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Cherry Pop

DJ Louie Devito DJ Louie Devito

'Mixing It Up and Keeping it True'

DJ Louie Devito may have been an "Underground Hero" for a time, but his music is a force to be reckoned with. In 2000, his CD Mix "NYC Underground Party," garnered his the respect and attention that caught the ears of clubbers and radio listeners. It also landed him on the Billboard Charts.

These days, he is touring exclusive clubs throughout the States and abroad. His most recent release, entitled, 'Dance Factory Level 4', features some of the hottest dance tracks of the summer.

Chatting recently with DJ Louie Devito, and noting that his earliest influence was cited as Franco Lemmello, I first asked him what other influences had also been a factor? "Scott Blackwell. Franco and Scott would use three turntables and play acapellas over records. They turned me onto wanting to become a DJ."

Your first CD, NYC Underground Party Vol 3, released in January of 2000, proved to be a huge hit and landed you in the Guiness Book of World Records. What kind of experience was that for you? "The funny thing is, I still don't think it has really hit me yet. I mean, sometimes I'm spinning at a club and someone will bring it up and I think, wow, Iím in the F-iní Guinness Book of World Records! Itís pretty phenomenal, I guess. Itís certainly opened a lot of doors for me as a DJ, especially internationally. A lot of international club promoters will book me for a gig and I know theyíre not even familiar with my music. Theyíve just heard Iím in Guinness. But hey, thatís cool. Iím just happy for the opportunity to play."

If you could describe your style of mixing the song, what would it be? "High energy. I really like to get the dance floor moving."

Your reputation as a Top Notch DJ has spread quickly and took off rapidly. Do you feel the urge to outdo every release that you put forth? "Definitely. I put 110% into every cd I mix. I have to. DJing is extremely competitive. There are so many new guys and girls vying for the top spots. Itís important to maintain your edge and keep ahead of the game. I donít release a cd unless I believe itís better than the last."

If you could elaborate, how did the Pacha tour go over? Was it well received? "The ďLive at Pacha Ė IbizaĒ cd was so much fun to do. It allowed me to show people my other side: the non-commercial side. This new cd is much harder than most of my fans are used to. Itís a real evolution and it thrills me that so many of my fans have e-mailed, telling me how much they love the new sound. Live audiences have been just as receptive. Iím currently touring the cd and so far each party has been packed and smokiní."

Are there songs that jump out at you when you first hear them? What exactly would it take for a song to make it on one of your albums "I love songs that have energy with lots of buildups and keyboards. I really believe these elements are crucial for a great party. One of my favorite songs, and a perfect example of a song that meets my requirements, is Myloís ďIn My ArmsĒ."

Out of all the CD's you have released, which one, would you say, to be your favorite? "Thatís hard to say. Theyíre all my favorite when they first come out. My latest Dance Factory cd (Dance Factory 4) is so hot right now."

On to another topic that is one of your favorites: Baseball. Who are your picks to go to World Series? "Yankees and Mets with the Yankees winning, of course!"

You seem to have a quite a collection of automobiles and I recently read that you are about to take the sport of racing. Tell us more "I ordered a new Ferrari 430 Spider because Ferrari sponsors weekend races. They give you your own pit crew and everything. It's better then racing on the streets. I already have too many speeding tickets. I also have a 2006 BMW M6, a 2005 Bentley GT, a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, and a 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Theyíre all my babies."

Anything you would like to convey to your audience and any future plans? "In addition to touring the Live at Pacha Ė Ibiza cd, I have been really busy working on original productions. I plan to release a cd with all original music, probably soon after the holidays. Iíve also just signed to release another Pacha cd next summer. And another NYC Underground Party cdÖ man, Iím exhausted just thinking about it. But no complaints here. My lifeís one big party. Thatís just the way I like it!"

Interviewed by Eva M. Trudeau

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