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Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne
'The UnComplicated Life of Avril L.'

Anything but ordinary. That's one way to describe Avril Lavigne. A skater-punk, a dynamic spirit, a wild child who started wowing people with her voice at age 2. A small-town kid who couldn't sit still in class but had the confidence to take off for New York City and Los Angeles to hone her songwriting skills. An upfront 17-year-old determined to reach stardom - on her own terms.

She progressed from her bedroom to singing whenever and wherever she could - from gospel music in church to country music at fairs - until she was discovered by Arista Records. On a writing trip to New York, Avril caught the attention of Antonio "L.A." Reid, who signed her to Arista. At 16, she moved to Manhattan and began work on her debut CD, Let Go.

How were you treated in high school? "I got treated differently by different people. I was a skater and there were preps who looked down on you because you wore baggy clothes. But it was OK. I hated high school !"

Tell me more about the track, 'Sk8er Boi' "What inspired me to write it is what I went through in high school. About how different people treat each other. There's that message that you should go with your instincts, follow your heart and you'll be happy in the end."

You've been compared with Alanis Morissette. How does that sit with you ? "I haven't heard that in a while, but yeah I got a lot of comparisions and it did annoy me. Even though I think she's great and I love her but I'm me. I'm not her. You just have to deal with it, especially if you're a new artist and people try and explain what you're like."

Who would you compare yourself to? "I wouldn't compare myself to anyone. I have my own sound and my music is rock pop."

How does it feel to have achieved all this success at such an early age? "It's good because I've got a start on the career that I want for my life. Having success enables me to continue to do good music."

When was the last time you gave a wedgie ? "I gave Steve from Sum 41 a wedgie, but he also claims he gave me the best wedgie he's ever given anyone. Which is incorrect information and I'm gonna get him back large. We were all hanging out in New York and walked over to him and almost ripped his boxers off, so it all started there. Like I say, there'll be payback."

Could this escalate into a full-out Wedgie War? "Oh, definitely," she laughs.

Finally, having been a skater in school, do you have any tips for someone pulling a backside ollie kickflip ? "Yeah, I said I was a skater in high school, but that doesn't mean I am one now !"

Interviewed by Sunny Martinez for Exclusive Magazine

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