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Hayden Panettiere  ('I Love You Beth Cooper') Hayden Panettiere ('I Love You Beth Cooper')

Beautiful and confident, Hayden Panettiere has quickly established herself as one of Hollywoodís newest and brightest young stars, thanks to "Heroes" which started it all.

Chatting one-on-one with the very casually-dressed oung lady, we chatted about her latest movie 'I Love You Beth Cooper,' based on the popular novel about a geeky senior high schooler who declares his love for the seemingly unattainable cheerleader Beth Cooper during the formerís commencement speech.

So, cutting straight to the chase, did you demand a bonus for putting on a cheerleader outfit or being a cheerleader?! "I wish! I think Iím just going to start putting in my contract that I refuse to wear a cheerleading outfit for the rest of my career," she laughs. "In this film I only had to put it on once for a picture, but that was it."

And then you do a cheer in street clothes - you should cash in on this, 'cause thatís a big selling point for them! "I know. I donít know why I always manage to find my way back to the cheerleading outfit."

Did you like your character? Was this a girl you could relate to? "I think so absolutely, itís a very much, itís kind of like a metaphor, even though specifically I havenít gone through exactly what sheís going through, it still stems from these insecurities and not believing in yourself and I think we all have our own insecurities and I know I have plenty."

Like what? "Like body image insecurities. The older I get the more comfortable I get with it, but I still have my days where I donít feel great, and I donít like this outfit or that outfit and Iím having my fat ay where I have to put something baggy on and sweatpants or just, just with the way that people perceive me, I have plenty of insecurities I can go on and on."

You look completely brilliant, I canít believe that you have insecurities. Do you work out a lot? You know, Iíve never been one of those people whose been obsessed with working out or being super skinny cause Iím just not, Iím not that. I have the body that I have and thatís not going to change as long as I try to stay as healthy as I can, and all that stuff. Itís a little hard when someone is standing behind you with a camera on the beach, takes a picture of your rear end, and points out all your bumps or whatever, buts some shading in, I mean itís tough when youíreÖ.you become much more critical of yourself because, youíre in the position of just such extreme judgment and scrutiny and you know, people love to point out flaws and love to build people up and let them down again."

There were recent photos of you on Elton Johnís yacht. What were you doing there? How did you end up there? "Oh I was just on vacation and I was just friends were going, so I decided to come along and it was quite an experience."

On vacation on Elton Johnís yacht is not an every day thing?! "No, it's not. Itís actually a very interesting and very strange world and I was glad that I had the experience because I realized that even though itís soÖ I mean itís so, it just shows you how out of balance the world is. You go to these places during the film festival and just, these people have work, money and wealth and all of that, and itís just imbalanced knowing what a lot of the world looks like, and itís crazy, but I would never want it, I would never want it, itís great to have a friend with a boat, and a friend with a plane and a friend with houses all over the world, you know what I mean, itís a responsibility but it was quite the experience."

Sorry to bring this up, but apparently you have a misspelled tattoo! Is that correct what the press said? "Hey, are we talking about the movie or are we talking about personal rumors," she laughs. "And it is misspelled, whatever, Vivere senza rimipiantic - which means, Live Without Regret' in Italian - but I put my own spin to it."

So, can you laugh and live with it?! "Yeah, I mean Iím not, Iím not rushing to in the direction and chances are Iíll probably get it fixed, but thatís why, you know I love having it on my back because I donít get bored of it, I donít have to stare at it all the time, but then you have it on your back and you donít realize that itís misspelled either."

OK, back to the movie - did you do many of the stunts? "I did as many as they would allow me to do. I was always an athlete growing up and I love sports but, I now canít participate on a team like I could in high school, so stunts are kind of my sport. I do it as often as I can, as many as theyíll let me, it was fun though, it was a great experience, it was a fun film, its full of action and its funny and Chris Columbus is the nicest man Iíve ever worked with."

Which stunts did you do? "They allowed me to do some of the driving. I think that was most of the stunts, were her reckless driving. Other than that, it wasnít really a stunt to fall in his lap Ė that was more him Ė he has to fall in my lap he has to find his way into my, ĎHello!'," she laughs.

What about the shirt in the locker room? Is that you? Did you actually have to get naked?! "Yep! It didnít bother me, it didnít bother me. I think when the person who is doing it gets all uncomfortable and shy then its other people around who get more uncomfortable because theyíre uncomfortable but I was, I was fine, everyone was really professional."

I was thinking there might be a little bit of uproar when the movie comes out over some of the reckless behavior. Do you think some recklessness is part of the growing up process? "Absolutely. All the kids I grew up with were the same. I think people are being a little naÔve if they donít know that thatís going on, and they donít want to come to terms with it and it is and itís a film, itís a funny film, but you canít be too nervous to speak the truth, because you know what, your kids, probably chances are your kids arenít off in college or high school drinking juice boxes. Itís probably not likely, but I mean Iíve always, this is a character, you know itís not me, itís a character that weíve created and tried to stay true to with the book and the story and if they want to uproar they can do it all the want."

Finally, in recent seasons, why do you think 'Heroes' has struggled with the fans? "I donít know. I think it had a very high Ė it set a very high mark for itself and I think itís very scrutinized now because of the demand of Ė itís not an easy crowd to please all the time but I still enjoy watching the show."

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