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6 Degrees Entertainment

Win 'RED' Stuff ............. Curious??!?!

Exclusive Magazine is proud to be able to tell you about CourtTV’s new block of programming called 'RED' … Real. Exciting. Dramatic.

'RED' is a new hour long block of unscripted action programming every week night from 8 to 9 PM only on Court TV. Additionally, RED has launched a blog discussing the programming, and is looking to be the premiere destination for crime news commentary on the web.

Please visit the blog at

Court TV RED Show Descriptions:

BEACH PATROL - San Diego’s lifeguards are an elite group: licensed not only to perform life saving water rescues, they are also sworn officers of the peace. Working closely with the San Diego Police Department, their mission is to keep the beach safe - whether that means investigating cases of murder or missing persons, searching for underwater evidence, recovering bodies, performing dangerous cliff rescues or busting unruly underage drinkers and breaking-up fights - it is their job to uphold the law along this pristine stretch of California sand and sea.

TEXAS S.W.A.T. - In this unprecedented non-fiction series, Court TV has been given unique access to the live, on-the-spot, heart-racing action of S.W.A.T. teams from a dozen Texas cities, including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Viewers will ride along with these elite crime-fighting experts as they use the latest technology and tactics to handle every crisis situation, from diffusing bombs to negotiating hostage situations.

HOT PURSUIT - From high-speed chases to dangerous crashes, this adrenaline-pumping, series shows the dangers our law enforcement professionals face every day. Featuring the most amazing footage ever captured, much of it taken from the dashboard-mounted cameras in the police vehicles themselves, each half-hour episode is a wild ride.

ANATOMY OF CRIME - This one-hour documentary-style series dissects the greatest issues in the world of law enforcement from both sides of the law, taking an unflinching look at everything from career criminals to prison punishment.

VIDEO JUSTICE - This new original series from John Langley, the creator and producer of Cops, illustrates how the camera has become law enforcement’s most powerful tool in the fight against crime. Each 30 minute episode reveals how difficult it is for criminals to get away with crime in a world where someone is always watching.

COPS - There’s a good reason everybody knows the theme song. It’s because COPS single-handedly launched the reality-based entertainment genre and it continues to represent reality TV at its most engaging. No scripts, no actors, no narrators: just lots of excitement. Each episode of COPS takes the camera crews to a different city to follow the men and women in blue. Viewers love getting this “true blue” behind-the-scenes glimpse of our law enforcement process. The outcome is sometimes dangerous and sometimes funny – but it’s never boring.

If you would like to win either a RED Branded 256MB USB Memory Stick, a 4 pack of Crime DVDs ('SERPICO,' 'TRAINING DAY,' 'LETHAL WEAPON,' and 'SEVEN'), or a Smoking Gun T-shirt, just answer this easy question: In which City was the very first aired episode of 'COPS' ever filmed?!

Send me your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win one of these great new 'RED' giveaway prizes! Just send us an e:mail here before April 15th with your answers and the subject title 'RED GIVEAWAY' to:

"Beach Patrol" Video Link

Court TV Home Page