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90s - Doro Pesch   (2011) 90s - Doro Pesch (2011)

Rare Diamond: 25 Years In Rock ... And Counting!

Doro(thee) Pesch is known around the world as the German female vocalst with the massive reaching metal vocal tones. And rightly so. Formerly of the German heavy metal band Warlock, after they went through many line-up changes, Pesch was left the only remaining original member of the band. Because of legal issues with their former management about the ownership and trademark on the Warlock name, she was compelled to release under the name Doro what would have been the fifth album of the band.

And from that moment in history onwards Pesch has now pursued a very successful solo career. Living New York City, in 2004 album she released Classic Diamonds - which was a collaboration with The Classic Night Orchestra; and which reworked some of her earlier songs, in 2009 she released Fear No Evil, and now she is touring and promoting for her brand new CD/DVD soon-to-be-released, 25 Years In Rock.

In 2008, Pesch celebrated her 25th anniversary concert at the ISS Dome in her hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany. With over 8,500 people in attendance, the magical, full-documented performance included guest appearances by Overkills Bobby Blitz Ellsworth, Grave Diggers Chris Boltendahl, former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, Scorpions Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker, Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes), Floor Jansen (After Forever), Axel Rudi Pell and many others.

The set was recorded in its entirety and resulted in the mammoth 25 Years In Rock 2-DVD/CD set which includes the once-on-a-lifetime concert as well as out-takes from Doros 2,500th concert and more.

25 Years In Rock will finally be available to North American fans on September 13, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Exclusive Magazine recently sat down with Doro Perch and discussed her debut upcoming CD/DVD, her memories of Warlock, her tattoos, and, of course, ... Penguins!

Dear Russell, thank you very much for having me in your cool mag.

You are most welcome, thank you for taking the time today to do this for us. My first question is as you are now promoting your 25 Years In Rock DVD/CD collection, knowing some of it was filmed back in 2008 in Germany, why has it taken 3 years to get this package together and out in the US? Yes, I know it took a loooong time, but I am sooo happy that it will come out now, finally. It took about one and a half years to put it all together after touring a whole year before.

Getting the material together, the sound and mix. That was all done by Dan Malsch at the Soundmine Studio in Pennsylvania. I love the whole mix of the concert, the pictures and all the stuff for the bonus parts on the second DVD and the live record too. It was just a lot of work and I wanted to make it beautiful and really, really nice and special and worthwhile. Something what the people could love forever.

Indeed, that 25th Anniversary show back in Dusseldorf had 8,500 people in attendance and was a real hometown gig for you. Reflecting back to that night, what was going through your head the whole day before the show? Oh man, I did not sleep for a week before! I remember, I was so excited, happy and nervous. It took a whole year to prepare the show, to build the stage, which were old ruins and looked like the home of the Warlock. Really magical. And to build the Warlock itself took 9 months!

And actually on the day the show took place the thing was done, he almost did not make it! But I guess since he is the magician he came right in time! But honestly, it was unreal and I was so happy to see all the guests and all the fans from all over the world. It was awesome. And when we rehearsed with all the great guests one night before, I knew it would be all good. Everybody was so supportive, helpful and great!

And with all those guest appearances on stage - members of Overkill, Grave Digger, Scorpions, Axel Rudi Pell, etc. - did everything go according to plan? Or were there some musical speed bumps that you had to work through, perhaps? No, everything worked out. It was a magical night. No bumps. No problems. It was better than I could ever imagine.

Thinking back now, and watching the show on DVD as you must have many times over, what stands out to be your favorite moment of the whole show? Man, so many great moments. All the guest appearances were awesome and my favorite was singing ALL WE ARE with all the guests and the fans at the very end after a three and a half hour show! I could not hold back my tears at that point. It was such a great night.

The brand new collection also features some out-takes from your 2,500th concert, but what in the way of out-takes can we look forward to with that regard? Anything juicy?! Yeah, you will see the whole 2 DVD has highlights of great festivals like WACKEN, BANG YOUR HEAD, METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST and stuff off our 2500 concert with more great guests. Like Schmier of Destruction and Marc Storace of Krokus. And a special where I tattoo a die hard fan! Not to worry the girl is still alive! Tons of good and fun stuff.

You will also be performing 2 shows in the US in September - one in New York the other Chicago. What are you most looking forward to about these US shows? And being that you actually live in New York City, is the Gramercy Theatre (09/09) close to where you live? I am so much looking forward to see all the die hard fans again and to give them the best show I can possibly do. With many surprises and great guests. I will give it my all ... and more, and more, and more!

I cannot wait I am so excited. I love the Gramercy Theatre. It is such a cool place. We have played there before and it was awesome. The show in Chicago on the 11th will be great too, I think.

With regard Warlock, being that you still perform their material live, will there ever be a reunion of original band members, perhaps? I know you reunited for a 2004 festival appearance, but surely all the troubles over the using of the name Warlock must have dissipated by now?! We did a WARLOCK reunion on the 25th anniversary show too and it was pretty nice. The highlights are on the DVD, just the bass player would not wanna do it. He gave up playing bass, so we had our bass player, Nick Douglas perform. Nick is really, really great and we play now 21 years together in our band. I felt really good about having Nick in the WARLOCK line-up.

We did a whole headline show in Spain on a big festival a couple of years ago so we will see. At the moment there are no plans for more stuff but you never know. The rights to the name I got back now, finally! I guess so many bands go through that stuff.

Fun Final Four:

You also seem to have a close recording relationship with Krypteria. Is this something that will spawn more collaborations between you both? Yes, I think we will sure do more stuff in the future.

What was the last tattoo you had done and as we are not called Exclusive Magazine for nothing, where is it located? My last tattoo is on my left arm and it is in memory of my dad. He was my best friend. I loved him so much and I miss him every day.

Who is the most famous person in your cell phone today? You know, all the people who made me fall in love with metal and rock n roll in the first place and who always inspire me to go on and never give up!

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine love penguins ... do you, perhaps? Yes, I love penguins and aaaaaaall animals.

Anything you would like to end with, Doro? OK guys, all the best and c u soon at the shows. I love you! Keep metal alive. Fur Immer, you are deep inside my heart. - Doro

Interview: Russell A. Trunk

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