, the doctor's think they knew which was which, but did they when it came to informing bth sets of parents? In easily the best episodes of the series, 'GOING VIRAL (PART 1),' whilst at a bar waiting for Peter, Dani has a seizure, wanders into the road outside of the club, and is hit by an SUV - and dies right there and then! The trouble is, many more people experience seizures and bleeding and are dying fast in horrible ways. The CDC is called in for the outbreak, which includes Luke Perry as head man, but not before Kate comes down with the virus too. In 'GOING VIRAL (PART 2),' a terrorist releases a video saying he's caused the outbreak and the team fight against time to find a cure. Knowing the terrorist is actually Patient Zero, the guys try an experimental vaccine - and it works; just!

And in the season finale, another great one entitled 'MIND GAMES,' when a young girl is found dead outside of a club with her throat slashed and her brain removed, Megan recognizes the killing method as belonging to Wilson Polley, a man she helped put in prison for killing three women the same way back in the day. But he's still in prison and so it's a case of if he didn't do it, who did - and if someone else did, he must be innocent! Come the end, one of the cast is left with a knife sticking out of them dying in Megan's arms. These are all Widescreen Presentations (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Design Of Body Of Proof: Living Spaces
Bodies of Body Of Proof
The Stunt Work Of Body Of Proof (4 Featurettes)
The Effects Of Body Of Proof: Playing With Fire
The Fashion Of Body Of Proof
Body Of Goofs
Outbreak: Webisodes (5)