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Cherry Pop

'Sci-Fi 4-Pack: The Galaxy One Collection'
(Adam West, Gretchen Corbett, Joe Penny, Jordan Michaels, Yanti Somer, Gordon De Vol, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / 2020 / MVD Visual)

Overview: This is great value for all Sci-Fi fans as you get 4 movies for the price of 1! Featuring: TIME WARP (1981), LIFE POD (1981), STAR ODYSSEY (1979), and THE KILLING AT OUTPOST ZETA (1980).

DVD Verdict: In 'Time Warp', an astronaut comes home to his family, only now he's invisible and it's now one year in the future!

Starring Adam West, Gretchen Corbett and Kirk Alyn, it's notably a weird little flick, full of cheesy, cardboard effects and a meandering storyline involving an astronaut who, due to an anomaly in space, is transported back to Earth via a "time warp" (which means that nobody can see him because he's living a year in the future!)

Unbelievably, this was written by one Anne Spielberg, yup, that's right, big sister to Steven, and, of course, as much as it truly is cheesy, there is something still rather fascinating about the whole plotline.

In 'Lifepod', an interstellar pleasure cruise turns into a nightmare when a computer takes control and issues an emergency evacuation order.

The lives of the passengers are suspended in an overcrowded life pod as a classic battle of good versus evil takes place on the luxury ship.

Starring Joe Penny, Jordan Michaels, and Kristine De Bell, in truth, if you've ever heard of Alfred Hitchcock´s 'Lifeboat' (1944), this is the same story only in space!

It all begins with a sabotage on big passenger spaceship. It blows up and there are only like 10 survivors who luckily (?) got on the aforementioned lifepod.

And there more trouble begins. They are not able to contact the "Starfleet" so they have no one to rescue them. But the most terrifying thing is that they find out that the person who sabotaged the passenger ship is someone of them on the lifepod.

But who is it? For me, 'Lifepod' was very thrilling and is definitely guaranteed to keep you watching until the very "revealing" end!

In 'Star Odyssey', Earth is attacked by an intergalactic villain and his army of robotic androids. Starring Yanti Somer and Gianni Garko, for my money this movie is simply great!

Complete with hokey dialog, corny special effects and cardboard sets, along with some of the dingiest background music (and theme song) you're likely to ever hear, add to all that the "cartoon-sounding" sound effects, and you've got a worse-than-most-all-films-of-its-ilk movie ... that'll completely satisfy any B-movie fan!

Lastly we get 'Outpost Zeta', which is a strategically important, desolate planet at the edge of the Milky Way. Several spaceships sent to Zeta have disappeared without a trace, so a group of soldiers and scientists are to find out what happened.

What they find are the bodies of the earlier crews and a bunch of aliens who appear as volcanic rock monsters. Starring Gordon De Vol, Jacqueline Ray and Jackson Bostwick, this is one of those "SOS because monsters are attacking us" low budget sci-fi flicks, but still works great even today!

"Starfleet" sends a rescue team to the barren planet Zeta after two exploratory teams go missing. This mission is of the utmost importance as they were hoping to begin colonization on this Earth-like rock within two months.

Once the team of six (four men and two women) get there, they discover everyone dead due to some weird rock monsters! Co-directors Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler certainly seemed ambitious, but only had enough money to create some cheap space suits (motorcycle helmets) and maybe three sets!

The monsters are most likely Papier-mâché and thus, are never given a too much close up screen time, but the surface world stuff (shot in some desert) is actually pretty well done. These are all Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.