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Ghost Canyon

Mary English  (Author - 'How to Survive a Pisces') Mary English (Author - 'How to Survive a Pisces')

'Survival of The Fishiest!'

Working as an Astrologer in a mystical shop in her home town of Bath, England, Mary English encountered an amazing number of Pisces – because Pisceans feel ‘at home’ in the world of the mystical, weird and wonderful.

'How to Survive a Pisces' (O-Books) by Mary English, first in a series of guidebooks for all twelve signs of the Zodiac, is a lighthearted but accurate guide to all the ‘wobbly messes’ that make up a Piscean, and she should know – she is one!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mary English about her new book, 'How to Survive a Pisces,' and first wondered (being that this is the first of twelve in a series of lighthearted guides to understanding people from all signs of the Zodiac), just what it was about this sign of the Zodiac that prompted her to write about it first? "The manager of a mystical shop in our town centre asked me if I’d come and work there. I then came across more Pisces than I’d ever met in my whole life. Pisces live and breathe the world of the mystical, the weird, the wonderful And even if the clients I met weren’t Pisces, if they were in a tangled relationship, or their lives were in a dreadful mess, always, underneath it all, would be a Pisces, who was not causing all the difficulties. (Pisces don’t cause things, they just happen to be there when weird things happen!)"

"So I thought, as an enlightened Pisces, who had decided to mend my Pisces ways, that it would be a good idea to tell my suffering clients, and those further afield, how to make the bestof the Pisces in their lives, so they don’t enter the dreadful,messy, tangled, wobbly messes that Pisces can so easily lead themselves and others."

What are the top 3 key points you discovered about understanding Piscean's? "Pisces need space, somewhere to dream and time to reflect."

Being that you yourself are a Piscean, and amazingly so am I (Feb 23rd), once read, will this book enable me to see anything differently about myself, perhaps? "Yes, you will learn what type of Pisces you are. There are hundreds of combinations."

You work as an Astrologer in a mystical shop in your home town of Bath, England - which to me all sounds very Harry Potterish! So, what is it you actually do on a daily basis in this shop? "I rent a room in the shop to see clients, and I work from home, over the Internet and face-to-face in the office in my home."

Finally, being that you were born in London, England and you have the last name 'English,' it seems you might well be the perfect spokesperson for all things British! But does this book translate easily from British speak to American speak on the page? "Yes, here is an email I received from a young lady in New York: "I just read How to Survive a Pisces last night, and oh my! You hit the nail right on the head! The book was hilarious and warm. I sincerely appreciate your work and insight! I am a 12th House Pisceas, Aries Asc; who loves to sleep!!!! I live in New York . Thank you for brightening my week! God Bless!"

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

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