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6 Degrees Entertainment


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Come One, Come All!

Ye Olde Saloon, in conjunction with us here at Exclusive Magazine is proud to announce its inaugural Beer Pong League this summer.

Starting May 19th, games to be played Wednesday nights.

$10 one-time entrant fee per person only with a 2 player team minimum.

Cash and other Prizes to be won!

Beer Specials for all!

If interested in joining in on the fun sign up with us now at: YEOLDEBEERPONG@FLASH.NET

Position Team Name Weekly Score Points Winning Streak
1 2-1 3 2
2 ? ? ? ?
3 ? ? ? ?
4 ? ? ? ?
5 ? ? ? ?
6 ? ? ? ?
7 ? ? ? ?
8 ? ? ? ?
9 ? ? ? ?
10 ? ? ? ?
11 ? ? ? ?
12 ? ? ? ?
13 ? ? ? ?
14 ? ? ? ?

Complete Rules Below:

Each team fills 10 cups with approximately two inches of water.

Teams select two members to begin the game.

One member from each team participates in a one-round, 'rock-paper-scissor' game to determine which team throws first.

Team #1 throws both ping-pong balls at Team #2's cups, one at a time by each of the two members playing.

If a ball lands in a cup, the cup is immediately removed from the table.

If the cup is not immediately removed, and the second ball lands in the same cup, two additional cups are removed from Team #2's side of the table.

Once the ball hits the table surface or cup rim, it can be grabbed by Team #2.

If the ball has dropped below the rim of the cup, it cannot be disturbed, i.e. no blowing to remove ball from cup.

Bounces are allowed, and earn a team two cups if they successfully land in a cup; however, Team #2 may grab a ball once it hits the table surface.

If both shots are made by Team #1, then both balls are returned to Team #1 (“bring back”), and they shoot another two shots.

A “bring back” constitutes a new turn; thus, re-organization is allowed after a “bring back.” See #11, below.

The elbow of the member shooting must be behind the table.

Teams continue trading two shots at a time until they sink the ping-pong balls in all 10 cups.

Unless the team that sinks the final cup makes both shots on their final turn, the opposing team will have a "rebuttal" opportunity.

Each player on the opposing team has the opportunity to shoot at the remaining cups until they miss.

If they successfully sink the ping-pong balls in the remaining cups, a 3-cup overtime match will be played.

If a cup is knocked over by either team (shooting, or not-shooting), that cup is removed from play.

Cups will be reorganized “re-racked” when there are six, three, and two cups remaining.

The cups will not be re-racked in between one team's throws, i.e. reorganization must occur before or after a team throws both balls.

It is the responsibility of the throwing team to signal the opposing team to reorganize its cups.

As noted in #7, a “bring back” is a new turn, and thus a re-rack is allowed after a “bring back.”

A three game series will be played between both teams.

There is no requirement to drink what is in the cups - as it is WATER!

Trash talking/distractions is/are NOT allowed - it is bad etiquette!

However, if it does happen, the first interference results in a "re-do." The second interference results in the loss of two cups. The third interference results in the game forfeit.

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