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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Logan's Run [Blu-ray]'
(Michael York, Jenny Agutter, et al / Blu ray / PG / (1976) 2009 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: A sci-fi movie taking place in the 23rd century, Logan’s Run stars Michael York (Logan) as a man living in a futuristic society who goes on the run to escape the required ceremonial death ritual for all citizens who reach the age of 30.

Blu-ray Verdict: Ah, 70s science fiction... ridiculous costumes, campy visual effects, social commentary... and an underlying weirdness you just can't ignore. 'Logan's Run' is something like 'THX 1138,' only to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World instead of Orwell's 1984. And in the words of the character Logan himself, "It all made sense until Box..."

In the future, mankind survives in a mall-like bubble of society that entirely subsists off of pleasure and materialism. Everyone is forced to die at the age of 30, basically to prevent the knowledge of suffering from getting into their minds. Those who do not want to die at 30 are "runners" that get tracked down by "sandmen" who blast them with what essentially amounts to flare guns.

Despite this, the walls are not TOO scorched with spent rounds, and most people go on happily. Unfortunately for the status quo, this world is a lie and not everyone is happy, resulting in one particular sandman, the eponymous Logan 5, to have to become a runner himself.

There are some pretty bizarre scenes in the lieu. The whole rite of the carousel is actually quite disturbing if you think about it. An entire quadrant of the city is filled with derelicts and gangmembers, and of course this part is the one called "The Cathedral". On the other hand, there's visual candy as well, with superb modeling for the cityscapes and, yes, Jenny Agutter in a mini-skirt that only gets more revealing as it slowly falls apart over the course of the movie.

Unlike 'THX 1138,' 'Logan's Run' doesn't end upon successful exit of the city; that's only the first half. Afterward the audience is treated to a gorgeous vision of the empty and abandoned Washington D.C. The movie kind of drags at this point, but is made up for mostly by the disturbing visions of American landmarks in various states of decay. When all else fails, science fiction's greatest asset is the ability to displace the audience with what they feel are familiar landscapes - just look at 'Planet of the Apes' or '28 Days Later.'

This is a very enjoyable movie, nonetheless. People who like the fact that Star Wars is a Campbellian construction of the Hero's Journey should definitely check this movie out - it might as well have been the primary source for George Lucas' later work. And for science fiction fans as a whole, it's a classic example of the form. But MAN, was that robot and the ice cave WEIRD!!!

And so, in closing, 'Logan's Run' in general is (still) a very cool movie for sure. It's full of sexuality that definitely wouldn't pass for a PG rating today. It's got some cool twists and turns, a snazzy soundtrack full of electric beeps and squiggles(perfect for this kind of movie), laser surgery and a killer robot.

What the hell more can you ask for? That's right, NOTHING! You owe it to yourself to check it out if you haven't already. This is a Widescreen presentation (2.40:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Commentary by Michael Anderson, Michael York & Bill Thomas
A Look Into the 23rd Century
Theatrical Trailer