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Agnes-Nicole Winter   ('Swedish Hollywood Wives') Agnes-Nicole Winter ('Swedish Hollywood Wives')

'Not Just Another Old Wives' Tale!'

Scandinavian reality star of the record breaking, Kristallen Award winning series “Svenska HollywoodFruar” (Swedish Hollywood Wives), Agnes-Nicole Winter is the President and Founder of GLOBAL STAR FILMS (; a company which develops finances and packages intellectual properties for leading Hollywood production studios.

The exceptional Swedish born filmmaker wrote, produced and starred in the much talked about and highly anticipated family comedy feature, THE GOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL. Slated for release later this year, the film garnered the ‘Golden Halo Award’ from the Southern America Motion Picture Council, the ‘Award of Excellence’ for Best Comedy Feature from the Film Advisory Board and was nominated for the ‘Best Comedy Feature Film’ at The International Family Film Festival.

Chatting recently the lovely Agnes-Nicole Winter, I first wondered how she had become part of the Scandinavian Award-winning series, Svenska HollywoodFruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives) back in 2009? "I became part of Svenska Hollywoodfruar when I was approached as a perfect fit for this series that specifically was looking for Swedish women that work in Hollywood and live the “Hollywood” lifestyle. They found me through SWEA, the Swedish Women’s Educational Association, where I have been an active member and board member for many years. As a lifestyle documentary show, I thought it would be really something fun for me to do. To my biggest surprise, it became a huge hit on Scandinavian television."

To date, what has been the most fun thing to have happened to you on the show ...? "When it came down to filming the show, I really just had an amazing and fun time working with the Swedish production crew. I could speak my native language and indulge in a bit of the culture – bringing back fun memories of me in Sweden. It was a really fun experience, but I also realized how Americanized I have become. I especially liked that my family back in Sweden could get a peek in to my life here in Los Angeles, when I was unable to be with them."

... and the most embarrassing? "Oh gosh! The most embarrassing moment definitely came when these cameras were literally following me around all the way in to the dressing room when I was modeling in a fashion show as we were filming for the series. I was rushing to change outfits when I discovered that I could see one of the cameras sticking in to my changing room backstage. All of a sudden the reality of reality shows hit me that you are literally always being watched."

You are the President and Founder of Global Star Films which will release the family comedy The Gold & The Beautiful this year. Please tell us more about what audiences can expect from the film? "Well, audiences can expect an entertaining, funny, feel-good, family film that is free from violence. Try saying that last portion 10 times fast. Haha. We really had a very talented cast and a great time making it, which is obvious when watching the film."

You actually wrote, produced and will star in the film. How much of it is based on you and your life thus far? "As a writer, I really just focused on current and interesting stories in the news and found that some of the young celebrities’ dysfunctional behavior could be told in a funny way with a good message for everyone to learn. I think very little of the film’s storyline can really relate to me and my lifestyle – which is probably a very good thing."

If you could describe the film in just five (5) to seven (7) words, what would they be? "It would be either "A truly entertaining family film," or "Well Spent Ninety Minutes ... for the whole family," or "Better than eating chocolate cake," or "Hilarious. Adventurous. Entertaining. Feel-good. Addictive"."

Though born in Sweden, you have traveled extensively between Europe and the US. But where have you found the most enjoyable to call 'home' - and why? "It would definitely be the United States, as I have lived here in Los Angeles for most of my adult life and this is what I proudly call ‘home’. Besides the beautiful weather in Southern California, I learned to love the American culture that is built on opportunity and entrepreneurship."

You also have an Optometry license! Do you see yourself (no pun intended!) becoming a primary health care professional for the eyes to the stars down the line, perhaps? "That’s a great question because I’ve never seen that possibility. But of course, as everyone gets older, our vision gets a little blurry. It’s always good to have a plan B, isn’t it?"

You are also an active member of various organizations such as Women In Film, The American Film Institute and Film Independent. So, with film being so close to your heart, what film has become your favorite to watch and rewatch over the years - and why? "My favorite film to watch is 'A Night At The Roxbury' – Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan are absolutely hilarious. The film is timeless. I’ve watched it plenty of times. The Roxbury club on Sunset Blvd. and the disco times always bring back fun memories for me. "

Finally, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, we here at Exclusive Magazine love penguins (the birds) - do you also, perhaps?! "I love penguins! They know how to stop and “smell the roses” by getting in to groups and admiring views – something we as humans should do more of. Plus, they remind me of handsome men in tuxedos!"

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

Photo of Agnes-Nicole Winter in blue dress by: Anna Goddard

Photo of Agnes-Nicole Winter in burgundy top by: Bobby Quillard

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