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'Ancient Aliens: Season 12, Volume 2'
(2-Disc DVD / NR / 2020 / History Channel - Lionsgate Films)

Overview: The acclaimed History series is back when 'Ancient Aliens: Season 12, Volume 2' arrives on two-disc DVD March 10th, 2020 from Lionsgate.

Continue to explore the wonders and mysteries of out galaxy and its strange unexplained phenomena with second volume of the twelfth season.

DVD Verdict: To my mind, the biggest plus of the show 'Ancient Aliens' is its most obvious element: you know it is going to try to convince you about the existence of aliens and their appearing in human history and you definitely have the curiosity about how they are going to achieve it!

Furthermore, you get what you would expect to get from a show messing around with that subject: lots and lots of footage from ancient monuments, artifacts, drawings, carvings, legends and scripts.

With each volume released a huge variety of information about many civilizations from all over the world are presented in grand detail. Not just in a sweeping way about every aspect of the culture thought, just information related to the topics of the show and that particular volume.

The pieces of the puzzle created are so many, and at the same time the "Original" footage is so eye-grasping that it actually gets you thinking.

On the other hand however, there are occasions like when the philosophy and attitude of the "experts" presenting the show follow the general rule of flawed approach to the truth: instead of trying to prove their claims the best logical way they can in order to make YOU think, Sure, ok, I get it. That could have happened, they prefer to prove them by disproving (and using irony in small doses) from the other side; which is, of course, usually via mainstream archaeology.

It opens with The Trans-Dimensionals. Could paranormal activity be explained by beings entering our world from other dimensions? According to some Ancient Astronaut theorists, entities that have been described as ghosts, angels, and extraterrestrials are actually visitors from unseen realms - and they are among us even now.

That's followed by Islands of Fire. The native Hawaiians trace their ancestry to beings from the Pleiades star system called the Akua. Could these islands have once been inhabited by extraterrestrials? And is it possible that the enormous energy generated by Hawaii's volcanic activity could produce a portal through space and time?

Then comes The Constellation Code. Throughout the ancient world, structures were built to mirror the constellations in the night sky and this is only apparent when they are viewed from high above; a look at the possibility that these structures were designed as messages.

Next is The Nuclear Agenda. Ever since the first atomic bomb was detonated in 1945, UFOs have been reported at nuclear facilities all over the world. Is it possible that extraterrestrials are monitoring humanity's nuclear capabilities? But why? Does this constitute a threat? Or are they trying to ensure humankind's survival?

Then it's time for The Alien Mountain, one of my own personal favorites amongst this second volume episodes. A mysterious mountain in northern Italy has stood witness to strange sightings in the sky and unexplainable phenomena for hundreds of years but could it be attracting extraterrestrial visitors and there could be technology within its rocky slopes.

Up next is a right royal beauty to think about, The Alien Brain. Telepathy. Precognition. Psychokinesis. We will explore if the human brain possesses extraordinary untapped abilities were given to us by extraterrestrial beings. Abilities that, once harnessed, will enable the next step in the evolution of humankind.

Then we get The Secrets of Stonehenge. A shocking DNA study released in 2018 reveals that the original builders of Stonehenge mysteriously vanished.

Up next is Food of the Gods. Texts, archaeology and legend contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact.

Then we get another brilliant episode to have our brains flipflopping around from what we have always, perhaps, believed, Human Hieroglyphs. Tattoos, piercings, and body modification account for a nearly one-billion-dollar industry. But are these practices being adopted by mainstream society as a bold form of self-expression or could it be motivated by a profound link to our.

Along next is the very recent planned The Storming of Area 51. In 2019, millions responded to an internet post advocating to storm the gates of the world's most top-secret military installation - Area 51. When they did, the US military vowed to defend the base with deadly force.

But will the "Storm Area 51" movement finally force open the gates of government secrecy and reveal the truth about an extraterrestrial presence on Earth?

Another good, and thorough interesting one is Countdown to Disclosure. Are governments around the world preparing mankind for the most startling event in human history-the official disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth? And if so, why is this happening now and what might happen in its aftermath?

And finally, and yet another one to have you thinking is Secrets of the Exoplanets. Over the past 20 years, thousands of potentially habitable exoplanets have been discovered outside our solar system. Could some of them be home to intelligent extraterrestrial life? Perhaps even alien beings that have visited Earth?

In conclusion, 'Ancient Aliens - Season 12, Vol. 2' is a really comprehensive presentation of various historical places, stories, situations, and artifacts that have mysteries and unexplained factors.

Therefore, it showcases a clear presentation of what makes these varied mysteries baffling in light of the history of technology and this for the subjects it pertains to is a rather comprehensive presentation of the connection between unrelated ancient cultures and structures and revealing unexplained similarities.

Combining excellent quality videos of all these sites around the world, a lot of the items they present can really make one ponder that there maybe validity to the possibility of ancient aliens. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the 10 aforementioned episodes:

The Trans-Dimensionals - Islands of Fire - The Constellation Gods - The Nuclear Agenda - The Alien Mountain - The Alien Brain - The Secrets of Stonehenge - Food for the Gods - Huma Hieroglyphs - The Storming of Area 51 - Countdown to Disclosure - Secrets of the Exoplanets.

Featuring the second 10 episodes of Season 12, the 2-disc 'Ancient Aliens: Season 12, Volume 2' DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98.