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Ghost Canyon

'Tron: Legacy/Tron: Original Classic' (5-Disc)
(Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, et al / 5-Disc Blu ray+DVD / PG / 2011 / Disney)

Overview: The long-ago disappearance of his computer-genius father has left Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund, Four Brothers) with existential ennui and a lot of money. When he discovers his father's secret workshop, he gets sucked into a computerized realm ruled by a megalomaniac computer program named Clu - who just happens to be his father's virtual doppelganger. To find his real father (Jeff Bridges, reprising his role from the original Tron, with a bit of his role from The Big Lebowski thrown in for kicks), Sam has to fight in gladiatorial games, drive in digital demolition derbies, and be stripped and dressed by slinky pneumatic babes.

Blu ray/DVD Verdict: The original 'Tron' movie is one of my all-time most favorite movies ever. I saw 'Tron' on the big screen back in 1982 and I was really wowed by it. Here was a movie about a young computer programmer and video game designer named Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who gets trapped inside of a computer world and must survive against his own creations. How cool is that for a movie storyline?

Plus, I could really relate to this movie because back in those days I used to go to the video game arcade all of the time. In fact, in the same shopping center where I first saw 'Tron,' there was also a video game parlor located there named Time Zone Arcade where I spent a lot of Friday evenings playing the newest video games before going to see the latest movies.

Even now, many years later at the theater where I first watched 'Tron:Legacy' this past December, I played Ms. Pac Man, and Galaga in the theaters game section ... some 28 years later! It was like deja vu. Anyway, I absolutely loved the new 'Tron: Legacy' movie. It was everything that the first movie was and so much more.

To think that here it was some 28 odd years later after the release of the first 'Tron' and here I was seeing a big-budget sequel on the big screen featuring the return of two of its original stars, Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner and, well ... wow, I practically had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. I never would have thought that there would ever be a sequel made to this movie in my wildest dreams.

During its theater run I managed to see 'Tron: Legacy' four times, twice in 3D, and twice the regular version, and I would have seen it at least a couple more times if I could have. This movie is awesome and really entertains you. It is films like this that I go to movie theaters for in the first place, to see big, epic, larger-than-life action adventure movies loaded with wild and interesting characters, great action sequences, spectacular special effects, and lots of fun, and this movie delivered all of that and more in spades!

Indeed, for the most part, the performances of the actors in this movie are solid, if nothing spectacular. The exception here is Jeff Bridges, who absolutely owns the roles of Kevin Flynn and Clu. I swear, the man is incapable of being anything but brilliant on the screen. His performance breathes life into a average plot and truly ties the room together, man. The plot itself is far better than I expected and is filled with subtlety that simply can't be grasped in one viewing.

The only negative that I can give the film is that I did not think the 3D looked all that impressive. Of course I only saw this movie in a regular theater, I did not see it in IMAX, which I have heard the 3D looked much better in IMAX. But I digress, this five-disc combo (Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy) is incredible to behold and add to your collections.

All I can say is if you enjoy big epic Sci-Fi action adventure movies as much as I do then you should definitely see this film. Trust me, they do not get much bigger or more epic than this. [R'nR) This is a Widescreen Presentation (2.35:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

• First Look at TRON: Uprising, the Disney XD animated series
• Visualizing TRON - How did the filmmakers bring to life the gorgeous world inside the GRID?
• Installing the cast - Hear from all the stars of TRON: Legacy and their experience in making the movie
• The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed [BD Exclusive - Interactive bonus piece] - What happens immediately following the end of the movie? What is Flynn Lives and who is responsible for their efforts?
• TRON: Disney Second Screen [BD Exclusive - Interactive bonus piece] - Using your iPad or computer, watch the movie with exclusive interactive elements available on your 2nd screen
• Launching the Legacy - Beyond the amazing visuals is a rich story filled with an entire world's history and mythology. Discover how the writers and filmmakers created this complex fiction
• Disc Roars - Watch director Joseph Kosinski use the raucous crowd at Comic-Con to record actual ADR for the disc game stadium crowd
• Music video - "Derezzed" written, produced, and performed by Daft Punk

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